How to Make Vinyl Decals at Home

Vinyl Decals are the one interesting thing that we can also make at home. Basically, it is a kind of tattoo or sticker, which we can use for decoration purposes as well as also attach to ceramic items. Vinyl decals are also used over garments on one side or transparent on both sides.

Here I will show you how to make your Vinyl Decals. The first thing you need to do to make these Vinyl Decals is to have some tools in your home (Circut cutting machine, Scissors, Cutting blades, Transfer films). Printing ink and daily used super-glue adhesives will give a perfect sticky for your use.

If you want to trade these Vinyl Decals commercially, you can easily make Vinyl Decals at home and sell them through various online marketing.

Required tools to start and how can you use decals

Required tools to start and how can you use decals

What kind of devices can you easily buy from various online websites?

Some of the popular websites like eBay and Amazon. you can buy all the tools you need including the Circut cutting machine easily. Circuit design space is used for tracing the illustration and covering up the design.

First of all, I want to share with you some things before I start writing about how you can make and sell this type of Vinyl Decal commercially. And how you can use it with your home decor items as well.

You can also sell these decals in the local market which I have used on some websites. Through this, you can earn money and you can do a lot of good business with wall decals.

If decal is printed with vinyl machine and has attaching property as a wall mate, that could be used as a home decorative tool. Besides, a vinyl sticker can be used on a t-shirt, bag, polyester matt, or fabric sheet as the final decoration of end garments.

For that, you have to do some easy steps. You can do business online with a few simple steps. You can make your home beautiful, you can do business in the local market and you are free to go to do business in the international market.

Vinyl Decals can be used in various types of things. For instance, we can make stickers by ourselves, we could do it using commercial marking, design a logo for different types of tools, decorate also some vehicle’s outside looking, etc.

How can we earn money to make decals at home?

As we all know that there are huge demands across the world for commercial or advertising marketing. Almost every company needs it’s in their marketing everywhere.

For this purpose, companies are trying to put their stickers or logo everywhere in small things. If you can make vinyl decals at home, It will definitely be cheap to manufacture as well.

In this modern era, it has a huge demand in every place. However, you can also earn money by selling your own Vinyl Decals on every platform (Digital marking, or location shop markets).

There are many young people who want to buy this sort of thing in the local market. 

Different types of vinyl decals

There is a vast number of vinyl types. Mainly, two sorts of vinyl are popular. 

  • Adhesive vinyl decals
  • Heat transfer vinyl decals
How To Make Vinyl Decals At Home

How to make adhesive vinyl decals at home

Adhesive vinyl is generally used for paper sheet cutting, and the design of signs, and also it can be used for some solid materials like glasses, windows, cars, and so on. This is the most well-known type of vinyl decal.

Step 01 ­­- Colored Vinyl selection

The selection of the color of vinyl is the most important thing of start the process. As it will use as a sticker used on clothing or for our home furniture or tools, color combination is the most important thing of that.

A flat surface of adhesive vinyl is standard use for decals sticker. This is because it’s easy to place a design or logo onto it. An even and smooth surface is also important for business decals.

Step 02 – Decal design

After your selection of colored vinyl, it is time to give a design as customized use of a decal. Inject printer is the best use of its design. Screen or surface printing is enough for decal design on adhesive vinyl. Silhouette studio is one of the popular design making software to produce the design.

Step 03 – Sticker Cutting

Vinyl adhesive’s basic advantage is it’s after use. Cricut air cutting machine, Sizzix fabric cutting machine, and Cricut paper cutting machine are the common cutting machine to manufacture decal shape to use as different sized decals.

Craft knives and custom stickers are used for special requirements of decals to produce. You can also use scissors for your use at home.

How to make heat transfer vinyl decals

Heat press vinyl is also called Heat transfer vinyl (HTV). This kind of vinyl is mainly used with fabric making the design a t-shirt.

This a special kind of sticker which are also used a different kind of Iron. HTV is totally different from comparing adhesive vinyl. 

Follow in below easy 4 steps

1st Step – Trim and shape forming

The first step you have to collect some important materials. Just like a paper cutting machine the small paper cutting, cutting blade, and most important thing needs the Vinyl transfer film paper.

They’re also one thing that you need which is a cutting map whenever you will cut that paper, you need that cutting map for the measurement of the Decals.

2nd Step – Designing

Vinyl on the top of the cutting map. After you can feed it through the circuit Device. In The meantime, you have to install the software which is then connected with the Circut transfer printer.

In this software, there are some design is available you can find it. And also, you can download some designs easily from the internet.

So, put your design on this software, and then if you want to customize any design to create a new logo on a new pattern of stickers. You can make multiple Stickers according to the sticker size.

3rd Step – Printing

For the printing section after creating your design, you can take an example of professional label printing. With vinyl letters, the custom sticker is possible with printing. Depending on the printing element the thickness of the ink should be adjusted.

Printable flat surface vinyl is the most efficient choice for printing design for decals. Sometimes small shapes of stickers are printed onto the single-colored transparent vinyl where excess vinyl plays the role of decorating of design.

4th Step – Cutting with Software

In the third step Here you have to set up the software when you installed it faster. Each device has a different kind of software that can get with an Electric Circuit Cutting Machine.

For more information whenever you set up our cutting paper and other stuff then you have to set up the inside of the software.

Just like the cutting speed and the thickness of the papers and the what kind of cutting method you will use the is the basic things, which is you easily can find out that the software guide books, on the internet with other devices.

After finishing our customize design then you will need to print it out. Then you have to put down the transfer film paper on the top of the vinyl. Finally, you can cut with the vinyl cutter machine.

In the following above steps, you can easily make Vinyl Decals at home within a short time.


Overall, the manufacturing way to find out that there is a very easiest way you can make money from home and as well as you can promote yourself. Promote our business and show your creativity online, on the other social media platforms. You also feel happy to do something new at home.

The Crafts world on the online market is spreading day by day. Pick your convenient way and vinyl to make your decals today with low cost and high efficiency.

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