How to Use Fabric Paint on Jeans?

Fabric paints are pretty demanding these days. You can often see guys roaming around wearing painted denim jackets.

You can paint your old jeans pants or you can have a brand-new pair. For primarily, we suggest you use old denim.

In this article, we will talk about Fabric paint and painted jeans.

How to Use Fabric Paint on Jeans

Fabric paint and Uses

To enhance the quilt design art quilters deploy the fabric painting method. The painting fabric can be dry or wet. Results will vary for this.

Paints range from opaque to transparent, with shimmers thrown in for good measure. Techniques and tools range in complexity from simple to extremely complex.

Fabric paint makes the paint resistant to numerous washes and sunshine. You can use this kind of paint on jeans regular basis.

  • Fabric paint is necessary to make designs on any kind of fabric, and other crafts. Most of the fabrics are designed with fabric paint. If you want better output by using paints or dyes you will have to work on wet surfaces.
  • Different types of wear which are made of fabric can be easily designed with Fabric paint. The color intensity of the fabric is boosted by its dense weave. Fabrics that can be painted include linen, couches, carpets, draperies, and lampshades.
  • You can paint jeans with fabric paint colors but you need to research about it very nicely. Researching fabric paint will surely help you have a better effect.

Types of Fabric Paint

Fabric Dye

Fabric dyes are meant to chemically react with fibers to create a chemical bond that changes the fabric’s color. Dyes are designed to work with specific fabrics.

Before dyeing the fabric pre-wash treatment is given. To set the dye, heat or numerous rinses are usually required. Cleanup is harder when the dye is used.

Every dye is made for a specific kind of fabric. Using a dye that isn’t developed for a certain type results in very poor outcomes.


  • Use it for tie-dye and mass textile printing.

Airbrush Printing

Airbrush paint is an emotion because the whole art is finished by using pair of hands of an artist who is an expert in the art. It is a very nice choice for fabric paint. 

The effect of airbrush paint is very smooth & long-lasting. If you choose airbrush paint to paint your fabric then it is a very good decision.

You can go with it after finishing your research about airbrush paint properly.


  • Sketch the design onto a paper. It will help you to have an idea of actual fabric painting.

Oil paint

Oil paint is maybe the oldest method of fabric painting. It is mainly linseed oil. Which is made with ground pigment and drying oil. It is very thick. It’s not long-lasting. 

This paint is mainly used for canvas. Oil paint is not good for the fabric which is used for making human wear. Because It is very thick & It may fragile after a couple of years.


  • If you don’t have proper knowledge don’t go for it. It is for experts who understand the color and fabric composition.

Acrylic Paint

acrylic paints are usually made of silicone oils, defoamers, stabilizers, or metal soaps and pigments that create the acrylic is mainly water-based color.

When acrylic fabric paints are wet, they become water-soluble, which means the paint’s viscosity changes without impacting color saturation.

Fabric dyed with acrylic paint feels smooth and last longer. It is the most used paint type used for fabric painting.


Acrylic-based paints are simple to use and produce consistent effects. white acrylic paint is often used for darker fabrics of denim jeans.

Using acrylic paint will ease the process.

Requirements for Fabric Painting 

  • Acrylic paint: Amsterdam acrylic paint is very popular for DIY old jeans or jeans jacket
  • Painter’s brushes: To paint your jeans you will need painting brushes.
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape: To border the designing area you want to paint.
  • Fabric: You will be needing denim jeans to paint your design on.

Fabric acrylic Medium allows painting on fabric easier, and once it’s been heat set, your painted goods can be washed.

How to paint on denim jeans: Step-by-step

By Following these steps carefully you can successfully paint your denim jeans.

1. Design Creation

Try drafting your idea on paper before painting it on old jeans.

Make your sheet the very same area as the denim surface you wish to paint so that you can practice fitting your design into its assigned space.

Many people store their art in their pockets.

However, it is not required, you may wish to try sketching your idea on paper first.

This might assist you in fine-tuning the details of your concept before putting it on fabric.

2. Bordering 

Border the design space you want to paint with tape. It will save your shirt from ruining.

As unexpected colors are not going to come off from the garment. It is permanent paint.

You can use both artist’s tape or blue painter’s tape. but artist’s tape is much easier to remove.

The white tape also helps you see the color combinations you’re applying more clearly.

3. Preparing Painting Colors

Set which colors you are going to use. (one part paint to two parts textile medium).

After finishing selecting colors, mix regular acrylic colors and textile medium in a color plate.

They transform into fabric paints. so there’s less chance of splatter or fading.

4. Paint

Now comes the exciting part! Paint your pattern with small to medium painting strokes.

Don’t worry about getting it right. The use of haphazard, sloppy strokes can provide your piece with a more relaxed feel.

5. Removing Tape

Allow at least one day for your painting to dry completely before peeling off the tape. It will clean off your jeans.

After removing the tape, you can find out how your denim jeans look.

Painting can change the total outlook of the product. You better paint your old denim jacket quickly to see how it goes for you. Well wishes.

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