How To Serge With A Sewing Machine

Serge with varieties of a kind and possible with easy way by sewing machine and you can do it at home.

Many times, a serge stitch is needed to add our garments to the various stable edge finishing with serge so that the finished fabric or the various parts of the garments may get strength from inside out. Also, we can give a professional look inside the garments.

This article will help you know how to give a serge to your garments or fabric by using a simple sewing machine at home.

To finish garments when the sewing is done, at the end all we have this serge usually done with the help of serge machines. Handling the serge machines is a work of professionalism.

By doing this you will be able to give sufficient strength and tension to the edge of clothes through different types and variations of sewing of thread serge.

Now a step-by-step guide about how you can serge or overclock with a sewing machine is given below:

Serge with a sewing machine

Ordinary sewing machines need to be customized a bit before we can use them for serge. Serge machines usually have a lot of bobbins, thread, and overload sewing options through them but when you are going serge with a normal sewing machine you have to customize pressure feet and some variations. Occurs and can be sewn by lowering the pressure.

Step 01 – Understand the overlock and serge stitch

To learn how to serge, you first need to know about overlock, and the serge stitches are usually on the corners of the fabric where the sleeve, hem, cuff, or another thick part of the fabric are situated.

overlock and serge stitch

Sew with overlooks by multiple threads or by shifting one over the other. In the same thread, different types of yarns are closely intertwined and complete an overlock.

Whenever you are going to do serge, you have to create a thread chain with overlock stitches. You can do serge also with an overlock machine. 

Step 02 – Machine Set up

Create your bobbins thread with singular or multiple yarns first. Stitch length and pressure foot carry the most responsibility about serge. Though you are doing serge with an ordinary sewing machine, pressure and tension will give the main impact for zigzag overlock sewing for serge.

Machines ladder and foot press will give the wave while sewing the part of the fabric.

Sewing Machine Set up

Overlock and zigzag for woven or knit fabric both can be possible. You have to make your mind clear about the raw edge of stretchy fabric, especially for knit fabric,  you need to give tension from the forward and pull the edge of the fabric with even tension.

Step 03 – Serge your fabric

Now it’s your turn to serge your fabric with the help of an ordinary sewing machine. Since your machine has set up enough tension and pressure, then insert your design into the fabric between the feed dog and pressure foot.

How To Serge With A Sewing Machine

For automatic machines, the stitch length of the machine should be set from 0.4 millimeters to 0.7 millimeters. When sewing going on, the clothes should be taken care not to rush too much and a stretch should always be maintained.

Because it is an ordinary machine, you have to give extra work to one front. On the other hand, you have sewn multiple yarns by inserting them into the same middle in different ways.

Note: When the extra thread is attached to the fabric underneath the needle, let it grow a little, and after closing the sewing machine, cut off the excess yarn with scissors or cutters.

serge machine vs sewing machine

Difference between a serge machine and a sewing machine

TopicSerge MachineSewing Machine
DefineSerge machines are stands with multiple thread stitch and overlock zigzag stitch. This formation creates a serge stitch of a fabricSewing machines are like normal stitches to attach parts of different fabrics portion. But not as high stiffness as serge
Thread numberTwo or threeOnly one
UseCuff, hem, and the edge of the fabric to give extra strengthTop or bottom of the fabric just to give stitch and shape
Machines thread bobbinThree or fourAt least one. But not more than two

Final Words

Serge stitch makes the sewing permanent. With the help of a serge stitch machine, the fabric which has multiple seams is lined up from top to bottom of the fabric to ensure a strong edge.

Again, for embroidery stitch, making it more stable, overlock, and zig-zag stitch is important to have over the embroidery design. Serge stitches are usually placed side by side on the top and bottom of the fabric. You can turn your stitch machine into a serge sewing for a while by modifying your machine a little in a very short time at home.

Manipulating and arranging the stretch and tension upon the wide angle of fabric but you have to keep in your mind that all needle machines or ordinary sewing machines cannot give that much strength. But for a while, you can sew to continue the work.

I hope you understand the step-by-step discussion about how you serge fabric with the help of a simple sewing machine.

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