How You Can Wash Dry Clean Only Clothes At Home

In the beginning clothes, and laundry was considered art but nowadays we make them our regular household chores. Just like years ago, cooking was just a chore but it is a hobby now.

According to various industry reports, to do all the laundry almost costs you around $550-$600 per year. Dry cleaning can cost you the most as most of the clothes have a label that says dry clean only.

You can wash ‘Dry Clean Only’ clothes at home with your washing machine as the companies played a safe bet and tagged dry cleaning only. But it can be risky sometimes as a regular wash can sometimes harm your garments if it’s truly a dry clean only dress.

In this article we will be discussing DIY dry cleaning techniques, the risk of doing it, what to do if you wash your dry cleaning only garment and when to go for professional dry cleaners.

Let’s get started.

Wash Dry Clean Only Clothes

Accidentally Washed Your Dry Clean Only Garments?

As you know you can machine wash cotton, and polyester garments with laundry detergent. But some delicate fabrics need special care. You can not wash wool the same way you clean dirt from a regular cotton fabric. Dry cleaning is the best solution to remove stains or dirt from delicate fabric-made garments.

If you accidentally washed your dry clean only clothes there is no undone. By doing this your suit can lose colors and there is no solution for this issue. That’s why the 1st step of laundry is to read the care label first. If the label says dry cleaning only it’s always a risk washing it.

But if the item doesn’t lose colors and only shrinks there’s reverse for this problem. There is a technique ere steam or heat is applied to the garment and then stretch to give its original shape. The heat and the stress should be put very accurately. You don’t want to do that by yourself and ruin the clothes completely, right? It will be a great idea to take help from an expert.

How To Prevent Shrinking?

There are some simple wash and dry techniques that might help prevent shrinkage in your clothing.

  • Cold water can be less damaging to your clothes. Your clothing may become less snug in hot water, which will cause shrinking.
  • Try hanging your clothes to dry in the air rather than using the dryer. Avoid hanging it directly under the sun.
  • Disturbance and intensity can cause clothing to shrink. Your clothing’s texture will stay in good shape with the help of the gentle cycle. The “tumble” mode, on the other hand, uses movement to dry your clothes rather than heat.
  • Hand washing should be done in cool water with a little soap and almost no foaming or wringing.

How to DIY Dry Clean

It is always better to have a dry cleaning service from experts. But here we will be giving you a clear idea about DIY dry cleaning and how to do it at home.

Care Label Instruction 

Maybe the label says dry clean only but you have to read the label carefully to know what your delicate garments are made of. The raw material of the clothes determines whether you should machine wash or hand wash the item.

Cotton, polyester, and silk fabric-made clothes can take a machine wash. But leather jackets, wool or cashmere fabrics can be ruined if you try to machine wash them. So carefully choose the washing method.

Test Color fastnesses 

Before starting the washing process you should check the color fastness of your garments. To do the test all you need is a piece of cotton fabric or a cotton bud. Dampen it in cold water and rub it with the fabric you want to wash.

If the fabric color transfers to the cotton bud you must not wash it or dry clean it by yourself. If nothing like this happens then you can go for a self-dry cleaning. If your dress has lace or outer stitch try to test them as well. It will give you 100% assurance.

How To Wash Dry-Clean Only Clothes At Home

If you are sure about dry cleaning by yourself and the garment you want to dry clean didn’t bleed you can apply machine wash or hand wash.

1. Machine wash

For machine wash, you have an option named dry cleaning kit. It is widely used for dry cleaning at home. First, use stain removing treatment, and then place your clothes with the cleaning solution pre-soaked pad. You will be needing a dryer for this method. The dryer will produce heat and that results in steaming the clothe.

It is optional though. You can use your basic washing machine for dry cleaning. But in this case, you will be needing a mesh bag. Then you have to place your dress inside the mesh bag. You must use stain removal for your stains and then try to flip your clothes inside out. Now put it inside the mesh bag.

Now is the time to give a setting for your washing machine. If your machine has got an express setting, set it. And apply the shortest cycle possible. As soon as the cycle ends take out the garment and place it on a flat surface to check for any unwanted wrinkles. You can use a streamer to eliminate wrinkles.

2. Hand washing 

Hand washing is the best way of cleaning your delicate fabrics. But many avoid hand washing for its slowness. If you don’t want to use any dry cleaning kit or your washing machine you must go for hand wash for your dry clean only dresses.

To do so you have to put stain removal on your garment. Fill a bucket, dish, or basin with warm water. Now add some mild detergent or dishwashing soap with the water and mix it properly. Soak your clothes in the water and keep them for some time to ease up all the dirt.

Get the garment out of the cleaning solution and rub the stained areas softly.

Then after rinsing your garments with cold water. Applying a spot treatment to the stain-affected area, rinsing it off, and allowing clothing items to air dry will suffice if the clothing is otherwise clean but in that particular area. Remember to avoid harsh detergent and hot water. Otherwise, it will harm your favorite dress.

3. Use a steamer 

Using a steamer can help you clean your dry-clean-only clothes at home with ease. It is not very good for heavy and solid clothes. But a steamer can kill bacteria and remove the bad odor coming from your delicate fiber shirt. It will refresh the clothing item.

Having a steamer was a win. You can also use it for removing wrinkles after DIY dry cleaning. But nowadays there’s iron that has a steam setting. You can use the setting on your iron to remove wrinkles. Just remember to place the iron at least 1-2inch away from the garment.

4. Drying 

You don’t really have to dry your clothes when you dry clean it. The steamer can be used for removing the dampness of your clothes. But if you apply hand wash you can use a towel to help dry the garment. You just have to roll up your garment inside the towel gently until it stops dripping water. Then you can hang it for air dry or just put it on a flat surface for some hours.

Avoid Dryer For Drying Dry Clean Only Items

Dry-clean-only clothing should be handled with as much care as possible, which means you should be careful not to strain or wring your clothes out throughout the washing and drying processes. Fleeces are particularly prone to contracting, so keep them away from heated or radiant areas.

Avoid using the dryer at all costs! Your dry-clean-only apparel will only become tiny, droopy shadows of their former selves thanks to that dreaded machine.

Care Instructions For Dry Clean Only Garments

1. Delicate fabric like wool, silk, or rayon should not be wiring.As the twist can ruin the clothing’s shape.

2. Avoid using a harsh detergent for dry cleaning. Cashmere or woollen delicate fabrics are not very good at resisting their properties while interacting with higher pH.

3. You can iron your dry clean only clothes. But always remember to put the right heat while ironing and don’t overdo anything. Leather jackets don’t need any ironing. Try to keep them out if the ironing is because a slight touch of iron can ruin your leather jacket and it will be better if you don’t dry clean leather items by yourself.

4. For silk-made clothes you better avoid washing machines to eliminate wrinkles.

5. For a fresh and perfect dry hang your suit in daylight. But avoid direct sun.

6. Try to avoid fabric softeners as they can harm your delicate fabric clothes.

Right Time To Go To The Experts?

You can take certain pieces to a professional cleaner if you feel weird washing a garment or don’t have the time or energy to clean certain pieces properly. Richardson responds, “I figure you don’t need to carry anything to the laundry.” However, it would be a great idea to take it in if you don’t have a liner to steam or iron to squeeze.

Here are some things to think about while choosing a laundry. Many people use the cancer-causing chemical perchloroethylene to help remove stains. There are green cleaners that use liquid carbon dioxide, all things considered if you don’t want to expose your clothing to this soluble. Ask your cleaner what method they employ before dropping off your clothes to ensure you’re okay with it.

Final Words 

Dry cleaning is not a method of laundry that anybody can make work easier. While you are hand washing it will not be a dry cleaning because you have to use water. But it is the safest way to dry clean only clothes at home. In this article, we discussed what to do if you accidentally wash your dry clean only garment, techniques of dry cleaning at home, and having the best results.

So, feel free to wash your delicate fabrics in the comfort of your own home. Be shrewd about it, that’s all. May you never again lose the perfect coat to a bad wash cycle!

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