Traditional Chilean Clothing

Traditional clothing in Chile typically consists of things like ponchos or chamantos made of wool or silk, a hat made of straw known as a chupalla, and a dress with a full skirt with flower decorations on it. 

The poncho is truly one-of-a-kind due to the fact that its hue can be altered from light to dark with the flip of a switch. The chamanto’s sleeves are held together by a ribbon, while the main body of the garment is woven with designs depicting the national flower, fruit, wheat, and birds of the country. Chapullas are a style of headgear that is typically worn by motorcyclists.

They got their name from the plant material that was originally used to construct them. Women perform the Cuaca, Chile’s national dance, while dressed in the characteristic ruffled and floral costume. The head of the dancers is traditionally covered with a white apron or handkerchief.

In this article, we will be going through the traditional dresses of Chilean people.

Traditional Chilean Clothes

Mapuche Clothing From Chile

The Mapuche are Chile’s most populous indigenous group and have made significant efforts throughout Chile’s and South America’s colonial history to maintain their traditional way of life and language. The Mapuche people are well-known for their expertise as weavers; in the past, they would create ponchos, blankets, and purses by weaving llama or guanaco wool on an upright loom. In modern times, they employ synthetic fibers. The majority of woven products on the market today are manufactured from sheep’s wool, and their colors are obtained through the use of natural dyes.

Mapuche women traditionally wear a küpam, which is a square piece of cloth that hangs from the shoulder to the ankles. It is tied together at the waist with a thick belt called a tariwe and secured on the right shoulder with a brooch or tupu. The küpam is worn in the traditional manner. Women also wear jewelry, such as the trarilonco, which is an elaborate head ornament, and the chaguay, which is a headband (silver earrings).

A black garment that resembles a blanket and is known as a maku, a chumpiru (also known as a felt cap), and sandals known as ekota are the traditional items of apparel worn by male Mapuche.

Huaso Culture Clothing From Chile

In Chile, a cowboy is most commonly referred to as a huaso. Even though urbanization is rapidly spreading to the country’s rural regions, traditional huaso fashion, particularly the poncho, is still worn by a significant portion of the population in Chile.

Everyone, even those who reside in the city, is dressed in traditional huaso costumes and celebrates with barbecue, the terremoto drink, and the cueca dance during the Chilean national celebration known as Fiestas Patrias.


Wearing a chupalla is required in order to maintain the traditional aesthetic of a Chilean huaso. The traditional straw horseman’s cap is commonly seen on men’s heads in Chile.

The chupalla is frequently used as an accompaniment for the cueca dance, which is typically practiced in rural areas of Chile. The traditional hats were historically weaved from the bromelia plant, which is where the name “achupalla” originates from.


Ponchos are an essential component of the huaso fashion culture that is prevalent in Chile. The chamanto is a type of reversible poncho that is popular in Chile. It can be made of wool or silk and is typically trimmed with a ribbon.

Ponchos are common garments in Argentina, Chile, and Peru in particular, but they can also be found throughout Latin America. Traditional Chilean celebration ponchos typically come in a variety of colors, the most frequent of which are gray, brown, red, black, and white.

Huasa and cueca clothes

The huasa garment, also known as the vestido de huasa, is the most well-known piece of traditional clothing for women in Chile. It is also the garment that is traditionally worn during cueca dances. There is a lot of importance placed on the cut of a huasa or cueca dress. Imagine a rockabilly Chilean cowgirl with a sense of humor. 

Traditional dresses are available in a wide variety of silhouettes, but they all have a waistline that is cinched in at the narrowest point and a long skirt that falls to a point just above the knees. Quite a few of these dresses contain a floral pattern on a ribbon that may be tied at the waist of the garment. The huasa or cueca dress is a traditional piece of clothing worn by women in Chile. 

Although the dress can be any color, it is most usually seen in the colors red, blue, and white, which are the colors of the Chilean flag. Elegant huasa dresses are characterized by a long black skirt that extends to a point just above the ankles and is paired with a scarlet belt and a bolero jacket. These dresses are typically worn by ladies of a specific age.

Final Words

Now you know the regional differences and specific attire selection of Chile. Chupalla, ponchos, and heavy jewelry can be easily found in Chilean fashion. Women also like foot accessories no matter they are at home or outside having a party. With regular jeans and t-shirt, you can find some shops to buy their traditional clothes and dress like the Chileans.

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