How To Wash Clothes In The Bathtub

Washing clothes are intimately involved in our daily life. In this tutorial article, I’ll discuss and show you how to wash clothes in the bathtub if needed. Besides the washing or dryer machine, we can use our home bathtub as a cloth washer tool. That’s pretty much the conventional way where we have to use our hands or our feet.

Besides the automation washing machine limitation, you have to have an alternative plan to wash clothes. In that situation, the bathtub could be used as essential equipment for home laundry.

Is bathtub can be used for washing?

Before the invention of the electric washing machine, people were cleaning their clothes in-home equipment, such as buckets, basins, shower room floors, bathtubs, etc.

Among them, the bathtub is the most useful tool to consume and is efficient to clean a good amount of home textiles, clothes, and fabrics.

For a half-dozen items of clothes, washing in the tub could be useful. Anything more would be a full load that could be taken to a laundromat or washed in the washing machine.

Necessary equipment to wash clothes in the bathtub

  • Detergent for Laundry (Powder or Liquid)
  • Rubber or plastic gloves
  • Rack for drying clothes

Selecting the detergent for the wash

When washing your hands, use a mild detergent. It makes sense to use a light detergent on these clothes because they are likely to be delicate.

With the requirement of the washing process of cloths, hot water, cool water, and hard water could be treated as washing materials.

Whiting and Boyd explained that various materials require varying water temperatures. Woolens, fake fur, down coats, beds, delicates, and denim should all be washed in cold water. In contrast, activewear and regular clothes may be washed in warm water.

Wash Clothes in Bathtub with hands

9 Steps to wash clothes in the bathtub

1. Bathtub inspection

Before starting washing, you have to check that your bathtub is clean and has nothing harmful parts which may tear or damage clothes. Wash the bathtub before starting to wash clothes.

2. Plug the tub before starting to washing

Be cautious about plugging the tub, because it will help to fill the tub with water for laundry. Your clothes have to be submerged in the tub water.

3. Check the clothes care label

Read the care label instruction for your clothes. The different fabric has different precautions and instruction for washing. On the other hand, do not mix colored fabric with white fabric, because sometime the color may occur shade on white fabrics.

How to Wash Clothes in Bathtub

4. Mixing laundry detergent in bathtub water

Depending on the ratio of cloth and water, mix the necessary amount of detergent in the water. Dilute it perfectly with water. Laundry detergent should be liquid or powder in nature.

5. Cloths soaking

Now it’s time to soak your clothes in the prepared water. Keep your clothes in the tab for the first 10-15 minutes. Soaking with detergent and water will help you to clean the clothes for the next step. Washing soda would penetrate into fabric within that time.


6. Fabric rubbing for cleanness

After soaking for a while, start washing your hand. You can rub, shake, and make friction with clothes to clothes and also can beat a little to remove dirt from clothes.

Also should puzzle the garments items and repeat the process again to wash the clothes. Repeat it for the next 10 minutes. Handwashing clothes are done with rub perfectly.

7. Clean water treatment

After a while, you should wash off your clothes with clean water. Remove the drain plug and let the soap water with dirt be gone from the tub. You can use fabric softener if it requires for your clothes.

After that reinsert the plug and refill the tub again with normal water and wash it again with the previous process to eliminate the extra detergent from the cloth.

If you are satisfied with your cleaning process then remove that water from the bathtub again.

8. Squeeze the wet clothes carefully to dry them fast

Some textile goods could damage after twisting to squeeze water from them. So, you should take your clothes and squeeze them by the way it needs to be treated. Because in this part, squeezing is important to remove excess water from clothes.

9. Shake the clothes on a rack until completely dry

Overall squeezed clothes need to be dry as soon as possible. In general, washing machines have drier, but for this conventional method, you can use a drier rack to dry them. Natural air and sunlight would help to dry fast.

An alternative way to washing

Some houses don’t have either a bathtub or washing machine. But still, they need to wash their clothes. For this problem, you can use your bathroom floor to wash clothes.

Unlikely storing water inside a bathtub you can fill a bucket with water and mix it with washing detergent. Then, you can drown your clothes in the water of a bucket also care about the way and precautions that people take about using a bathtub for washing cloth as mentioned before.

On the floor, you can beat and press clothes by using your hand and feet to make them fast.

On the other hand, you can use a bucket of clean water to remove detergent alkali from your clothes.

Can you bleach clothes in the bathtub?

Yes! There are safe tactics and bleaching solutions that may help you get rid of those stains and dull appearances without causing damage to your garments.

You can bleach your clothes in the bathtub, but you have to clean your bathtub with liquid soap and cleaner to eliminate the function of bleach. It is known that sodium carbonate covers the common need for bleaching. 

You have to use your bathtub again for your own use, for your family. You shouldn’t let any chance which might be harmful to human skin or body.


Washing clothes is s part of our daily life. No matter where are you going to wash your, if you follow the methods and follow the steps, the result of the cleanness of your clothes would be the same. Sometimes we have a short amount of clothes to wash, so it’s necessary to know the process to wash in the bathtub.

This way we can release our dependency on machine wash, and we can save electricity bills on our own. Using a natural source of washing and drying elements will also give us self-confidence for doing housework in different circumstances.

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