How to Shrink Jeans

Jeans are at the top in terms of popularity in the fashion world. Shorts, Bottom, Top, Cap anything we wear now with this denim dress. Denim jeans, denim jackets, jeans pants, and denim shirts are the most popular jeans at any age.

Many times, we need to change the jeans for the waist size or any part a little unfit for our body. But if it’s an old one then there is no chance of changing it from the retailer. If we can manage the jeans anyhow to fit our body size, then the problem is gone.

If we have an oversize jeans cloth only then we can try to shrink it to fit our body size. Then they can fit and grow in our whole body in a very beautiful way. 

Jeans garments shrinking can be possible in various ways such as washing, hemming, hot water treatment, button attaching, and so on. To make for body fit and wearable fashion, you can use both as temporary or permanent shrinkage of jeans clothes. Types of jeans are also being treated as their capacity requirement.

If you are thinking of shrinking your jeans garment or denim jacket, denim pant, or denim jeans then this article is for you. In this article, I will discuss in detail how to shrink jeans clothes using five easy methods.

How to Shrink Jeans?

Jeans are made of different materials of different colors and shapes. The amount of cotton is more in jeans fabrics than other fibers. Synthetic fibers such as spandex, polyester, nylon, and acrylic are added to denim cotton. We often think of combining denim fabric for classy fashion and comfort in wearing.

Before I begin, I would like to mention that in any case, the care label of the clothes should be read carefully.

Care labels indicate how your fabric needs to be treated. There are many types of denim that have been washed dry, enzyme wash, and many have been washed with stone wash.

So, knowing the properties of washing clothes and the properties of inner fiber then we have to give it wash.

Method 01: Wash and dry at a high temperature in the washing machine

Since denim jeans have a higher amount of cotton and their temperature tolerance is higher so you can wash and dry them at a high temperature.

Step 01: Set your machine

Machine setup is very important for washing denim fabric. You can use powder or liquid detergent.

In machine washing, you can keep the temperature between 110 and 120 degrees centigrade but keep the rotation speed in the middle.

Set washing machine for jeans wash to shrink it

It is good to keep in mind that you need to use enough water during denim jeans wash. Denim jeans are usually tighter and thicker than other fabrics.

Step 02: Put detergent and softener in sufficient amounts and wash with warm water

In fact, denim is a kind of fancy fabric. So, we should be careful enough to wash it. The washing of denim fabric has to be given a sufficient amount of time. 

Use the last 10 minutes for softener after washing with detergent in the first 20 minutes.

Put Jeans and detergent and softener in the washing machine

After washing thoroughly with water, leave at least 20 minutes in the machine dryer so that the jeans can be dry at the hottest setting temperature of your machine.

Fabric softener is essential to penetrate the fibers in detergent water and wash for soft made. Whenever you will use fabric softener, your jean will get shrink after drying.

Step 03: Hang your wet jeans outside in natural air

After removing wet the denim jeans from the machine in their normal way to dry from the natural condition. Denim jeans will take a long time due to being thicker and heavier than the ordinary fabric.

jeans outside in natural air after wash

After about 5 to 7 hours of drying, you will discover that your denim fabric is much more compressed than before. You can use it to fit after a lightly ironing of denim jeans.

Method 02: Boil and soak method

This method is quite conventional and so you can easily compress the denim at home. 

In many cases, it has been found to be much more effective than machine washing and drying. The practical steps are described below.

Step 01: Boil denim jeans with high heat in a pot for hot wash

Take half water into a pot and heat it to a high enough temperature. 

Gently insert your favorite denim jeans garments into the heated water. Stir well for about 10 to 15 minutes with a wooden spoon.

Boil denim jeans with high heat in a pot for hot wash

One of the advantages of this stage is that you don’t have to apply any extra detergent or any external pressure or spin. After 10 to 15 minutes, turn off the oven and bring it down.

Hot wash removes the extra lubricant from the fabric surface, so that cotton can shrink naturally by itself. Ultimately your jeans will also get shrink.

Step 02: Soak in Cold Water

Remove the item from the hot water with the help of a sauce or any other wooden stick.

Soak Jeans in Cold Water

Put your denim jeans in ice-cold water in another container after unloading from the boiling pot. Put the denim jeans jacket in ice-cold water and shake it gently.

After about 10 minutes like this, take the denim jeans out of the cold ice water container and bring them out. Since denim fabric contains a lot of cotton, the cotton fibers shrink at such sudden cold temperatures.

After 10 min ice water wash

This way you can shrink your denim jeans fabric into your clothes in a very short time and at a very low cost while staying at home.

Note: If the care label mentions a warning about high temperatures, it is best not to do so. Also, be aware that enzymes or bleaching wash can often cause discoloration of the jeans.

Method 03: Hem your jeans

One of the alternative ways to handle shrinkage jeans is to fold from the hem of jeans pants. By doing hem you can narrow down the bottom of any long jeans pants. It’s one of the most common case uses of shortening from the bottom part of jeans pants. The steps are given below:

Step 01: Fold your jeans and mark the point of hemming

Usually, all the jeans that get longer have to be cut short from the hem side. First, place your jeans on a table and fold them in the opposite direction.

fold opposite direction to mark

Mark the inside of the jeans as much as you want to hem. In this case, you have to remember that you have to take twice as much as the hem you want to select.

For example, if you want a 2-inch hem you have to lift the 4-inch fabric in the opposite direction.

Fold jeans and mark

Now mark as much space as you want to hem with a meter scale. In this case, you can use chalk or plain colored pencil.

Step 02: Cut & sew the marked place

Once the hem is marked, your next step is to cut and then sew. With sewing, you can sew two parts of your jeans together.

Cut marked place

You need to make sure that the side scenes on both sides of the jeans pants are strong enough and that these side scenes are just right.

Sew the marked place

The stitching should not be crooked so that you can use some pins before sewing.

Step 03: Give a zigzag sew and match the side seam

Once sewn, fold the hem part again. At the very bottom of the hem, you now sew the zigzag stitch with the help of your automatic machine.

In this way, you folded and sewed two inches of hem. You can shorten the hem by sewing different sizes of the hem to your convenience.

zigzag sew and match the side seam

By shortening the hem, you made your whole jeans garments shrinkage too. In this way, when sewing them, there is a lot of time.

After sewing the zigzag to keep the side seam right, you can sew a seam on your side seam with the previous stripe.

Step 04: Iron your jeans hem to make it flat

It is very important to iron the hem after shortening and stitching. Without iron, that part of the hem looks high and folds. In the case of iron, a steam iron is very helpful.

Waterfalls on the surface of the hem through steam iron and dries instantly through ironing. With this water falling and the water drying up, automatically shrinkage is created to the hemming portion.

Ironing jeans hem

Note: Wash your denim jeans before hemming. After it dries well prepare it for your hem.

When sewing denim jeans, you have to take care to go with the new needle and sew it slowly.

Method 04: Use buttons

A solution of sorts can come if you use buttons. 

With the help of the button, you get your denim jeans tight as you wanted. Jeans pants need to be tight because the waist size is often loose.

Use buttons

By adding an extra no button to the design of denim jeans, you can shrink your wearable jeans.

Method 05: Tailor your jeans

Taylor-assisted solutions are needed later when a permanent solution is needed. Denim jeans need tailors to be sewn sideways or short stitched or modified with sleeves, hem, bottom hem, or many more things.

Tailor jeans

It doesn’t mean if you just wash your denim jeans will get shrinkage. 

You can shrink your fabric jeans with extra spandex or elastic by inserting them inside the fabric.

Types of jeans fabrics

1. 100% cotton jeans

1000 cotton jeans mean it made of completely cotton. There has no blending with synthetic fibers or else. The fibers are long enough.

100% cotton jeans are comfortable and wearable in any condition.

2. Acid-washed jeans

Acetic washable jeans are thicker than cotton. Due to washing with acid, some color is changed inside it. The durability of acidic washed Jeans is much higher than others.

3. Colored jeans

When it comes to the color of jeans, their color is done in two ways. One is the color of the yarn and the other is the color of the fabric.

The color of jeans depends on the fiber content. The color of the jeans depends on the combination of synthetic fibers and cotton.

Cotton yarn can contain more color than synthetic fibers.

4. Raw jeans

What I mean by raw jeans is what is made of denim yarn. To make a difference in fashion, it is often not dyed or given any other wash to the denim jeans. 

On the other hand, there is no need to paint the tent or any other thing used in that case.

5. Stone washed denim jeans

One of the most popular and expensive denim jeans is stone wash denim jeans.

Denim jeans with thick fabric are used for this purpose. Feeding is created on different parts of the fabric through the stonewash.

One of the features of stone washed jeans is that they can be used for a long time without damage. 

6. Spandex denim jeans

The spandex of some denim jeans is blended to enhance its elastic properties. Stretchy jeans are also made by blending synthetic lycra or spandex

This spandex is usually blended into girls’ frocks, pajamas or any plastic bag, etc. It can be used for stretching or for long periods of time.

Its brake points are much lower due to its elastic capacity.

Properties of Denim Jeans fabrics

  1. Naturally, the most common denim jeans carry the characteristics of heavy fabric. 
  2. Denim jeans usually fall into the category of woven fabric.
  3. Jeans tend to be stiff and sturdy enough.
  4. It has the ability to retain moisture from the environment. 
  5. In general, denim jeans have a higher shrinkage capacity than other synthetic fibers or polyester, or nylon.
  6. Denim jeans tend to extremely heat tolerant.
  7. Due to the structure of heavyweight and woven fabric, it has a lot of tension and pressure tolerance.

There are different types of denim jeans in the world market and their competition is very high. 

Jeans fabric is as expensive as it is durable. Whether your jeans are knit or woven denim, it has always had strong sew and shrinkage properties after manufacturer and water wash.


Now that you know everything about denim jeans and you should have no problem setting it up. You can now manage to shrink your favorite jeans garments in any way. Carefully read all the instructions on the care label. If you know about the properties of the fabric then it is clear to your which way you will do the shrinkage process of your garments.

To finish the shrinkage process of jeans fabric shrinkage, you have to be patient enough. Jeans are more attractive and fashionable look when they suit your body’s perfect fit. For those circumstances, jeans clothes need to shrink sometimes.

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