How To Replace Heat Press Mat

Heat press mat is one of the most essential external parts of the machine. In another word, it’s called a heat press pillow which is made of a heat resistance element. Silicon rubber pads or Teflon sheets are most commonly used as heat press mats in home and industry.

The things you have to know about Heat press mat before replace

Heat press mats need to be nonstick and have to be able of taking high pressure. When you place your fabric on a heat press mat, your mat also has to contain grief property to not slipper the fabrics.

Besides that, when you are pressing and printing, a rubber pad attaches nicely to the surface of the fabric, so that your fabric doesn’t move.

Teflon is one of the good choices after silicon rubber. You can put a Teflon sheet with a binding in top part of the machine, from where heat generates.

A high-performance synthetic polymer is well known for its heat transferring and non-radical chemical reaction with temperature in solid conditions.

How To Replace Heat Press Mat

How can you replace the heat press mat for your machine?

Depending on your machine weight, the machine’s pressure capacity and heat transferring condition, mats are provided with the machine. For industrial use or customize use, you can use a silicon rubber pad.

Make sure that your heat press pad would be adjustable with the pressing metal of the machine.

Another topic may come about Cricut heat press machine. For Cricut heat press machine, it would be suggested that you should use an insulator rubber mat.

It could be a silicon rubber mat, rubber mat, PTE spandex silicon mat, and so on. Your heat press mat has to cover the limitation of heat transferring up to 400 degrees Celsius.

Heat press mats sizes

Heat press mats are available in different sizes. From industrial machines to customized machines, the same material with different sizes of pad you will get in market.

The available sizes are,

  • 12×12 for circuit machine,
  • 15×15 and 16×16 is standard for customized vinyl machine
  • 38×38 to 42×42 or 32×36 and 40×44 are for industrial use.

Pressing pads are soft, compact, and able to reform their shape after high pressure.


You can change your heat pressing mat randomly. Even you can have multiple types of mats for your machines. The basic mechanism of the heat press machine mat is to be done the final job perfectly.

Non-sticky, and stiff surface and material property of the pressing mat will give you the best production of vinyl print.

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