How do you reset a heat press machine? (3 Easy Steps)

Machine maintenance is one of the important tasks for heat press machines.

The heat press machine contains several parts of a heat press and attaches print on the surface of the fabric. High pressure and high heat are always required for heat press machines requirement.

A 40 pounds heat press is the basic weight of a printing machine.

Horizontally pressure pressing, heat on the top metal plate with electric power, and temperature perfection with time set up is the most important setup for a heat press machine.

In this article, we will describe those three parts set up as heat press reset.

Reset a Heat Press Machine

How to Reset a Heat Press Machine in 3 Easy Steps

1. Pressure Reset a Heat Press Machine

Once you are thinking of starting production, first and foremost, pressure setup is the most important thing.

1. Pressure Reset a Heat Press Machine

Pressure settings come first about the startup of the machine. Heat press vinyl machines have some tools for giving pressure on your material.

Handle, pressure handling rod, and pressure knob is the basic part of the pressure section. Moving the pressure knob clockwise and the pressure rod from up to down you can adjust the pressure tension of the machine.

On the other hand, you can check with a heat transferring paper and fabric to push pressure on it and see the result. 25kpi to 30kpi would be the average pressure for the heat press machine.

2. Power Reset of HeatPress Machine

Power setup is one of the crucial parts of machine reset. For many reasons, Sometimes machines need to serve with power startup of electric supply.

Heat transfer vinyl machine, the heat is consumed in the top part of the platen. Again, for the desire temperature, you have to check the circuit panel frequently for printing production.

2. Power Reset of HeatPress Machine

Screen printing r vinyl printing, no matter what your power supply always need to make sure from plug to the heat plate.

Excessive temperature is another reason of fuse your machine certainly. Every machine has a proper control panel to adjust current with voltage.

Proper temperature with specific guidance, you can get the best service from your heat press. 25Amp, 30Amp, 220-volt, 240-volt, 250 volt, fuses are the standard choice for heat press which is variable from machine to machine.

Press switch servicing is one of the important tools to service frequently.

3. Temperature and Timer Set Up

After power and pressure, it’s time to set up the heat temperature with a timer. In the heat press indicator value, the timer shows with seconds unit.

The temperature could be variable in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Your indicator light will give direction with green and red heating lights to stop heating the temperature of the machine.

3. Temperature and Timer Set Up

310 to 360 Fahrenheit temperature can produce by a heat press machine within 90 seconds to 120 seconds.

Indicators digital display is available to show you the temperature and timer seconds for each change. This high heat needs to flow suitably in your printed fabric and heat press paper.

When you give pressure to the fabric with proper heat, a silicon rubber pad from the lower plate has to take all the pressure and also reflect some amount of heat back to the paper to melt the adhesive.

30-45 seconds time set an alarm is enough for fabric printing and 10-15 seconds require for cups, mugs, or other hard materials to print.


Like any other machine, the heat press machine needs to reset after a period. Before start reseat your machine, make sure you shut down all the switches, plugs, and electric supply. Part by part checking and in the end, you can start your machine.

The heat press machine setup is very convenient and easy. About screen printing heat-press, you have to be cautious about sublimation prints level.

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