How To Get The Sulfur Smell Out Of Clothing

Sulfur has a powerful odor and can be hard to wash out from clothes if you don’t know how to remove the Sulfur smell from your dresses.

There are a few remedies for easing up the process. White vinegar, vinegar, soda, and specialized laundry detergents are the most common and effective ways of removing the stubborn sulfur smell. These natural remedies are pretty much available everywhere around us.

Both hand wash and machine wash can remove the smell from your shirt. For machines, washing doesn’t use longer cycles or hot water cycles. Dry cleaning only clothes should be handled by professional cleaners because you don’t want to ruin your favorite outfit while removing the smell.

In this article, we will be discussing remedies for removing the sulfur smell and the process of getting this job done with minimal effort.

Causes Of Sulfur Smell

If your clothes smell like sulfur there is always a reason. Before solving the clothing case you must fix the reason behind it. Otherwise, it will come back again.

Ache creams contain sulfur. So you can have the smell from here if you are treating. Sometimes the water you are using for washing your clothes can cause problems. The organic residue is the culprit in most cases.

The water heater you are using can also be the criminal behind it. You better check if there is any residue in the heater drainage and get rid of it with a perfect vinegar soak. You will be surprised to know sometimes your body oils can smell like sulfur and contaminate your clothes. Nothing to worry about cause you are going to know the ways of getting rid of these stains and smells.

6 Ways of Removing Sulfer smell from Clothing

1. Vinegar soak

Vinegar is the perfect candidate for doing your job easier as it is a reputed odor cleaner. Go for white vinegar. Use ½ cup in a bucket of water and then soak your shirt in the bucket. Let the vinegar set at least for an hour.

Then shake it in there and get your outfit out of the bucket. Now rinse it with cold water. Look for any residue of vinegar left and clean it carefully and perfectly. You can air dry your item or hang dry it under the sun. The smell should be gone! If not you can be adding 1 cup of white vinegar and run the process again.

2. Baking Soda Soak

If you are dealing with dry clean-only clothes you can use baking soda. Just put 1 cup of soda in a plastic zipper and put the smelly clothes in there with it. After 3 days you can tear the bag and will have sulfur-odor-free fresh clothing.

It can be used for regular wash clothes too. Soak the garment in the baking soda mixed water for at least 4-8 hours and then just wash them with your washing machine in a regular wash cycle.

3. Lemon

Lemon is another great remedy for treating sulfur stains and odors. The acid in lemon makes it perfect for treating sulfur as they react very fast when meeting each other. Add vinegar to the washing water and then add some lemon juice with it.

Now load the washer with smelly clothes and run a regular wash cycle. The smells will be gone. Don’t forget to pretreat if there is any sulfur stain on your shirt.

4. Borax Powder

Borax utilizes borates that will attempt to keep the cleanser scattered all through the heap leaving it bound to flush off of the material. This will assist with saving the texture and disposing of undesirable scents on the clothes.

This clothing-added substance will assist with eliminating the famous scents of smelly smell in dress textures. Borax will restrain the catalysts liable for the terrible stench to eliminate the smells.

5. Air dry

Yes, just air drying under direct sunlight can solve your problem. If you discovered the fact that your clothes smell like sulfur you can line them up under direct sunlight for a bit longer. You will get odor-free fresh clothes.

6. Washing detergent

Washing powder’s impact on cleaning clothes needs no more judgments. You can find specialized odor and stain cleaners in the shops.

Chose the best one according to your needs. You can also add some vinegar with the water and then the detergent powder. Now just run a cold water wash cycle and have odor-free clothes.

Tips on Cleaning Sulfer from clothes

Continuously check to assume your garments are machine-launderable before throwing them in the clothes washer. If they’re not, carrying them to the laundry would be ideal.

Take a look at the name of your garments’ necessary washing temperature. Some garments function admirably in chilly water, while some in steaming hot water. Perusing the mark will assist with staying away from any harm to your garments.

If you can’t wash the garments, sprinkle baking soft dry ink on the clothing hamper no less than once daily. This training will keep the smell from deteriorating or spreading in the room.


There are natural remedies for cleaning stubborn stains and smells like sulfur. Most of the items listed in the article are there in your kitchen cupboard. If you don’t have such remedies you can easily find them in local shops.

If they are hard to come by you can just try your regular washing powder to fight against the smell. But it is better to be conscious of where it is coming from to solve the problem from its root. Your worries must be reduced by now as you know everything you need for cleaning the sulfur smell out of your clothes.

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