Latex Clothing Care: How to Wash, Shine and Store

Latex garments are very common in film industries and fashion studios. Fashion dresses are frequently made from latex these days. Natural latex fabrics are environmentally friendly and do no damage to human skin.

The natural latex color is white and derived from old rubber trees. But latex also can be man-made. No matter whether it is natural or synthetic if you own a latex garment you want to shine it before wearing it by using silicone oil or talcum powder. Right after wearing a garment, it comes to washing. Warm water with mild detergent will do the task of cleaning your garments.

It is better to wash latex clothes by hand, but a washing machine is fine. Drip dry is just latex’s thing. Remember to use wooden or plastic hangers to hang your latex garments while drying and keep them away from any kind of sharp objects.

In this article, we will be describing how to wash, dry, and shine latex. How to store them and care instructions for latex garments.

Here we go!

Latex Clothing Care

How to Wash Latex

It is better to wash your black rubber latex catsuit or garments after every time you wear them only if you want your black beauty to make it long. Try to hand wash latex rubber clothes. If you have to use a washing machine, set the hand wash setting, inside your rubber cloth and put it inside a laundry bag. Don’t ever tumble dry.

Here is the best way of washing your latex rubber garments.

  1. Fill a tub or sink with warm water and add a few drops of baby shampoo. Instead, you can use liquid dish soaps. Regular detergents could be too harsh and end up ruining your latex clothes.
  2. Now damp the cloth in the sink water for around 10-15mimutes. It will give the liquid dish soaps enough time to react with talc, lube, and sweat, and remove them.
  3. Rub the surfaces of your latex garment by using your hand under the sink water. Take out the rubber cloth and rise it properly to remove all unwanted soap.
  4. Now mix dressing aid, a teaspoon of silicone oil instead of household oils with water. After a few minutes, your latex will feel slippery both from the inside and outside.
  5. Once again you have to rinse your latex catsuit all over again. After washing, latex can stick and you can fix this sticky issue with talcum powder.
  6. Now hang it on a wooden or plastic hanger to drip dry as a dryer or iron can shrink your latex garment.
  7. Do not use a metal hanger to hang your latex dress because it can react with rubbers and harm your garment.

How To Shine Latex

Latex outfits are more gorgeous when they are perfectly shined before wearing. You can find many latex care products and dressing aids commercially. To shine your latex clothes, use silicone lube or latex polish. It is very useful to shine a latex outfit.

  1. If you are using silicone lubricant gel, take a big drop of the lube on the latex garment and rub it with your fingers.
  2. While using a silicone oil spray, spray the shining oil all over the garment and then rub it for some time for a perfect shine.
  3. If you don’t want much shine you can use a fabric piece and rub it all over the garment. Do it in a circular motion. It will take some shine off your clothes and you can have a buffed look.

Latex Clothing Care Instructions

1. Avoid using sharp objects since they can cause the rubber to shred easily if they are pierced. In the off event that the item of clothing is worn, even the smallest hole can result in a large tear. When wearing an article of clothing, be sure to check it frequently for small cuts or holes and have them patched.‍

2. Also, avoid coming into contact with metals, especially nickel and copper alloys (like coins and some adornments). Rubber will permanently discolor in an instant.

3. You should again avoid coming into contact with oils and ointments that contain petroleum. These could damage the fabric. Consider using silicone-based oils or talc powder as a dressing aid, and avoid applying body oils or lotions beforehand. Additionally, avoid storing silicone-sparkled rubber because doing so will cause it to deteriorate over an extended period of time.‍

4. Avoid delayed exposure to sunlight because it will tarnish the long-term reputation of your latex outfit. It’s okay to go outside during the day However, avoid keeping your latex rubber exposed on a beautiful beach.‍

5. Be extremely cautious when handling latex that has a light color because metals, oils, and makeup can permanently discolor it. Avoid storing your light-colored plastic apparel in close proximity to more muted tones, as the contrast may shift with time.

Caution: Latex can be allergic to some people. So it is better to avoid later garments if you have allergic issues.

Storing Latex Outfits

Finally, you should keep latex clothing in a secure location. It is essential to understand how to preserve latex, regardless of whether you are brand-new to the world of elastic or have worn latex rubber apparel frequently for a considerable amount of time. Knowing how to protect plastic effectively is a worthwhile use of your time because your closet is an investment.

There are a few fundamental rules to follow no matter which way you go:

  • Never put metal in contact with plastic. On plastic, metal stains can be challenging to get rid of. Always put a latex catsuit or other outfit on plastic holders if it’s hanging in a storage area. If your plastic item has any metal tools or discoveries, wrap them in tissue paper before storing them.
  • Hanging colorful latex next to other colorful latex on the same hanger will prevent the colors from bleeding together.
  • Keep latex away from direct heat and fire as well because it burns quite easily.  Clothing made of latex should also be kept away from grease and oil because they can break down the material.
  • The pack should be free of any colored logos if it is going to be stored in a bag. Variety may transfer to your elastic.
  • Plastic clothing should always be stored in unattractive areas. For optimum stockpiling, we advise using wooden holders and suitable bags.
  • For hanging, loosely cover the items and place them inside a PE-plastic bag (food safe) and the gift box you received.
  • Keep your light-colored latex clothes isolated from other tones. White plastic is particularly prone to stains. Regardless of whether you follow these instructions, white latex may eventually start to turn yellow over time.

Your latex garment may occasionally display white streaks, especially if you’ve been storing it for a while or if it’s wet. This is normal, and the marks will disappear once the item of clothing has been molded or has dried.

Latex’s Rotation

Sadly, the joy is over!

The latex rubber cannot be preserved once it starts to deteriorate. not even after repair. Since latex rots once, the entire item of clothing is affected! Freezing, poor maintenance, being too hot, and exposure to a lot of UV light cause decay.

The plastic turns brittle or wet, tacky licorice. Sorting it out can help you avoid wasting your money. It looks like an illness. Latex can be thought of as a collection of tiny elastic units. In the case that one elastic band is contaminated, he switches it for the next one. Additionally, that is how the deterioration progresses.

Final Words

In order to prevent the material from sticking to itself and being damaged, latex rubber dresses are frequently transported with a delicate layer of talcum powder. Therefore, before each use, a latex clothing item should be washed (and, if desired, shined).

When it has been used, it should be cleansed again and covered with talc powder for storage until the next time you need to start over. Although it is a common sort of elastic, latex is a bit of an uncommon material for clothing and you can accidentally hurt it. Fortunately, your latex outfits can last for a very long period as long as you’re gentle with the items and preserve them properly.

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