How to Screen Print Shirts With Cricut

Cricut is a kind of heat transfer machine that combines the heat press speed with the help of an iron. Cricut easy press machine can assist to have fast& perfect heat transfer. Ultimately Cricut can produce a heat transfer that will last after several washes.

The Cricut easy press machine includes Cricut iron and Cricut cut. The 1st Cricut press machine was commercially launched in August of 2017. The size of that Cricut machine was 9×9 inches to be specific.

The Things That Can Be Done By Using Cricut

  • You can make custom cards for occasions
  • You can custom shirts
  • Fun shapes can be made
  • DIY home decoration
  • Home decoration items
  • Label stuff for your pantry
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How to Screen Print Shirts With Cricut

Required Component to Start Screen Print With Cricut

  1. Screen for Speedball
  2. Speedball printing ink or plastisol ink
  3. Tape for masking
  4. Adhesive vinyl
  5. Squeegee
  6. transfer tape
  7. A frame for printing
  8. A blank t-design shirt’s space


If you want to make shirts for a business, the Cricut printing method makes it much easier to make multiple parts.

Silk screening allows a large volume of t-shirt printing to be completed in a short amount of time.

Silkscreening in an ephemeral form will suffice. You may print at least 10 to 15 tees with this method.

However, if mass manufacturing is your goal, heat transfer vinyl should be considered rather than vinyl adhesive.

The vinyl print on your garment frequently peels away from the surface. Because it doesn’t peel off and is simple to operate, screen-printed bespoke t-shirts are a wonderful business to start.

How To Make Silkscreens with Cricut

Those who are knowledgeable about vinyl adhesive will be able to utilize it without difficulty.

Before beginning the process, it must be cut. So, first and foremost, you must cut the vinyl adhesive.

You must, however, remember to print your design in reverse. To give additional Cricut printing room, you must position the design in the middle of your garment.

Ink should be placed anywhere you would like the printer ink to flow. It will assist you in using any type of design.

Apply the transfer tape to the vinyl easily now. The transfer paper must be removed, and the tape must be left with the vinyl.

Make certain that the screen is securely fastened and that the lip is firmly in place. Place your image on the screen and then use the squeegee to burnish it. 

To make it easier to print and have a refined look on your t-shirt, try to align your design on the screen.

Pay attention. Because you must peel the transfer tape from the vinyl, this is the most critical element of the technique. The vinyl should be the only thing left in the printing frame once it’s finished.

You must gently tape off all of the transfer tapes that you applied around your design to avoid printing ink harming your shirt surface.

You’ll need to apply transfer tape to both the frame and the vinyl once more. If some pieces require more than one piece, do so.

Rotate it now, and rub the transfer tape down with the squeegee once more.

Congratulations! Your silkscreen setup is complete.

Screen Printing Instructions for A Cricut Machine

Disposable papers will save the surface of your garment from becoming ruined.

You must align the screen if you want a linear pattern on the printing surface. It will be easier for you if you mark a spot on the work surface.

Before using the Cricut printing process, you must Cricut iron the surface to make it smooth and wrinkle-free.

Cover all of the left sections that you will not be using, regardless of the size of your design.

Fill the ink container with whatever printing ink is left. However, if you developed your own dyes, you won’t be able to preserve them for later use.

Make sure you use ink in the correct places because it is permanent and will not come off.

While preparing numerous projects, mark blank spaces with just a pencil or use tape.

While utilizing two colors, place the first color without lifting the printing frame, then place the second color. Lifting the frame after each color will simply make it more difficult for you.

Last but not least, before digging in, you must test the Cricut printing on a sample. It will assist you in determining the method’s perfection.

Final Words

So, yes! With a Cricut machine, you can quickly screen print your t-shirt. It is simple, inexpensive, and, most importantly, profitable. If you want to start a career in bespoke t-shirts, this is a good place to start. Pick the finest choice available and have it delivered to you.

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