What is Puff Ink? – Puff screen printing using puff ink

There has a variety of screen-printing ink and puff ink is one of them. This ink is specialized because of its slight reason characteristics with hot temperatures.

Puff ink is a special type of ink which have a slight rise in heat and is randomly used to decorate printing design. In general, standard plastisol ink, mixed with puff additive (jacquard puff additive) will give high-density puff ink for screen print. Giving heat at the end with 310 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit is the final finishing process of puff ink screen printing.

When you are designing your t-shirt, you are always trying to make your t-shirt design unique and more decorative so that it can take the attention of buyers or clients.

The puff screen itself plays the role like it helps decorate your t-shirt’s design more than other printing ink. Giving heat at the end of screen printing is the most important thing for printing with puff ink.

Puff Ink Screen Printing

Usually, for puff ink screen printing, puff additive is used to make its design eligible for puff printing. Jacquard puff additive is used on fabric paper or a soft surface which would puff printed.

Searching about the use and benefits of puff ink screen printing? Then you come in right place.

In this article, I am going to discuss everything about puff ink for screen printing.

Where can I use puff ink?

You can use ink for any type of screen printing. The way you use water-based ink or plastisol ink in the same way you can use puff ink for your screen printing.

Puff ink will be beneficial to be used over soft fabric or sweaters. It also has a success rate in using customized T-Shirt printing business.

T shirt Printing with Puff Ink

Though you have to bake that ink after placing the design on the t-shirt, so your puff ink must have coated the top of the fabric surface.

What puff ink is used for?

Puff ink has good light-fastness properties itself. On the other hand, it has a high-density print. So when you are thinking to highlight your basic design with something more decorative style then you can use puffing to give a decorative look.

Whenever you are going to print your design or make the design from various software it would sometimes look 3d print.

But it is not possible to give the same printing effect on your t-shirt but if you use puff ink, you can give the shape and height to the design which could be similar with 3d effect on your design.

Again, you can do more customized your artwork on puff ink by using glitter. Now you know why puff ink is essential decorative artwork equipment for skin printing.

Puff screen printing using puff ink (In 5 steps)

Now you know about puff ink and its uses. Now I am going to discuss the steps of printing garments with puff ink.

Step 1# Make your design

As I mentioned before you can create a 3d effect by puff in design so you can make your design with multiple colors. Mark the border where you want to give puff solution from your design and which part of your design will contain puff for decoration.

For example, you are going to print on an off-white t-shirt. If your design is created with green color, you can use puff ink of pink color.

That would be more delightful and decorative artwork for painting garments.

Step 2# Make your puff solution (Puff ink + Puff additive)

Some professional screen-printing ink works as an international coating. Sometimes standard plastisol ink is possible to mix well with puff additive and create a triangle puff ink base.

Step 3# Select mesh and screen for printing

Puff ink screen printing is a high-density screen painting. In that case, you have to select your mesh count between 60 to 80 counts.

This kind of mesh has a specific place to insert and penetrate the ink over the fabric surface. That’s why that kind of mesh you have to select for your printing.

As with other printing you can select your photo emulsion and process it on your screen for printing.

Step 4# Puff printing

Now it’s time for printing. print your design with screen mesh over the fabric. When you are placing the design on your fabric, make sure to use a flat squeegee to press very well from left to right and put the design on your fabric.

Puff printing

Step 5# Heat and dry for puffing

After finishing printing the most important part which is heating is coming up next. In this part, you have to give some time to rest your t-shirt for highlighting its puff ink.

The Puff additive is raised with heat and high temperature. Around 200 to 240 degrees centigrade is the basic temperature to have a puff effect on your design.

You can puff a specific part or specific area of your design by using a puff additive solution. If your screen-printing industry or lab has enough screen-printing supplies, I would recommend you use direct printing on your fabric with puff ink.


Now, in summary, I want to make it clear that if you want to make your puff in a design you have to be a creative manufacturer. Know about plastisol ink and puff additive and its supplementary solution. The temperature of your garments is also very important to know before giving. Some fabrics are extremely thin or lightweight, so in that case, if you avoid puffing that would be better.

On the other hand, for heavyweight fabric whenever you are using puff ink, you can give easily the heat and place your design as you want.

Hope after reading this article you get the benefits of puff ink screen printing.

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