How to Shrink a Polo Shirt (2 Easy Methods)

Polo Shirts are men’s one of the most popular outfits of all time. It describes the maintenance of standards, fashion, fanciness, and mind satisfaction when we ware it.

Brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Uniqlo AIRism, Lacoste men’s polo, etc could be the per popularity of choice for men’s wear.

How to Shrink a Polo Shirt

How can you shrink your polo shirt?

Polo shirts are made of either pure cotton or blended with polyester. So that, we can easily shrink them with washing.

Applying heat to clothes will aid in their shrinkage. Although all textiles will contract in some way, some may contract quicker than others.

In this article, we are going to discuss the process of shrinking polo shirts with two effective methods and some additional information on this topic that may help you. These 2 methods are:

  1. Water Treatment
  2. By tailoring and custom embroidery design

Shrink your polo shirt with water treatment

4 Easy process to shrink your Polo Shirt

Shrink Your Polo Shirt by Water Treatment (Washing)

Step 1# Check the care label of the polo shirt

Your shirt’s label will provide precise advice on how to wash it to minimize or maximize shrinking.

You may be able to shrink the clothing by washing it with cool water.

Step 2# Sink with cool or lukewarm water

Allow the clothing to soak for about five to ten minutes before removing it and wringing it out.

Water nature is depending on the label or tag instruction of the polo shirt.

Step 3# Use the washing machine

Because stimulating the garment might make it shrink, you can use the “permanent press” option or cold water instead of hot water if you’re worried about adding heat to your shirt.

Step 4# Set the clothing out to dry

After wringing out the shirt, place it flat on a drying rack to air dry. If you don’t have a drying rack, place the garment flat on a dry, absorbent towel.

After letting your polo shirt dry you will find it shrinkage and quite compact.

These three processes of 1st scheme are used for temporary shrinkage of your polo shirt in most fabric cases. In this way, you can make your polo shirt fit for the bottom part of an outfit for a while easily.

By tailoring and custom embroidery design

This method contains just 2 easy processes to shrink your polo t-shirt.

Shrink a Polo Shirt By Tailoring and Custom embroidery design

Step 1# Tailoring your polo shirt

Polo shirts are fairly simple to customize. Because most polo shirts are made of cotton, they are quite easy to change. On a polo shirt, you may alter the sleeves, the body, and the length.

Different body shapes require different customization such as trimming from the collar, sleeve, hem or stitching armhole and etc.

Step 2# Custom embroidery design on your polo shirt

Making embroidery design by yourself knitting or a designer would help to shrink your polo shirt.

An additional knitting design will consume the fabric from your polo shirt and make it shrinkage. For less-priced shirts, this may not be the most cost-effective alternative.

Polo shirt material properties

A polo shirt could be made of any fabric almost. But for comfortable reasons in the modern age, polo shirts are commonly manufactured of 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blend, or mixes like 92% poly and 4% spandex. Pique is a common fabric for polo shirts; it is a knitted weave that gives a raised and patterned feel.

Basically, Polo shirts are made of good quality cotton fabric. Those are washable with soap, softener, and some items you can do bleaching.

Why shrinking polo shirt is necessary

The variation of choose of ware the outfit some people try to avoid shrink polo shirts; some people like to ware shrink polo shirts.

For a decent fit with body and neck, a shrinking outfit is important. Some shirt collar needs to attach well to the neck, so a shrinking polo shirt has demand on so many people.

Polo shirts are fantastic. They are easygoing and sophisticated, and if you acquire them in the appropriate color, they make fantastic transitional items between formal and informal. If you don’t know what to wear, wear a polo shirt, as the phrase goes.

Limitations you should know before shrinking a polo shirt

A Polo shirt should be soaked in hot or cold water, but it only depends on the care label tag. Mostly cold or slightly how water is used to soak for shrinkage.

After soaking should squeeze the shirt carefully. If you do not drain the water perfectly, the polo shirt would get elongations from bottom to collar.

If you want to know how you can shrink your other polyester fabric-made cloths you may read our this article.


Polo shirts are a common Wearable outfit for any age of people. That expresses the personality of a human being. Sometimes, for our necessity, we do some customization like shrinkage to make it more choice for our fashion sense.

By manufacture, natural and synthetic fibers are used to make polo shirts. For that raw equipment, the cloth condenses as a result of both hot water and hot air.

We can use any of the schemes from this article to shrink and fit the polo shirt for our wear. It only depends on the amount of your necessity of customization.

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