How to Make Sublimation Prints Brighter

Sublimation is one of the most innovative and appealing types of clothing available these days.

customers are ready to pay high prices due to the removal of pattern size, color, and location limits, as well as people’s quest for non-touch printing makes it more desirable.

The sublimation process refers that it alters the outlook of a product but the substance of the product remains the same.

Sublimation printing is a printing process where you print your design on a special piece of paper and then transfer it onto anything you want by using pressure and temperature.

Other dry laser technologies that transfer pictures to the exterior of materials and make them easier to scrape off are not to be confused with sublimation.

Wet ink technique is used in true Sublimation.

Sublimation Ink

This is a special kind of ink formulated from special color dyes. Sublimation ink can pass through a digital inkjet printer.

Use and not to use

  • This kind of printing is mainly used for 100% polyester garments or polyester mix garments.
  • Any kind of man-made polymers can be printed by sublimation.
  • Natural fibers like cotton can’t be printed by the sublimation process.

In some cases, ink cartridges should be treated with a balanced level of pigment for printing. Bright color of sublimation can produce with white dye upon dark fabric surface.

Sublimating Procedure

A heat press machine and a sublimation printer are mainly for this process. There are a few more things that are needed like transferring paper. Reading the procedure will clear it up.

At first, you have to create a design by using graphics design software or other software. This could be an image or artwork or you can download a design from anywhere.

Then you can customize it with texts or anything you want to add.

Now it comes to printing the design. You must print the design reverse onto the heat transfer paper to put it perfectly onto your t-shirt.

A heat press machine can do the rest. As it will put the photo of transfer paper onto your desired material by using heat and pressure.

How to Make Sublimation Prints Brighter

How to Brighten Your Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing can get dull sometimes as many color dye is being used. Here is a list of processes that will help to brighten sublimation print:

Using rich transfer paper, the best sublimation ink will help you to get more bright prints.

Use different color combinations. Hard problems sometimes can be solved by a simple solution. It could be yours. As hue change can alter the whole color complexity of your print.

Play with photo contrast. The right intensity of light and dark color can give a better print.

Light color background can help to get more vibrant colors.

Use 2 or more pieces of paper under the heat plate. It will protect your design from getting destroyed or damaged.

You must have a good quality photo for printing. Low-resolution photos can’t be properly sublimated. The brightness of your print will automatically increase.

Learning some color management skills can also help.

Changing the heat settings of your sublimation printer can help. The dyes will perfectly sublimate by implying the right heat.

Put more pressure on your material with the heat press machine to have good results.

Practice and experience both will help you to get a better sublimation print. So don’t get frustrated if you fail one or two times even more. Have your cool and it will be sorted.

Limitations on Sublimation Prints Bighting Process

  • Moisture issues 
  • Dull sublimation
  • Missing ink or banding
  • Ghosting and gassing out
  • Sometimes transfer lines can be seen on the garment.
  • Miss match between input and output color.

Final Word

Sublimation is a well-known method of digital decoration because it results in vivid colors and extremely delicate transfers. A sublimated transfer generates a softer picture than any other type of clothing decorating.

Your machine’s cartridges need to serve the perfect ink combination on time. For inject printer, coherence ink and liquid form of sublimation ink are important.  This also helps us understand the future of customizing t-shirt business.

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