How to Wash Black Clothes Without Fading Them

Black outfits are without a doubt the must-haves in everyone’s closets. They offer our go-to looks, and some signature styles and give us something to feel comfortable and confident in when we cannot seem to find exactly the right thing to wear.

However, as we all know very well, black clothes have a tendency to fade over time. When black clothes start to fade eventually, they can appear dull and neglected; giving your entire look an overall cheap and dirty essence.

This can happen mainly because of washing. The more washing cycles your clothes go under, the more color they begin to lose and, this is why black dresses gradually lose their original black color.

Do not worry though, because this article has some tips and tricks which can save your favorite black outfits. You can learn about some pretty useful ways in which you can still continue to wash your black clothes and still not cause them to fade.

Wash Black Clothes Without Fading

So, let’s begin!

Laundry Guidelines to Prevent Black Clothes from Fading

Reading the Product Label

The first and most important thing to take care of is, to always remember to read the instructions and warnings on the product label. The manufacturers know exactly how to handle each fabric, so paying attention to their guidelines by reading their labels will ensure that your clothes are looking fresh for a longer period of time.

Even with all the guidance, I can provide you with in this article, nothing can be as accurate as the instructions the manufacturer themselves will tell you.

So, before you begin washing your black clothes, it is best advised always to read what the product label says and follow by it.

Sort, Assemble and Separate by Color

This is also one of the easiest, yet most effective tips you can follow to make sure that your black clothes are not fading in color.

Most people do not know this, but, as much as it is important to wash all of your white clothes together separately from dark-colored clothes, it is also that much necessary to separate all of your darker clothes from lighter ones and wash them together.

If you have been mixing your black clothes with lighter-colored clothes and washing them together for a prolonged period of time, then chances are that this has been causing your black clothes to gradually lose color.

So the next time you proceed to do your laundry, remember, sort, assemble and separate by color.

Clear out the Pockets

Another small measure that can serve a long way would be, remembering to clear out all of the pockets before popping your black outfits into the washing machine.

This is because more often than not, there are items in our pockets which, if thrown into the wash with our clothes, will bleed into the fabric, or leave their residue all over it. The biggest example of this can be, tissue paper.

If by any chance, you leave tissue paper inside your pocket by mistake, then you will discover a mass of dreadful, white residue that has gotten all over your black shirt or pants. Successfully getting rid of all of it can be a challenge and, even if you can accomplish that bit, a little color may fade in your black clothes as a result.

Sort, Assemble and Separate by Material

Just like I mentioned how separating your clothes by color is important, sorting and assembling by the type of material is also, equally important; if not more.

You see, some materials require a heavy wash while others do not. For instance, softer and more delicate fabrics such as silk should not be treated the same way as a pair of jeans or something denim. In addition, the heavier materials, if mixed with softer materials in the wash, will rub against each other and cause the lighter fabrics to lose texture and corrode.

To add to this point, some items can be a bit filthier than others; therefore, it is wise to treat those two separate and wash them in different cycles.

Choose the Right Temperature

It is a well-known fact that high temperatures do cause the color and dye in clothes to gradually fade. That is why; it is a good idea to always set the machine’s temperature to low when you are washing your black clothes.

Also, a tip that I have found really helpful is to soak black clothes in a pail of clean and cold water. After that, you can wash them in a cold wash cycle. This is a guaranteed way to preserve the color and keep your clothes looking fresh for a long time.

This tip is particularly useful for those items which are very filthy and have excessive layers of dirt on them. You can wash those off by soaking your black clothes in cold water mixed with regular detergent and after a while, washing them in a cold wash cycle.

Do not Wash for too Long

Another great hack is to keep your wash cycles to the shortest possible time. Since washing your clothes does cause their color to fade, it is best advised to wash them in a quick, short cycle so that their color can be protected longer.

Turn your Clothes Inside-Out

This tip is relevant and maybe, also an extension of my previous point. Since direct and frequent contact with water and laundry detergent can cause the gradual fading of the color in your black clothes, then it is recommended that you turn all of your black clothes inside-out before giving them in for a wash. This way, the water and detergent will treat essentially the outer layer of your clothes (which now, is actually the inner layer); therefore, helping you extend the lifetime of your black clothes.

Closing Thoughts

And I reach the end of my article. Now you know the steps you can take to prevent your black clothes from fading in color. I hope my article was able to help you.

Best of luck!

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