How to Take Smell Out of Clothes without Washing

The smell that comes from our clothes is often a result of body odor. It is this body odor from us that causes our clothes to have a certain stink which is both embarrassing for the person who is wearing them and, uncomfortable for the people around him.

So, while your clothes may look fine and in good condition; it is still best to know how you can get your clothes to be smell-free and do yourself and, frankly, everyone standing close to you, a favor.

If you don’t think it’s important to wash your clothes to get rid of the smell, then here are some great laundry tips just for you.

You can try out these hacks with items that are easily available in any household and they are really simple and not that time-consuming at all.

Read along to find out what you can do, to get rid of that annoying stink coming from your clothes.

How to Take Smell out of Clothes without Washing

Seven Hacks to Getting Rid of the Smell from your Clothes

1. Letting your Clothes Breathe

So this method is pretty obvious. Sometimes all you need to do is hang your clothes outside in the sunlight and leave it for a few hours. Sunlight kills the bacteria which cause the sweaty smell. If the smell is not too much of a serious problem then leaving them out in the sun and open air will do the trick just fine.

Regarding this hack though, keep in mind that the rays from the sun can cause dyed clothes to fade out. So be careful with what kind of fabrics you are dealing with here.  

2. Try Baking Soda

Baking soda is amazing with driving away bad smells since it is a kind of deodorizing agent. First, you need to make a paste of soda mixed with just a little bit of water. Second, turn your clothing (or your clothes) inside out. Third, apply the paste on the areas which have that musky stink. Let this paste dry off. Once it has dried on all of the spots, simply scrape it off gently using your fingers.

3. The Power of Lemon

We all know that lemon juice is a natural and powerful cleaning agent; plus an organic deodorant. Lemon juice has a refreshing smell too. All these attributes make lemon juice an excellent choice for getting rid of that sweaty stink from your clothes.

At first, just make a mix of water (about 200 ml to 250 ml) with one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice. Then, pour this mix into a spraying bottle and cover all of your clothing (or clothes) with a light drizzle. Once you are finished praying all of them, hang your clothes and allow them to dry.

It is important to remember that lemon juice has bleaching properties; albeit on a very small scale, however, it is still wise to use this technique on white clothes especially.

4. Freezing your Clothes

Don’t worry, this method has proven to be effective as well. It may seem like a strange thing to do, however, the low temperature will kill the bacteria that have gathered on your clothes.

Begin by putting your clothes in clean and unused plastic bags (or multiple bags, if needed). Put them in the refrigerator and allow them to freeze for a night. By the time you take them out, then all the bacteria are sure to be gone and that means so is the sweaty smell.

5. Using Vodka

Vodka is also a solution that effectively kills bacteria. This method is almost the same as the one involving lemon juice. Make a mix with two parts vodka added with one part water. Next, put this mix into a spray bottle and give the stinky parts of your clothes a nice, even spray. Hang your clothes to dry off.

This trick is especially helpful because the vodka can dry off real quick and it won’t even leave behind any alcohol smell.

6. Go for White Vinegar

See? I told you that all the things you will need will possibly be in your house right now. This technique is also, quite similar to the one with lemon juice.

Firstly you need a clean and empty spray bottle. Then, fill up the spraying bottle with half amount of water and half white vinegar. Next, shake the bottle carefully and gently. Give your clothes a thorough, light spray and make sure to get all the spots which have the muskiest stinks.

For this technique, it is crucial that you make sure to dilute your vinegar with water. Otherwise, your clothes will be free from the sweaty stink, but, they will surely end up with a strong stench of vinegar.

7. Spray on Essential Oils

For this technique, you need to do some good spraying as well; however, this time it is essential oils that you are using. Essential oils have the properties to get rid of any kind of unpleasant smells, so, just take a few drops of your favorite essential oil and add them to water. Put this solution in a spraying bottle and start spraying. After you’re done spraying just hang your clothes for a few hours and allow them to dry.

You can always opt for your favorite essential oil, but, some oils are actually better at fighting bad smells than others. For instance, essential oils such as lemon, grapefruit and lavender may give you the best outcomes possible.

Moreover, do remember that the scent of essential oils can be overwhelming to bear after a time; so make sure to add a reasonable amount of water.

Closing Thoughts

If you know your laundry hacks and helpful laundry tricks, then good management of clothes should not be a problem for you at all. The advice above that I’ve shared with all, for instance.

To sum it up, with these seven tips, taking out the smell from clothes without washing them – should hopefully be easy for you now.

Best of luck!

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