How To Use A Heat Press Machine To Print Hoodies

As far as it is well known that heat press machines could be used for multi-purpose uses of printing, so hoodie print is one of the significant parts of use of a heat press machine.

Hoodies are well named as sweater. Sweaters have good weight density. To make the body warm and protect from cold, blended synthetic fibers are used rapidly to make this.

In this article, I’ll try to cover and show you how to use a heat press machine to print hoodies.

How To Use A Heat Press Machine To Print Hoodies

How To Use A Heat Press Machine To Print your design on Hoodies

Make your design first with the requirements you have. In a general sense, hoodies wide and length is larger than t-shirts.

So you have to make your design for your hoodies with that ratio. For customized purposes, you can also make a logo 2 inches in size.

Besides that, if a bulk quantity order has require the size then it means your target design size and ratio are fixed.

For the heat press machine, you have to choose a good quality vinyl heat transfer paper. Because it will directly print onto the hoodie’s surface with pressure and adhesive too.

The basic difference between heat printing and screen printing is that your printed design with good pigment and adhesive is necessary for heat print, but for screen print, it’s not as usual.

Know About Your Hoodie

Some hoodies are made with knit fabric. When your hoodies or sweater’s material is unknown to you, it can be an issue of defect when you start production.

Lightweight knit hoodies need different pigments with different pressure. Heavyweight hoodies with high-quality synthetic fibers need extra pressure and heat than other items.

Basically, 90% polyester, 5% spandex or Lycra, and 5% cotton is blended with winter wearing hoodies. Some are different. 100% polyester/ Nylon fibers hoodies are also available on market.

Temperature Setting For Hoodies

The most important part is, to adjust the machine set up. For a hoodie, you have to raise the heat press temperature of the machine, whether it is more than other garments.

Depending on the hoodies, the temperature range can be 320 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees to 210 degrees Celsius.

For 100% cotton fabric you need maximum heat temperature. As the ratio of synthetic fibers raises, the temperature will also decrease so that, for the white or lite color fabric you have to adjust the temperature low. 

Place Your Hoodie Onto Press Mate And Set Pressure Position

After finishing all the steps from 1 to 3, now it’s time to place your hoodie for pressing and printing.

If you want to transfer your design from heat transfer paper from dark heavy fabric, the supplementary paper needs to place before pressing pressure.

Also, transfer design from light fabric to dark fabric, you can follow this. 25kpi is the average standard for pressure on hoodie garments, but its variable.

Place the top part of the fabric before print, so that you can determine the position of the sticker or transfer paper.

A wide tension needs to give your fabric surface, and you can also give a preheat to the hoodies. It will help to remove moisture and shrinkage.

Heat And Pressing Time To Print Hoodies

For hoodies, pressure time depends on the temperature and the material of hoodies. 100% polyester usually need 290 degrees Fahrenheit temperature with 20 seconds of pressure time. 

Again, 50% cotton and 50% polyester or nylon need 20-25 seconds time. Besides, 100% cotton hoodies need around 30-45 seconds to adjust with adhesive pigment heat transfer paper.

After finishing heat and press, you have to wait till the fabric and heat transfer paper let chill down.

When you put off the transfer paper after heat press, you will get your designed hoodie. Now the question come is, may I do that process for bulk production or not?

The answer is yes. Obviously.

It is a sustainable and profitable way to make business on a large scale. From solid color to design hoodies, now this is what put impacted fashion sense in recent days.

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