Different Types Of Craft Vinyl: A Beginner’s Guide

Craft vinyl is a popular name for home decoration or garments customize equipment. There are different types of craft vinyl available out there. If you want to place a vinyl design on top of a solid service object then adhesive vinyl is the best option for you. On the other hand, if your design material is soft and can withstand pressure and heat then heat transfer vinyl would be a preferable choice for you.

Vinyl papers are made for craft design and custom decoration. Those papers are specially oriented with adhesive and sticky properties. Any kind of material surface is reasonable for decals or heat transfer type of craft vinyl. You can take any of them as a requirement purpose.

This vinyl paper would give your chosen object an attractive look and decorate it with a variety of artificial designs, vinyl is used rapidly.

Today’s article will help you if you want to make your favorite object attractive through an effective. I can say that you have reached the right place.

Now let’s start to discuss in detail the types and vinyl which could suit your needs. There are mainly 2 types of craft vinyl and these 2 have many sub-types based on their use. The main 2 types are:

  1. Adhesive Vinyl
  2. Heat Transferring Vinyl (HTV)

Adhesive Vinyl And Its Uses

These are usually sticky and have a strong adhesive on the bottom surface. These can be used with your hard material with a sticky substance. Hard objects such as doors, cut materials, toys, tables, vinyl decals, car decals, bikes, wooden materials, furniture and so many things with different sticker shapes and colors.

Adhesive Vinyl And Its Uses

There is no need to apply any kind of temperature to the adhesive vinyl. Just attach it from the sticky adhesive on the hard material surface.

You can customize the adhesive vinyl by cutting this design with the help of different artists with horizontal, vertical, or quadrilateral.

All in all, with the help of pressure and cutting, it is possible to give a variety of customized sizes.

Adhesive vinyl is usually made from paper condition. The top of a hard paper is inserted with its design and in such a way that you can’t remove the service paper without tearing.

You can move your adhesive vinyl to the performance by removing the wax paper from the bottom of the adhesive sticker.

Now let’s discuss which adhesive vinyl is suitable for you and which vinyl you can use in your work with category.

I. Permanent adhesive vinyl

Permanent vinyl means that the removable ones are not usable or can use a chemical treatment to remove from the surface.

Adhesive vinyl may ruin your door or wall service. Permanent vinyl stiffness goes for long after several times of wash.

Permanent adhesive vinyl

II. Removable adhesive vinyl

Different types of decals, signs, stencils, sticker whatever can attach with your elements for a temporary period.

The type of removable temporary vinyl that will use for temporary use has different types of glue attached to it with stickers. They are never permanent. You can remove them with a simple wash.

Also in some cases, you can change the design one by one using all the temporary phenols with the disease when it comes to customized decoration.

Removable adhesive vinyl

7 Varieties of Adhesive Vinyl

1. Stencil vinyl

Stencil vinyl is made explicitly to make stencils with your Cricut machine and its self-glue. Removable cement vinyl has tacky support and ought to strip back effectively from your venture. Long-lasting cement vinyl is additionally tacky however will make a more grounded bond with any surface you add it to

2. Etched glass vinyl

Glass carving is a glass craftsmanship procedure that comprises applying acidic, burning, or grating substances to the outer layer of the glass to roughen its surface in chosen regions with the ultimate objective of making a plan. There’s such a lot you can do with glass scratching.

3. Metallic vinyl

Crafty material allows you to make significantly quicker vinyl so, no cutting mat is required simply load and go. It will be simple as pie to make a speedy decal for your mug or customize your indoor vinyl. From little accents around your home to enormous activities loaded with customization, you can get it done.

4. Glitter vinyl

Tenderly spot the Transfer Tape (glue side down) over your pictures. Utilize an art stick or the scraper found in the Cricut basic tool-set to glitter and shine (rub or clean) the tape onto the vinyl. Strip away the vinyl liner at a 45-degree point for more focus on design

5. Printable vinyl

As expressed above, practically any printer will print on vinyl paper. However, the group printers appear to be crafters. It can deal with a craft of paper thicknesses, which makes utilizing printable vinyl sheets simple without any gamble of paper jams.

6. Chalkboard vinyl

Chalkboard vinyl is exactly what the name suggests. Being utilized as a chalkboard is planned. Anyway, it doesn’t work all that well with normal chalk. These markers are water-based and clear off overall quite simple with a moist material as a decals sticker.

7. The glowing dark paper vinyl

Shine in the dark vinyl is permanent self-adhesive vinyl sheets that make your vinyl using experience amazing. Those are sticky and stand with pressure, will give satisfaction at night with glowing 

8. Adhesive vinyl for printing

The print then cut included in the design space gives you vast potential outcomes by utilizing your home printer and Cricut machine to print and remove pictures, designs, and even photographs. Just adding on a dry surface with hands is enough.

These vinyl types can be applied differently to your materials for your decoration. All of them are sticky and you can use the address phenyl as a temporary.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

There are different types of heat transfer vinyl like adhesive vinyl. I would suggest a variety of easy-to-use products that are washable and that you can use on your favorite t-shirt or garments or the fabric surface.

This type of heat transfer vinyl is required a perfect level of heat press or iron heat and temperature to transfer the dry adhesive surface to penetrate and melt for fabric soft surface.

In general, HTV is a fixed variable on paper because the change it brings to the fabric is much more permanent. It cannot be removed after multiple time passes.

In heat transfer vinyl paper, you can design with the help of a printer a design made of high-quality ink.

HTV can withstand heat and tolerance. It can be applied to different types of fabrics with different temperatures.

3 Types of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

1. Glitter HTV

Glitter HTV has high stiffness and penetrates lubricant under the surface to attach very well with cotton or blended cotton fabrics.

2. Stretching heat transfer vinyl

Stretching HTV refers to cutting in and setting up for final production. For manufactured garments, it’s about 3-4 seconds. Using temperature at 120 –150 degrees centigrade temperature.

3. Dark paper HTV

Dark paper HTV is one of the popular heat transfer vinyls for using custom design garments. Also, maintenance and service reinforcement workers wear suits and garments which refer to indicators are made with dark paper heat transfer vinyl, It needs up to 150 degrees Celsius temperature to adjust on the fabric surface.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

You can also use different types of heat transfer vinyl for industrial use or customized use. In case of selection of HTV heat transfer, you also need to know enough about your clothes.

As some of the clothes will be damaged if the temperature tolerance falls below HTV papers. So your clothes will be damaged.

Knowing the ratio and temperature tolerance of fabric and heat transfer vinyl paper, you need to choose which type of transfer paper you want to set up in the garment industry or custom for your design.

Print On T-shirt With Heat Press by heat transfers Vinyl

Ironing also allows you to put pressure and temperature on a specific place and space. You need to make sure that the extra heat does not fall on the fabric outside the heat transferring vinyl paper. With this precaution, you can use your heat transfer paper for personal use.

With the help of a cutting machine, you can use different types of vinyl by size.

Which Vinyl Should I Use As A Beginner?

Now let’s talk about what kind of vinyl you are going to use. First, you have to take a project in hand.

Your vinyl paper needs will depend on your work needs. If your work technology is for car or outdoor service then your vinyl can do it with permanent adhesive. Again, the different temporary adhesive is for single-use or custom use.

In the beginning, you can use Removable Temporary vinyl. It will help you know how to change your decoration and where and how much it costs. In that case, if you use temporary vinyl decals or stickers, those adhesives will not cause much damage to your item.

You also have to know the advantage and disadvantages of your vinyl. Learn more about its project and performance of use, so that you will feel confident to use it as a beginner.


You have learned all about the different types of vinyl and their use from the above discussion. Now it will depend on your usage and experience skills. So many people have benefited from the use of vinyl paper nowadays. You can start your expected commercial business with vinyl.

There is also the use of different types of temporary vinyl for different customs changes and for personal use. Vinyl graphic is one of the most raising sections to make the crafty vinyl move forward with digitalization. Printing and using smart vinyl, this industry is running so fast and growing profitably.

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