Terms Used for Heat Press and Their Meanings

Terms Used for Heat Press and Their Meanings

Some terms that use for heat press machine production and mechanical basis. Those terms are also used to identify the short form of printing machine. Some of those are given below:

HTV = Heat Transfer Vinyl

HTV terms belong to the printing of vinyl. Heat transferring papers are referred to HTV printing. Heat press and sublimation printing is a good source of that HTV printing process.

DTF = Direct to Film

DTF printing means, straight printing to the specific material. The material could be paper, heat transferring paper. Polyester bag, mug, cup, sticker plate, wall mate, car or many more things.

Before printing DTF method, the material reacts with pigment should determine. Because DTF will occur with extra glue and heat onto the surface of the printed element or transferring paper.

DTG = Direct to Garment

DTG is the most popular printing method just because of its traditional use on fabric. Screen printing, adhesive printing, sublimation printing, heat press printing all could rely on DTG printing.

Color using amount is quite low than DTG machine, but the use of design area and white portion of printing makes it efficient in the printing world. Bulk and industrial production are suitable for DTG. Custom or vinyl also can be possible with DTG 

PI = Pigment Injector

Pigment injector is usually called as PI in the printing sector. Printing machines are all perspectives are dependent on pigment injector or PI. This is an organic function for any heat press printing method. In sublimation, the PI works directly to the heat press and for heat press hand punch machine, pigments are used to print on the film or transfer paper’s surface.

What does PV and SV mean?

For a better maintenance experience, the thermostat device is used in heat press machine. Thermostat provides the provide the temperature swing ratio on a constant parameter. The environmental atmosphere and the required heat upon the pressure on the material.

That thermal energy detective device is very useful. We are not mentioning you only for heat press vinyl but also for several kinds of heat or energy transferring machines.

Two of the popular term that use for heat press, are PV and SV. The PV and SV terms are used to measure the temperature variable difference of heat pressing machine.

PV stands for the actual temperature reading of area. PV sets for process variable. The room temperature, industrial temperature, conduct heat, handle or frictional forced produced heat, etc. are called Process Value or PV.

The temperature reading that thermostat belongs to machines heat is called Set Variable or SV. The machine users can set the temperature for their manufacturing principal. SV is dependent on a given value.

Difference between PV and SV (PV vs SV)

PV value comes from environment or room temperatureSV is set up by automatic command of electronic display  
PV would is quite lower value than SVSV temperature starts from 200 degree, as per settings
In some condition PV is predictableSV is tangible
PV is the process temperatureSV is target temperature

How to adjust PV and SV

PV and SV are adjustable. The temperature difference between PV and SV is quite significant.

At first, the PV will be set in the thermostat. Extra radiation or heat shouldn’t be consumed from the outside surface of the heat press machine.

After getting the PV measurement, now it’s time to setpoint variable, which means SV. Use the downside button of SV to make the numerical digits negative first.

Then press it upside to give a positive value. Now it’s time to give the projecting value to your machine.

As soon you will give the thermal positive value, the difference between to variables will show on display and SV and PV will get adjusted until your next adjustment for production.

Note: In every condition, it’s not necessary to adjust PV with SV, but the various different means the condition of pressing process needs to revise. For some special garments for the lab test, it might be compulsory to adjust PV & SV.

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