How to Transfer Vinyl Without Transfer Paper

Vinyl printing is becoming increasingly popular because vinyl lasts longer and gives your fabric a beautiful appearance. But the increasing price of transfer paper for budget craft people is becoming more expensive day by day. So now if you want to transfer vinyl without transfer paper, the alternative of transfer paper like painter’s tape is needed.

In this guide, I’ll discuss different types of vinyl printing, vinyl adhesive, transfer paper alternatives, and how to transfer vinyl without transfer paper. Let’s start.

Transfer Vinyl Without Transfer Paper

Types Of Vinyl

Vinyl printing is the process of printing images onto a plastic sheet using inkjet printers.

There are primarily two types of vinyl. They’re both made of vinyl that won’t wear off.

Vinyl Adhesive

The vinyl adhesive is cut with your Cricut machine. The vinyl should be facing up, and the paper carrier sheet should be facing down.

Using a vinyl cutter, you cut out your design. Then you print your image on t-shirts with transfer tape.

Heat Press Vinyl

HTV stands for heat transfer vinyl.

Because the vinyl is not adhesive, heat is applied to print it onto the is called fusing. Heat transfer vinyl clearly necessitates the use of a heat press or iron.

After that, you prepare your design for printing by mirroring it. You must flip it over and use it on your clothes.

Get rid of the carrier sheet. When ironing corners of vinyl print, be very cautious because if the heat isn’t applied properly, it can tear off.

Most importantly, you won’t need vinyl transfer tape to transfer your design from the backing paper in this vinyl project.

Transfer Paper 

Transfer paper is a special kind of paper to heat transfer vinyl onto your t-shirt.

while you use a heat press to heat transfer permanent vinyl designs onto fabric, the most common materials are transfer tapes and transfer paper.

Hence You can eliminate the use of transfer paper

Transfer Paper Alternative

It’s not a good idea to leave transfer paper and transfer tape off your list of requirements if you’re planning to sell t-shirts for a business.

You can use regular vinyl for the DIY vinyl transfer and something less expensive and more effective in place of transfer paper or Cricut transfer tape.

Required Things to Transfer Vinyl Without Transfer Paper

  1. Parchment paper
  2. Wrapping in plastic
  3. If you don’t have an inkjet printer, don’t worry.
  4. Create a design space where you’ll heat press your design.
How to Transfer Vinyl Without Transfer Paper

How to Transfer Vinyl Without Transfer Paper Process

  • You must choose a design. You may make it by using any design software on your own. Don’t worry if you can’t. The internet is still working. Choose a design for your shirt and save it to your computer.
  • If you don’t have access to a printer, photographs from other periodicals can be used.
  • If you’ve decided on a design, now is the time to cut it out. now You should use the plastic wrap you have.
  • Cover the design with plastic wrap and give your design folding access from the back.
  • Now you must place the plastic-wrapped photo where you want it to be printed.
  • Use parchment paper to cover your design.
  • To iron-on vinyl, use the iron. The iron must be set at a high temperature. Now, carefully iron the design for a few minutes. Make sure your design is ironed all around.
  • After you have done ironing, wait 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove the parchment paper from the design space after it is cooled a bit.

I hope you’re excited that you effectively heat-pressed your vinyl design without the use of transfer paper by now.


  • Plastic wrap must be used to cover the full backside of the image. The image may not transfer properly if this is not done.
  • Activate the steam function on the iron.
  • A flat surface is very important to provide the proper heat and pressure.
  • Wash your t-shirt using your hands. It will increase the design’s long-term viability and durability.

You now understand how to print your images without the use of transfer paper. It will save cash and isn’t difficult at all. It will give your fabric a new look.

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