How to Keep Sublimation from Fading & Reasons for Fading

Sublimation is a frequently used printing method to heat transfer. The funny part of doing something is you will find out what can go wrong.

From various problems that can be seen in sublimation printing design, fading is the most common of them all.

In this article, you will know about the sublimation fading problem and its solution. Let’s get started.

Where To Use Sublimation Print?

It is best for garments like shirts made of 100% cotton or 100% polyester or CVC and PVC blended fabrics or on products like mugs or bottles.

Hard materials like tiles also can be printed. You can find sublimation spray for random fabric paint.


One of the most significant limits is the color range of any materials. Because Sublimation is primarily a dyeing technique, the greatest results are achieved with white or light-colored textiles.

If you wish to print a white shirt, the result might please you. but on a black shirt or darker textiles, a digital print approach might not be the preferable option.

Sublimation Process in Short

As you can guess from the name sublimation printing it has something to do with a solid to vapor directly.

The sublimation ink doesn’t get into the liquor form before converting into vapor. sublimation printing follows this procedure that’s why it is called sublimation printing.

You will need a sublimation printer to have a sublimated shirt or any garments. Print the design on a transfer paper also called sublimation paper that you selected for your custom apparel.

Then heat press it to transfer the design onto the garment.

The sublimation printing process is much upgraded these days. Dye sublimation is the digital form of sublimation but has almost the same process as the conventional sublimation process.

Here you need a dye sublimation printer, sublimation paper, and a heat press.

It is a very easy process to execute. But without proper knowledge, it can result in ruining your white shirt.

How to Keep Sublimation from Fading

Reasons for Sublimation Fading Print and Its Solution 

Fading sublimation after the print is a very common problem. It can happen due to some reasons.

The Inappropriate Heat And Pressure

Heat and pressure have an important role in this process. If the heat setting is not right for print or transfer sublimation it can cause a fading sublimation.


Research about heat and pressure settings for different types of garments. Use the perfect heat and pressure for your t-shirt sublimation.

You may love to check the heat press temperature chart & the ultimate guide here.

Poor Quality Sublimation Paper

Fade sublimation is caused by mainly low-quality transfer paper. As solvent ink is used for this kind of print, it ruins the transfer paper if it doesn’t have great quality.


Using high-quality sublimation paper that can absorb the ink better can prevent your sublimation from fading.

How to Keep Sublimation from Fading after Washing

Washing and drying sublimation items can disrupt the ink and dyes in the fabric causing fading. Sublimation ink dissolves in water. So you should be very careful how many times you wash it.

It also includes the drying part. UV rays that are coming from the sunlight will react with your sublimated design and make it go fade.


One way to prevent this is to wash or dry sublimation items inside out. To keep sublimation from fading after washing, you should use a mild detergent and cold water. You should also avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.

Try not to wash your sublimation shirt frequently.

And don’t keep your garment longer directly under the sun after washing.

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