How To Print On Plastic Bags

With printing technology, we can randomly print different types of bags for commercial or personal use. In different business cases, all the bags that we have in our business can be used to carry our logo or the identity of our business. Polypropylene-made bags are no exception in this printing case.

Usually, the fabrics of the bags are thicker and more durable than other fabrics.  In some cases the bags we use are not as strong and durable as the previous ones. so we have to choose how to print based on the fabric or polypropylene bags.

After knowing the raw material and polypropylene bag production characteristics, you can easily set your goal for printing plastic bags. Using masterbatch coloration and perfection of heat and temperature will give you the best result of printing design on plastic bag products.

Depending on the size of your printing machine and the design service you can design your bag. It has been seen that you will need a variety of customizing machines to be compatible with your printer on your bag.

All you have to do is choose the design and the logo, because only that design, that logo can give you your features.

In this article, we will discuss this in detail bag printing. Stay with us and learn more about how to print your shopping bag or daily use bag with the help of a heat press machine and screen printing.

Selection of Printing Process

Selection of printing process first

Depending on the type of bag you will be printing, the method you have to choose with that purpose for the bag. If you want to make it with printing, you can fix two to three screen printing on your bag. Some bags can’t bear pressure and heat so screen printing is the best option.

However, if your bag isn’t made full of plastic, you can use in case of soft fabric bag which has temperature and pressure tolerance and will stay in your bag for a long time as it is more durable.

On the other hand, if your bag is not suitable for screen printing or heat press printing, then you can give a design to your bag using adhesive vinyl paper.

How to print polypropylene bags with a heat press machine

Here are some tips to help you print polypropylene bags with a heat press machine. These techniques are a bit different from other techniques because plastic bags are not temperature tolerant and you need to take some precautions to get started.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to print plastic bags with a heat press machine is describing below:

Step 01: Know about the material of your bags

You need to know at the outset about the material in the plastic bag. Some PP bag materials are made in such a way that they cannot withstand high temperatures. You have to avoid it from the beginning.  Temperature tolerant ones which we can use for printing through a heat press. 

There are some high-temperature tolerant fiber polybags made of carbon or some high silicone plastic bags made of polyethylene which we can easily heat and press through a heat press. 

However, even then we need to know about the temperature and pressure tolerance of all those polypropylene bags.

Step 02: Machine set up (pressure and temperature) 

The next important step is the temperature and pressure setup of the machine. 

We know that with the heat press machine you can print cotton T-shirts or different garments by pressing pressure and applying temperature.

You can apply the same technique for plastic bags but with enough research about your bag’s material, because polypropylene can be damaged by excessive temperature.

Usually, we put 20 to 25 KPI pressure on cotton fabric and in the case of plastic bags, you can keep the amount within 15 to 20 KPI.

Step 03: Silicon pad and timer adjustment

After placing your polypropylene bag, you have to set it to adjust with your silicon pad of the heat press machine. On the other hand, if you are thinking of printing a polybag with a heat press you have to keep extra fabric over your poly bag and then put pressure and heat for 5-8 seconds.

For hard or heavy plastic bags it may take 10-12 seconds of heat pressing time.

Manufacturing custom polypropylene bags are a nowadays crafty fashion that could be possible with the perfect combination of printing elements and method.

By following those easy three steps and time management with heat and pressure equity, you can make your custom printed plastic bags.

On the other hand, for the promotional polypropylene bag that could take temperature and pressure tolerance, you can apply the heat press method for commercial. 

Screen Printing On Plastic Bags

Make your favorite polypropylene bag with screen printing when it is about customized for branded use. Polypropylene bags for instance polypropylene made bags is possible to create as customized plastic bags with screen printing. 

Several types of plastic colorants are available on market for use on it. Masterbatch, colored pellets, and liquid and paste masterbatch are known for printing reagents for polypropylene bags.

Below is a detailed discussion on how to print your design to a plastic bag with screen printing.

Step 01: Place your plastic bag for contact screen printing

With the help of off-contact screen printing, we can take the printing of polypropylene bags safely. In that case, we can use more than one color on the plastic with a different screen mesh.

This will also help in case of color misalignment or discoloration when you keep it fixed in your plastic bag in the of contact. There are two ways you can make an off-contact screen.

Firstly, you can fix it from your polypropylene bag with both sides of tape at the bottom.

Secondly, you can fix your frame to the printing object, which means a plastic bag, then change your screen mesh several times for multiple colors and squeeze for printing. 

Step 02: Print and dry

When you print your plastic bag with a fixed screen-printing method then you need to give it a good time to dry.  The printed dye can take time for the permanent formation of the printing design highlight.

Sometimes, you can need to print your only white or black color polypropylene bags, so that one color over the surface would be enough to highlight. 

Plastic bag surfaces mostly do not have absorption ability with dying pigment. So, rest time and time for drying are important for screen printing on plastic bags.

Those are two simple steps you can take to begin the process of printing your plastic bag for screen printing.


Printing is the most convenient way to create and replace the design on any object. No matter whether it is a hard surface such as metal or fiber. Also, polypropylene bag screen printing and heat press printing can play an important role for customized or commercial use.

Many branded companies have who’s are creating their company bags and logos just with graphic design and implanting them onto the plastic bag surface. For screen printing, dye and heat press machine about heat and timing. Polybag printing is one of the important crafts and is daily basis necessary because we carry this design as our fashion and can express it.

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