How to Remove Color Run Powder from Clothes

A lot of events and runs involve celebrating with colors and playing with powder run colors. While this will give you an amazing experience and many good memories during the celebrations is going on, the aftermath might not be so fun to live so much.

After you are done participating in a color run, it may be hard to tell whether you have just walked through a rainbow.

Do not worry though, because there are some solutions to washing off these color-run powders from clothes and, this article is here to help you with just that.

How to Remove Color Run Powder from Clothes

Read along for a few good tips on how you remove the color run powder from your clothes.

Removing Color Run Powder from Clothes: Tips

  1. Begin with giving your clothes a good shake so that all of the excess powder pain will fall off.
  2. Next, hold your clothes for a certain amount of time under running and cold water. This will cause the second layer of powder color to be lifted and washed off.
  3. Then all you need to do is wash your clothes in cold water just like you would on a daily basis, however, take care to use cold water for this. You can always your regular laundry detergent for this wash.
  4. For washing your clothes, I would recommend it best that you use a stain remover and, if there are also white clothes which need to be washed, then use bleach on them.
  5. You have to continue washing these clothes three to four times more, because the powder color may not get entirely removed that easily.
  6. Take a pail and fill it with cold clean water. Mix a cup of washing soda with this water. Afterward, put all of your clothes in this solution and allow the clothes to soak in the water for about an hour.
  7.  Now you need to collect all of the garments and pop them in your washing machine a second time. This time around, you need to use some dye remover powder, so just add the washing machine.
  8. Lastly, take a bucket of cold water and mix liquid bleach in it. The liquid bleach should be about two caps. Put all of your white garments in this solution and let them soak in it for an entire night.

Expert Opinion:

  1.  If you see that the color stains have not fully been lifted and removed, then it is best to take them to your dry cleaners. Moreover, it is essential that you read the product label to see if it instructs that the garments should be dry-cleaned only.
  2. You can get the best results if you are able to take steps to treat your clothes immediately after powder color run powder has been applied to them. This gives the color little time to set in the fabric and is easier to lift and remove.

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it! How you can remove the color run powder from your clothes. I hope my article was informative and helpful to you.

Best of luck!

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