How To Remove The Security Tag From Clothes

When you buy clothes from stores most stores tag products to avoid stealing. If you leave with these tags attached, they’ll activate. During busy times, staff may fail to remove security tags from clothes.

Items of clothes, accessories and alcoholic beverages make up the vast majority of products that contain security tags. In the case of clothing and other soft goods, the security tag is sewn on with a pin that is pierced through the fabric of the item in order to secure it. After that, the pin is secured within the security tag using a lock.

In this article, we will how to remove those pesky security tags from your garments.

What Is A Security Tag?

Companies commonly attach a small signal transmitter known as a security tag to their items, most notably apparel. Someone will hear an alarm from the tag if they attempt to take the item and leave without paying or removing the tag from their clothing before leaving the premises.

Locks that are mechanical and locks that are magnetic are the two forms of security tags that are utilized by businesses. There is a diverse selection of magnetic lock strengths available for your selection. It becomes increasingly difficult to remove the tag as the magnetic power increases.

You will need the proper equipment in order to remove a security tag on your own if you decide to do so. There are many other forms that security tags can take, including square, circular, and even pencil-like. According to several studies, circular tags are the ones that are the most challenging to remove.

Types Of Security Tags

There are many different types of security tags, some of which are listed below

Remove The Security Tag From Clothes

Security Tags that Are Mechanical

Mechanical tags are the most convenient and simple to eliminate. Pins or other types of mechanical fasteners are utilized in order to attach these tags to the garments. The removal of these mechanical tags can be accomplished in a variety of ways, some of which will be covered in the next sections of this page.

Security tags made of magnetic material

Magnetic security tags are the most difficult to remove since they require the greatest effort and are the most intricate. In order to demagnetize them, you will need the appropriate tools. If you don’t know how to do it properly, you could do permanent damage to the clothes if you try to remove them.

Security tags made of ink

Because of how expensive they are, ink tags are not as widely utilized as other types of tags. The ink is contained within a small glass tube, which, if opened with an excessive amount of force, may cause the ink to run out.

Some ink tags are transparent, which means that you will be able to see the ink contained within the tag, indicating that it is, in fact, an ink tag.

Using A Screwdriver To Remove Security Tags From Clothes

At-home removal of security tags from clothing can be accomplished with the help of a screwdriver that has a flat head.

1. Position the clothes so that it is lying flat on the surface, and then turn the ink cartridge so that the label is facing upward. Slide a thin flathead screwdriver below the squared-pyramid cartridge, and then move it around in a circular motion.

2. Place the tip of the screwdriver firmly under the cartridge and press firmly. This should penetrate the plastic, and it should also pull it up. By pushing the handle down with the screwdriver, you can make the perimeter of the piece pop up off the plastic.

3. Once the ink cartridge has been removed, you should see a layer of silver paper covering a metal plate underneath it. Remove the paper with silver.

4. You will use the screwdriver to lift the metal arms. Take the pin and pull it away from the tag until it is no longer attached.

Taking Off Security Tags With The Help Of A Rubber Band

1. Ensure that the label’s ink cartridge is installed with the notch facing downward. The section of the tag that projects outward from the plastic tag is where the ink cartridge is located. On the opposite side of the pin is where you will find it.

2. Remove the tag from the garment by pulling it outside. Get as far away from it as you possibly can, so that if the sensor fails, the ink won’t damage your clothes quite as much.

3. To keep the security tag pin in place, wrap a rubber band around it and then secure it with the band. Rubber bands that are wide and thick enough to be robust but that are yet thin enough to wrap around a pin are suitable candidates for this task because they have the right combination of broadness and thickness. This will assist in removing the securing pin.

4. You only need one hand to hold the larger portion of the ink tag in your hand. Remove the pin utilizing the hand you normally don’t use. The pressure that is applied by the pins should be sufficient to cause the pin on the tag to finally break off or become easily detachable from the remainder of the tag. Repeat this step if the initial rubber band does not result in a sufficient amount of loosening.

Needle-nose Pliers Are Utilized In Order To Remove Security Tags

1. Position the clothes so that the ink cartridge is facing upward and place it on the surface.

2. With a pair of pliers, take hold of one of the long sides of the rectangular tag.

3. Grab the tag on the opposite side of the item using a fresh pair of pliers.

4. With the pliers, make a little downward bend in both of the tag’s ends. Be careful not to bend it too severely, as doing so may result in the ink leaking out of the cartridge.

5. Keep bending until it crashes open, then stop. It is imperative that you tug on the pin in order to loosen it.

Taking Off Security Tags With the Help of Two Forks

The removal of the security tags only requires two forks, despite the fact that it could appear to be a hard task.


To achieve this, take two forks and insert them on either side of the tags.


If you want to open it, pull the tabs in the opposite direction until they become more pliable. This is one of the most successful methods for removing tags that are currently accessible.

Instructions on How to Remove a Security Tag Using a Strong Magnet

Electromagnetic devices are utilized in numerous retail establishments in order to deactivate security tags. To get rid of them completely from your home, you should utilize a strong magnet. Place the tag atop the magnet with the ink cartridge or dome pointing in the opposite direction.

You should hear a sound to let you know that the tag has been disabled after it has been removed. Wriggling the pins in the tag in an upward and downward motion will allow you to remove them.

Using Physical Force to Remove Electromagnetic Security Tags

Electromagnets, rather than ink pouches, are the typical component of current tags.


The first thing you need to do is position something such that there is some space between the head of the pin and the tag.


Bending the pin back and forth in a circular motion until it ultimately breaks is all that is required to break the pin.


Pull the tag in a back-and-forth motion until the pin can be removed from the hole. Take and remove the tag that is attached to the clothes.

Utilizing a Knife to Eliminate Electromagnetic Labels


The first step is to use a lighter to burn the dome-shaped portion of the tag. In a matter of seconds after being subjected to heat, the plastic will almost certainly catch fire.


Using a knife or another suitable instrument, cut the dome up into individual pieces. As you continue to scrape in, spring and tag will almost completely pop out of their housing.

Final Word

You should now have a better knowledge of how to remove security tags without the use of any specialized tools as a result of reading this tutorial on the subject. We really hope that this helps! If you want to prevent the risk of ruining an expensive item of clothing, you can take the receipt from the store where it was bought and present it there.

Because shoplifting is against the law, you can’t steal using any of the following ways.

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