How To Print Film Positives For Screen Printing

For creative artwork, we make digital printing for screen printing through the digital process for screen printing. Printing film positive for screen printing is one of them.

We usually do screen printing by putting an ink coating on the screen and designing it by pressing it through the squeezer. It is one of the biggest challenges to make a positive film with the help of screen printing.

If you want to make a positive film through screen printing and in that case, you are looking for enough, I would say you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss in detail film positive printing through the screen printing process and its important steps.

In this case, you have to do all the processes that you can in a conventional way. On the other hand, you have to be careful about digital and modernization.

What is film positive?

Film positive printing can be defined that where the color is set on the printed sticker with dark and deep shade on laser film, which has to be direct UV light ability from the natural surface and good affiliate with fabric or any substance. Water-based ink is basically used for the print positive film.

A Digital software, for instance, adobe photoshop you need to modify your design with color separation. For the best experience, low light or dark would be the perfect condition for printing positive film.

The positive film printing process

Positive films, you could have printed on a transparent surface with black ink.

At the beginning of the printing, by editing the photo and creating photo emulsion, when you print those pictures in different colors for screen printing, it will help you to highlight them on your clothes or any other material.

Step 01# Make your design

Creating design is the first requirement of film printing. After creating the design you can determine the color and the display decoration of your design.

design making

On the other hand, to mesh from the screen of the printing you also need to use a specific design on your film.

Step 02# Inject ink and environment requirements

You can print your design first with water ink or plastisol ink. On the other hand, black ink in an exposure unit can create a unique coloration for printing film. You can inject the ink into your printing machine or color the mesh with related products of pigment.

Inject ink and environment requirements

The environment here is mentioned as dry, calm, and dark. Darkroom positive film won’t fade or deflect with light. That’s why the environment is also an important fact for printing positive films.

darkroom process with standard emulsion and density exposure are essential.

Step 03# Adjust the printer and print your design

Every printer has the option of customizing its design pattern. First, you need to do some experiments on free printing paper.

You have to set your printer to prepare for the waterproof injection film. Also using some roll, corel draw, transparency paper, and dye-based ink are the essential equipment for printer settings.

Epson printers are well known and very popular all around the world. Epson printers are easier to change than any other machinery or customizing machines and are accessible to all countries.

Print with your Epson printers

The pigments used in screen printing and the ink used with the masterbatch of the above service must be mixed in a proportion to run the screen printing process inside the machine.

By operating the machine in this way, you could get the screen printing design for the positive of a film. Now is the time to put this screen printing on your plastic or any fabric material.

Note: Be careful about the amount of water in the ink. On the other hand, make sure that all the paper you are designing has sufficient absorption capacity for the paper. And must have to do work in dark or low light.


Film positive for Screen Printing is an amazing process through which you can customize your design individually. Besides, if you have the right prepositions and the condition of your ink and methods are right, you can customize it as well as grow it commercially.

Many people are afraid of printing from positive film case of screen printing but it is not so risky. It’s as normal as screen printing. You need screen printing mesh enabled or to view it on transparent paper. Its printing materials are somewhat sensitive so you can use your favorite design for screen printing.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in this regard.

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