How to Make White Clothes White Again

It’s always incredible that no matter how many outfits you may own, white clothes will forever hold a special place in our closets and, our hearts. White clothes stand out as sophisticated, classic and simple.

Be it a dress, a T-shirt, or a vintage skirt; white outfits are always the go-to choice when you want to appear smart and put-together.

However, there is the problem of the fabric fading in white clothes and becoming less vibrant. Eventually, over time, the white seems to turn into something rusty and dirty and gives off an unkempt sort of look.

White is a very hard color to maintain in clothes since our sweat and other bodily oils stick to the fabric and gradually diminish the whiteness.

If you are looking for ways to make your favorite white clothes white again; then here are some really helpful tips on how you can achieve just that and, that too, quite easily!

So, do read along with the rest of my article and see if you can find any helpful advice which works for you.

Making White Clothes White Again

Follow these steps to know more about laundry tricks.

Lemon Juice

Nothing can beat the power of lemon juice. Moreover, lemon juice goes great with warm water. So all you need to do is, fill a pot with enough amount of water for your clothes to fully dib in.

Then, mix about one-third of the lemon juice with the water and turn on the heat. Put all of your clothes into the water and let the water come to a boil. When the water begins to bubble you can turn off the heat and allow the clothes to soak in the water for at least an hour or so.

Using White Vinegar

White vinegars are amazing cleaning agents for fabrics. Not only do they soften the clothes and brighten up their colors but also, they make your clothes just as new and comfortable as they were when you first bought them.

There is no new technique for using white vinegar; all you have to do is add a reasonable amount of it to the laundry when you give your clothes for washing. The amount of white vinegar you pour in depends on the volume of your clothes and the state of their whiteness.

Going for the Dishwashing Soap

Do you know where you can find another great cleaning agent for your clothes? That’s right, you guessed it! It is liquid dishwashing soap in your kitchen. It is a super helpful secret to whitening your white clothes. Take a reasonable amount of it and add it with your usual laundry detergent and, use this in the laundry for when you are washing your clothes. This should successfully whiten our whites.

Solar Power

This is an old and trusted way to whiten and brighten up your whites. See, the rays of the sun are quite powerful, and laying something out in the sunlight for a long time will eventually whiten them up.

Therefore, the next time you finish doing your laundry; don’t think about putting them in the dryer. Instead, hang them out in the sunlight and let them air-dry naturally. Keep them out a little longer after they are well dried up. Repeat this practice a few more times with the same clothes and you can notice your whites slowly regaining their lost brightness over time.

Baking Soda and Water

Never underestimate the cleaning properties of baking soda. First of all, mix one cup of baking soda with at least four liters of water. Put this in your washing machine and give it in your laundry. Allow our clothes to fully soak in this mixture. Your white clothes should be brighter and much fresher once your laundry is done.

Headaches and Laundry

Now, this trick might seem a little odd, however, it works! Aspirin actually breaks down and dissolves the dirt that has gathered on your clothes. Take water for your clothes to soak in and add at least five aspirin pills in it and let them dissolve.

Put your clothes in this and allow them to soak thoroughly for at least half an hour. Afterward, give them in the washing machine for a wash. This will freshen up your clothes and bring their color back.

Go for Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia

Instead of using your usual laundry detergent, try using other agents such as a little bit of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

Regular doses of laundry detergent cause the fabrics in your white clothes to fade gradually. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to skip laundry detergent from time to time and mix ammonia or hydrogen peroxide with water and wash your whites in it. This should restore the whiteness in your clothes over time.  You can buy these at any local pharmacy.

Bluing Liquid

I’ve seen my mom trust her white clothes with bluing liquids. Bluing liquids are cleaning agents used in laundry, and, while soaking your clothes in a colored liquid may seem like a daring thing to do; bluing agents actually help make your white clothes white again.  Bluing liquids should be available in any local grocery store or convenience store.

Make sure to not pour the bluing liquid directly on the clothes.

To begin with, wash our clothes as usual. Afterward, mix a little bit of bluing liquid with water and soak your white clothes in it and let them rest in that for a few minutes or so. Then take them out and, hang them out in the sun for air-drying.

Sticking to this practice should do wonders for your white clothes.

Closing Thoughts

Good maintenance of white clothes can be tricky, but it’s all worth it when you step out in your favorite white dress, right? So make sure to apply these tricks the next time you do your laundry.

I hope my article on how to make white clothes white again has been helpful to you.

Best of luck!

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How to Make White Clothes White Again

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