How to Remove Rust from Clothes

Rust stains on clothes can be a real pain, especially since they are a bit difficult to get rid off, compared to other kinds of stain marks.

But, no matter how annoying or hopeless it may see at first, there are actually pretty neat ways to deal with a rust stain and, while it is always best to avoid any situation which might result in a rust stain on your clothes in the first place; you can get accidentally get one all the time and here are the ways you can make them disappear.

The Fabric: Washable and Non-washable

It is important that you are aware of what kind of fabric you have the stain on. Is it washable fabric, or non-washable fabric? The processes to treat them might differ sometimes and so can the cleaning agents used to clean the stain.

Getting Rid of Rust Stain from Washable Fabric

  • Have our clothing laid down on a clean surface or a clean towel.
  • Drip a fair amount of white vinegar on the stained area directly. (You can also use a lemon cut in half, as an alternative. Just cut a fresh lemon in half and gently rub it on the stain).
  • Let the stain soak in the white vinegar, or, lemon juice completely.
  • Dab on the stain using a clean paper napkin, or a towel.
  • Leave the clothing in a generous amount of sunlight and allow it to rest there; until the stain starts to lift and fade.
  • Afterward, do it in the laundry as you would normally wash it.
  • If you see that stain unfortunately still hasn’t gone, then you should turn to a rust remover bought from stores. These solutions are easily available in hardware shops.

Getting Rid of Rust from Non-washable Fabric

  • Mix salt in lemon juice and make a thick paste-like solution. Remember to apply on an unnoticeable area at first as a trial.
  • Apply the mixture on the stained spot to directly.
  • Have your clothing laid down on the sun.
  • Keep dampening the area with lemon juice between regular intervals.
  • Dust off the salt residue.

Seven Steps to Removing Rust from Clothes: Guaranteed to Work

Here is step-by-step guidance to removing dust from any kind of clothes; which works in general with any kind of fabric. However, it is important that I tell you that you must read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings beforehand; so s to not cause any further damage to your clothing.

And now, here are the steps:

  1. First, grab a toothbrush with soft bristles and start gently scrubbing off the excess rust from the stain. You can also use a brush used for dusting.
  2. Hold the stained area stretched tightly under cold, running water. The pressure from the running water will dilute the rust and this will make it easier to remove it.
  3. Take a clean bowl and make a solution by mixing three tablespoons of baking soda with cold water.
  4. Soak the stained fabric in the solution for about thirty minutes.
  5. Afterward, take out the fabric and wring it to drip out excess water. Take care not to wring the clothing too tightly.
  6. Give your clothing in the wash.
  7. Wash your clothing in water mixed with a detergent that is designed to remove rust. This will give a nice and clean finish to your fabric.

Getting Rid of Rust: Applying Tartar Cream

I have talked about white vinegar, I have talked about lemon juice mixed with salt, but, did I talk about tartar cream?

Tartar cream is scientifically known as potassium bitartrate and, it contains acidic properties which makes it a great cleaning agent and really helpful in lifting rust stains. To add more to the usefulness of tartar cream, it also removes rust without fading the fabric.

Here are the steps you can follow to remove rust stains using tartar cream.

  1. To begin with, create a solution by mixing tartar cream and baking soda. In that, drip a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Mix the solution well to form a thick paste.
  3. Apply this mixture on the stained spot directly.
  4. Leave it in the sun and allow it to rest for about thirty minutes.
  5. Rinse the stained area properly with cold, running water before you give it in the wash.

Tips for Removing Rust from Clothes

No matter which method you follow or what kind of cleaning solutions you apply, here are some general tips for you; so that your work becomes easier and the results are satisfactory.

  1. Always use a source where there is cold, running water. The pressure from the running water will help lift the excess rust and the cold will further benefit the cleaning process.
  2. The materials you use for removing the rust should be clean and fresh. For instance, the toothbrush you use, or the brush, paper towels, napkins, any surface, or, a towel you might use.
  3. It is always a better option to go for a commercial rust remover which is designed specifically to deal with stubborn rust stains on clothes. You should take care to be careful when using a store-bought rust removal because those things are sometimes toxic and can burn if you get some of it on your skin.  
  4. Do remember to go through the manufacturer’s instructions given on the product label before you implement any method of removal.

Closing Thoughts

Rust stains are absolutely frustrating, but, I tried to summarize a few useful tips for and I hope my article on how you can remove rust from clothes was very helpful; praying something works out for you. Just try out homemade remedial recopies by giving it a try first, or, go for a commercial rust removal if nothing else works. Plus, it is always best, to act immediately and follow the product label’s instructions.

Best of luck!

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