How to Preserve Your Color Run T-shirt

Color runs are incredibly fun events that give birth to countless, priceless memories. Whether it is a fundraiser event, the Holi festival, or School-A-Thons, color runs give you an experience that can be unforgettable.

One great way to make these memories literally last forever is to preserve your color-run T-shirt. If you are looking for ways in which you can protect the color of your color-run T-shirt, then this article is just for you.

I have put together a list of smart ways in which you can make sure that the color on your T-shirt from your color run event will stay like that for a really long time.

How to Preserve your Color Run T-shirt

5 Steps to Preserving the Color in your Color Run T-shirt

1. Do not Shake your Shirt

The first thing is first and is to never shake off the excess color from your T-shirt. After the race is over, whatever you do, do not give in to your instincts and automatically start shaking off the excess color powder.

Just take off your T-shirt in a very careful and slow manner, so as to make sure that you are not removing any of the colors. Remember that the more you wiggle and move to remove your clothes, the more chances there are that the color is falling off the fabric. Therefore, work this part very tactically.

After changing clothes, methodically place the T-shirt inside a bag and wait for you to get home.

2. Soak your T-shirt with White Vinegar

For the second step, take out your shirt and carefully lay it down on a hard and flat surface. I will suggest you first place an old towel or some pages and, then place your T-shirt. Flatten out your T-shirt completely.

Next, take a clean spray bottle and pour white vinegar into it. You can always dilute the vinegar with water if you want to, but, remember to not dilute it too much.

Afterward, spray the vinegar solution on your shirt and leave no area uncovered. Keep spraying to the point where your T-shirt is completely drenched in white vinegar. You should see that all of the colors have started to bleed and mix together.

3. Allow the Shirt to Dry

After soaking your T-shirt, you won’t need to do anything else for the time being just leave it spread out flat and allow it to dry out in the air.

4. Ironing

For this step, you need to use an iron to set the colors in the fabric. Start by turning your shirt inside out and laying a rag on it. Then, start gently ironing the shirt. This will really set the color of the fabric.

5. Give your T-shirt in the Dryer

To give your T-shirt a professional finish, you can pop it in the dryer and set the temperature to high. Run the dryer for about ten minutes and that should do the trick.

Now, you have all the colors beautifully preserved on your color-run T-shirt.

Additional Tip

Remember that washing can cause colors in our fabrics to fade, so every time you wash this T-shirt, some of the colors might gradually and slightly fade. Therefore, it is best not to use this shirt like all your other regular T-shirts but rather, keep this as a memento.

Best of luck!

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