How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyester Tablecloths

Polyester is a man-made synthetic fiber constructed as fabric afterward. Polyester has become so popular that it is used in making various upholstery and clothing.

Its reasonable price with effective properties makes it a more reliable and fashionable fabric. Polyester-made dresses show good luster properties and breathability. But there is one big drawback of polyester and it is the wrinkle properties of this man-made synthetic fiber.

To remove wrinkles ironing, steaming and vinegar treatment have proven to be helpful. There are a few more ways of removing wrinkles from polyester tablecloths. You have to apply the remedies in an efficient manner for a successful wrinkle-removing process.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyester Tablecloths

In this article, we will be discussing the ways of removing wrinkles from polyester tablecloths.

8 Ways of Removing Wrinkles from Polyester Tablecloth

Using Water

The first thing you need to do if you have got kinks in your polyester tablecloth is to use water on them. Just use a spray bottle and spray a fair amount of water on the wrinkled area. Wait for 15 minutes and spray some more water in the affected area.

Now you have to pull the fabric in the opposite direction of the wrinkles. As the tablecloth is a larger sheet another pair of hands will ease the process. But remember not to pull very hard. Gently pulls till it obtains its form.

This trick can fail sometimes. If so, don’t panic yet as you are going to know more ways of removing kinks from polyester fabric.


Removing wrinkles from polyester is a tricky job. Make an effort not to over-trouble. Washing in the washing machine can undo the wrinkle of your tablecloth.

Following washing, put the texture in the dryer on a very strong press or delicate setting. A cooldown cycle close to the end keeps wrinkles away from outlining. If possible, dispense with the beautifying liners immediately.

Ideally, they should regardless be insignificantly soaked. Fix and block them to change the surface. Adjusting them on a clothesline, holder or railing will hold new crimps back from molding.


In case you have relatively little time and the materials are immaculate, put them in the dryer on a low or enduring press with a drenched towel or texture. Certain people use ice shapes connected to a towel to make steam. Attempt to use clamminess and steam to hose the material to some degree.

Yet again don’t over-trouble. The surface ought to have a great deal of space to tumble, which prevents wrinkling. Take the materials out when the cycle closes. Block them and wrap them in holders or on a clothesline.

In case you expect to squeeze them later, the decorative liners can be rolled or imploded damp and set aside in an ideal plastic sack. This methodology is recommended in case the squeezing will be inside several hours. Regardless, expecting drenched texture sits exorbitantly extended, shape or form an outline.

The Shower Steam

If you are a person who likes to take bath in the shower steam you can use the steam to remove wrinkles from polyester. Steam is an effective method of removing wrinkles and has also proven its capability over the years.

Wrap the enlivening spread in the washroom and close the doorway. The steam from the shower would take out the kinks in the texture.

Regardless, you ought to be sufficiently mindful to deal with the enlivening liner from the shower so that water doesn’t get on it.

Kettle steams and bath steams are almost the same and both are effective. It’s better to use a kettle as you can save some more energy and money.


Vinegar is a multi-tasking remedy. You can remove stains, kinks, and odors from your clothes by using them. Vinegar is also very effective for treating skin problems.

To remove wrinkles from polyester mix vinegar with water and 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it all over the tablecloth that needs treatment.

Wait for 3-5 minutes and then use your hands to make tension in the opposite direction of the wrinkles. By applying continuous tension and vinegar kinks should be gone.

There is one more method for utilizing vinegar on your decorative liner is to hose a towel and try smoothing the wrinkled area with it. Don’t put too much pressure as it can ruin your decorative polyester tablecloth.


Polyester is like plastic. They both melt at high temperatures. That makes ironing an effective way of eliminating kinks.

First place the wrinkled area of your tablecloth on a flat surface. Now switch on your iron and set the temperature at the highest point of your iron. Now place a tea towel over the cloth you are willing to iron.

Iron it properly for at least 3-5 minutes and then remove the towel and set medium ironing temperature for polyester 1-2 minutes of ironing directly under the hot surface of the iron will remove any wrinkles left. You need to be very careful as high temperatures can ruin your polyester clothes.


Envision a fish roll. That is the precise exact thing you will get your decorative spread to seem to be. Roll your polyester decorative liner. You can also employ the cupboard rolls as they are also easy to make. Always keep in mind the space you got for keeping it.

After making the roll, place it somewhere it will be untouched for 3-4 hours. Then put something heavy over the tablecloth. At the point when you haul it out after certain hours, a large portion of the kinks will be no more.

Kink Remover Shower

You can buy a splash and use it to eliminate wrinkles from your table clothes. These splashes are normally reasonable and function admirably.

They are specially manufactured for removing wrinkles. You will find a lot of variety among them for removing wrinkles from a specific type of clothing.

A polyester wrinkle remover shower can easily remove the kinks from your tablecloth. You can get the kinks eliminated without a lot of work.

Final Words

Removing wrinkles from polyester can be a hard task for someone if they don’t know the procedure of doing this. In this article, we have discussed tricks to have wrinkle-free tablecloths. You can use your iron or kettle as they are very easy to find and maybe you already had them at your home.

If not you can go for other options. Each way mentioned in the article is proven effective for removing wrinkles from polyester.

So, choose your favorite way of getting the job done and Enjoy!

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  1. I use a hand steamer at times to get wrinkles out of polyester or other fabrics–other than low settings to get wrinkles out at the end of a wash or rinse cycle. I also use the extra rinse and spin cycle after washing clothes to get soap out. Further, I use organic distilled vinegar pre wash and pre-rinse instead of chemicals to protect the environment as well as our bodies.


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