How to Get Rid of Weed Smell on Clothes?

Sometime smoking smells are so awkward when it comes from your clothes. The smell of weed smoke is more or less known to all of us.

Whenever you do smoke you want to keep these things between your smoke partners or only yourself.

But when the smoking smell comes, you feel embarrassed in front of other non-smokers. Though you take so many precautions and are aware enough, for clothes smell absorption, you can’t get rid of it properly. 

Avoiding weed smell while smoking and after finishing smoke is absolutely possible. Using methods from the chemical wash, perfume odor spray or organic way all are certainly useful for your demand and necessity. Fabrics may differ with properties, so just pick your choice which one you need specifically to get rid of weed smell from your cloth.

Avoiding and removing the weed smell from your wearable cloth is surely possible. Some pre-steps and after steps will help you to avoid and get rid of the weed smell after smoking.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell on Clothes

As we all know, smoking is mostly coming from air formation of burning. Preventing the smoke on your fabric surface is the external solution to avoiding weed smell. Besides, whether you are a smoker or non-smoker, the weed smoke looks like dense white fog attach to your clothes,  you need to take some after treatment for this. 

Don’t worry, in this article, I will give you some tips and tricks to get rid of the weed smell on your clothes.

Precaution should take before smoking

Things to do before smoking will discuss in this part of the article. Marijuana is one of the popular cigars that millions of people experience every month.

But most of them are not aware to rid of the steps before starting to protect their clothes.

1. Take a wearable coat/fabric sheet over your cloth

When you are thinking of doing smoke weed, you can put a fabric sheet or polyester/nylon cover coat on your body. Those will protect your wearable clothes from coming in touch with weed smoke.

After finishing your smoke, you can gently keep those fabrics,  and after multiple times of use, you can wash them once a month.  This way, it’s not necessary to wash your clothes every week.

2. Don’t smoke inside in a congested room

Another important things come, that when you are too much thinking about your clothes,  then you shouldn’t smoke inside of your room.

The congested area makes your smoking fog denser.  Besides that, not only your own wearable clothes but also other clothes will get that smell.

The best option is to smoke in a free space, where air circulation is quite smooth.

3. Make your room perfumed

Before start smoking marijuana, you can make your room smells like other kinds of odor.

Make your room perfumed

There have so many air fresheners, activated charcoal, perfume, and scented candle that create a nice and sight odor inside your room.

You can smoke there. Your fabric will not take weed smells because those perfumes and scents or candles are strong with chemical smell than the smell of your weed.

4. Air purification

An air purifier works for smoke smells of cannabis, marijuana, or normal nicotine cigarettes.

Especially in the rainy season, when fabrics gain more moisture from the air, those times for smoking a lingering odor create in your room.

If you continuously smoke cannabis or weed in that type of environment, the pungent smell of weed, marijuana, or cannibals makes your fabrics pungent odor of them.

Air purifier machines will help you from those mold weather issues. Before starting to smoke, you can turn on your machine and purify the air.

3 Methods to remove the weed smell on clothes

Now, it’s time for the treatment of your clothes after smoking. This is only after considering your clothes are already in a pungent weed smell. Solution relevant to water can help you to remove.

1. White vinegar solution

For general purpose, white vinegar is used for removing pungent odor from machines, materials, or household kinds of stuff. But it can also help you get rid of the unpleasant weed smell from your clothes. 

Here’s those steps are discussing below:

Step 01 – Wash your clothes with detergent first

Soak your clothes in hot water before using detergent. Hot water helps to make the surface of the fabric act with a good reaction with detergent.

About choosing washing detergent, you must have to select strong well smelled detergents that are available in your nearby daily shops.

Step 02 – Add white vinegar

After finishing the washing part, add white vinegar to your fabrics for the next rinse process.

White vinegar will mix with the rest of the water and detergent solution to remove the weed smoke odor completely. If your clothes amount is large, then use some detergent again.

Note: For hand washing, you have to soak your clothes with vinegar mixed with hot water first. Then you can go to 2nd step with a strong perfumed detergent for the final wash.

2. Bleach and soda treatment wash

Sometimes, bleach and soda wash are essential for washing clothes that have a weed odor. 

Step 01 – Read the fabric label and washing requirements

Some fabrics are highly sensitive to washing with bleach or soda. So you have to check them first.

If they are okay with bleach and soda, then also know about the time duration for soak and washing of clothes. 

Step 02 – Water and chemical components mixing

At first mix a good soluble solution with soda and water at room temperature.  Soak your fabric with that water solution and also wash clearly.

Again, about bleaching, you also can follow the same procedure. But be cautious about the temperature and soaking time. Make sure that it will not more than 10 – 15 minutes. 

Sometimes, bleach or soda can make damage your fabric’s quality. After a soak and rest, you can give a wash with laundry detergent to your clothes.

In this way, you also can remove the cannabis odor from your cloth.

3. Spray and dry wash to remove the weed smell on clothes

Now I am going to introduce you to a very interesting and unique solution that will save your cost and time both simultaneously. 

Step 01 – Gather and process orange and lemon peels

You can gather some peels of orange and green lemon. Then cut and piece them with very tiny pieces.

Orange and lemon peels have strong chemical resin. Sink those peels with water in a jar for a couple of hours.

More or less for all kinds of fabrics, it would be suited to remove weed smell, because it’s a totally natural solution to the problem.

Step 02 – Put that water in a spray bottle and spray it onto fabrics

Especially for those parts of your clothes which involve excessive marijuana smoke smells. Those parts need to be soaked with that peel spray.

You can put scent or perfume of good quality to mixing with that water before, which also can help you to remove the weed smell from your cloth.

Put that water in a spray bottle and spray it onto fabrics

Step 03 – Blowing and drying

You are almost done with this step of removing the smell. Now it’s time to give some air blow to your clothes to dry.

After drying your clothes, we are pretty sure that you will get a good and beneficial way of getting rid of the smell of weed smell smoke.

Why does weed smell so pungent?

The weed comes from the compound which comes from plants. Weeds fibers aren’t dry all the time. You may checkout this blog from healthline on the fragrance of marijuana before and after consumption.

Those are raw and not prepared like tobacco. When those fibers come into the contact with fire, they produce more smoke than commercial tobacco cigarettes. Those fogs are also heavy in density.

Cannabis contains terpenes which are responsible for chemical reactions and create a pungent odor naturally.

Raw fibers burning elements and heavy fog create the smell attached without body contact easily.

How you can remove weed smell from your mouth as well

That’s another important issue, how you can remove or get rid of that smell after smoking. First of all, you can eat and drink. Those may help you to clean your breath.

  • So many commercial mouth fresheners chewing gum is available on market nowadays. Those products actual object is to give you a fresh breath. Those are also useful to prevent weed smell back in the mouth.
  • Another thing I can mention is, drinking soda or fruit juice. It will clear your tongue and your smells won’t stay in your mouth for long.
  • Eat an orange. Orange is also known as a fruit to remove bad smells from our mouths. Its highly acidic sap will remove the weed smell from your mouth in an instant.


Weeds are generally smoking all around the world. Marijuana is mostly famous for its brain-numbing and exciting ability. Brain release dopamine when we smoke weed. That much pleasure didn’t recognize and think about the smell when smoking. But after smoking very soon we understand the smells surrounding us.

From this article, you can take any of those steps to get rid of the weed smell from your clothes. Hope you will get benefited from it. Not only clothes, your body, and your mouth also need to be fresh from pungent odors for any situation.

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