What Are The Different Types Of Heat Press Machines?

Depending on material and heat press printing technology there have different types of heat press machines.

  1. Clamshell Heat Press
  2. Draw type Heat press
  3. Sublimation Type Heat press
  4. Swing-away type heat press
  5. Multipurpose heat press
  6. Air compressed heat press

Today we are going to discuss the most used heat press machines and their feathers.

What Are The Different Types Of Heat Press Machines?

6 Different Types Of Heat Press Machines

As you already know the nane of these 6 types of heat press machines. Let’s dive into the details of them one by one.

1. Clamshell Heat Press Machine

This is the most efficient, popular type of heat press. Mainly garments are press and printing here. A different layer of garments and fabric is possible to give press print by a vertical way.

Clamshell’s heat temperature range is around 180 to 220 degrees Celsius. This machine is designed with a very effective way to use a rubber silicon pad bottom of the heat pressing plate.

Clamshell Heat Press Machine

Because of its easy handling maintenance, it takes a good place of the majority in the home for customized use.

2. Draw Type Heat Press

This is a kind of digital sublimation heat pressing machine. Draw type of machine has high heat consuming performance ability to transfer heat onto the material surface.

Draw Type Heat Press

The upper plate and lower plates can move at the same time. For heavy production, up to 240 degrees, Celsius temperature can produce by drawing a heat press machine. T-shirt and basic knit garments are mainly used on them.

3. Sublimation Heat Press Machine

Sublimation heat press is totally a digital version of the vinyl print method. Using programming and algorithm data for color, pigment or dye, fabric martial temperature, and so on.

A sublimation heat press can generate a temperature of around 220 degrees Celsius. You can also make your screen printing manually by sublimation type heat press.

Sublimation Heat Press Machine

The most attractive part of this machine is, it can use for both industrial and customized purposes.

4. Swing Away Heat Press Machine

The main advantage of swing away heat press is, the top part of the machine can totally place another from the bottom pad part of the machine. Swing away machine can rotate 360 degrees.

Swing Away Heat Press Machine

It can give a smooth and hassle-free pressure-giving production experience.

5. Multi-Purpose Heat Press Machine

A multi-purpose heat press relies on a different kind of product printing method. With this combination, you can print cups, mugs, caps, t-shirts, flat garments, and so on.

Multi-purpose heat presses are also variable with their heat temperature. Technology comes with effective value on the revolution of heat press by multi-functional heat press machine.

Multi-Purpose Heat Press Machine

Silicon rubber and Teflon both can be use as heat press pads for multi-purpose heat presses.

6. Air Compressed Heat Press Machine

This type of machine is popular as air compressed automotive machine. It is also very known as an automated pneumatic flat press.

Bulk production in industrial purposes is also beneficial. Nowadays, most heat presses are moving through a digital phase.

Air Compressed Heat Press Machine

You can set your command by its automation robotic system to start and complete the process by itself. Varieties of sizes are available in the market and are mostly used for industrial production basis.


In customized printing revelation, the heat press machines keep a remarkable signature. Modern technology is establishing this sector with a more computerized and robotic way to relieve human stress.

Depending on your demand you are completely free to make your decision about choosing your heat press. We believe, that in the future, many more types of heat press will come with enormous opportunities.

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