How To Get Lanolin Out Of Clothes

When it comes to keeping skin supple, few things compare to the hydrating power of lanolin. Lotion, nipple cream, and lip balm all contain it, but if you aren’t careful, it might leave a stain on your clothing.

Knowing how to break down the oils swiftly is essential for removing lanolin from clothing. While oil stains may seem insurmountable, they may be cleaned up with items you already have on hand.

Avoid rubbing the location when an unintentional spill happens as the stain might be forced further into the fabric fibers. You should try to remove the stain as soon as possible. It is possible to get rid of ointment stains on clothes by following these instructions.

How To Get Lanolin Out Of Clothes

In this article, we will go over how to get lanolin out of clothes.

Why Does Lanolin Leave A Stain On Garments, And What Is It?

Once you know what lanolin is, you’ll understand why it’s so challenging to get rid of. Sheep produce it as a protective coating for their wool, and it is a waxy secretion. Sheep wax is extracted using a centrifuge and heat during the wool-gathering process. The by-product is raw lanolin, which is then processed and used in cosmetics. It’s more difficult to remove because it’s wax rather than oil.

If you’ve ever had a dry or sore nipple from breastfeeding, you know how wonderful lanolin is. As a side effect, it has a nasty propensity of smearing on clothing and nursing bras. Several techniques exist for removing lanolin from fabric, however, only a few are effective.

How To Remove Lanolin From Fabrics

Even if it appears impossible, lanolin oil and cream stains can be removed from clothing. Here are five methods for removing lanolin from fabric:

1. Liquid Washing

One of the oldest tactics in the book, and it uses something you probably already have. A dishwashing liquid’s main purpose is to dissolve grease and remove it from plates before washing. We offer you two options that have been shown to successfully eliminate lanolin stains from clothing.

2. Orvus Paste

Workers in the wool industry often use this product, which is made entirely of natural ingredients. This paste is used to effectively clean wood of excess lanolin without damaging the surface. In addition to being used to clean horses and other farm animals, Orvus paste is also recommended for use on fabric items.

This can be used to treat discolored areas, and subsequent hand washing will remove the lanolin. You can use it as a powerful remover in the washing machine and avoid having to hand wash it afterward. Put some paste on the Lanolin stain, rub it in, and see whether it comes out.

It’s also gentle enough for use on delicate fabrics, so you never have to worry about bleach or other harsh detergents ruining your clothes. A small amount of paste may accomplish a lot, therefore one tube can last you quite some time. Also, there is no need to worry about ruining vintage or hand-me-down clothing.

3. Moist Heater

You now know how well these work to smooth out wrinkles and creases in garments. A hand streamer can be used to gently heat the oil. Steaming with lemon juice helps remove lanolin because the citrus oil penetrates the fabric.

Spread at least five layers of paper towels across a table and set the garment or bra on top. The wax will become pliable from the steam and be easily removed from the fabric and absorbed by the paper towels.

Alternatively, you can attain the same result by utilizing a cleaning. If you have access to fresh lemon, cut it in half and massage both halves immediately onto the stain. Next, the lanolin and lemon oil residues can be vaporized. After that, you can use the washing machine for your laundry as usual.

4. Chalk

Chalk has the ability to permeate your fabric and eliminate stains by absorbing them on its own. Chalk is an extremely useful tool since it can be rubbed into the fabric to speed up the drying process and break up the lanolin.

Even though it won’t totally get rid of the stain, it will help you get a head start on dissolving the wax that’s on the surface. When paired with dish soap, this approach ensures that the soap doesn’t have to put in as much effort to break down the waxy quality of lanolin as it would otherwise have to.

5. Ironing

Wrinkle-free garments can be created with an ordinary iron set to a moderate temperature. Those lanolin stains can be removed by laying normal paper towels on both sides of the stained garments. Then, use a paper towel to protect your ironing board and put it in the lowest possible heat setting. Because of capillary action, the lanolin should be absorbed by the paper towel.

It’ll take a bit longer, but it won’t get dirty. Your stain can be removed using the same technique that is used to remove candle wax from fabric. If the temperature is too high, the fabric may catch fire.

6. Antibacterial Hand Gels Derived From Nature

D-Limonene is an effective natural chemical that may be found in many different types of hand sanitizers. It is extracted from the rinds of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes. The turpentines present in these hand washes have the added benefit of dissolving oils on contact.

This duo of cleaners works wonders on lanolin stains, and they do it swiftly and efficiently. Spraying a solution of this hand cleaner and water on the stain can remove it without damaging your clothing.

7. Cornstarch and Baby Powder

All of these approaches are dry, and they work by penetrating the fabric and absorbing the stain. Cornstarch and baby powder work marvels because they can be rubbed into the fabric to absorb moisture and dislodge the lanolin. 

They won’t get rid of the stain entirely, but they will help break down the wax layer. This technique can be used in conjunction with dish soap to facilitate the latter’s dissolving of lanolin’s waxy components.

What To Avoid

If you need to clean anything thoroughly, try something other than an oxygen-activated cleaner or another powerful chemical cleaner. Clothes may be damaged when you try to remove the lanolin stain with these products, which are designed for more stubborn stains. Brushes, scouring sponges, and toothbrushes also aren’t allowed.

Scrubbing the same garment over and over again can damage the fibers, cause the fabric to stretch, and eventually ruin the garment. A nursing bra’s durability is tested after each wash, but even the most sturdy fabric might wear out after a few washes.

Final Word

Though there are various methods for removing lanolin from fabric, not all of them are risk-free. Fabrics can be destroyed by some industrial cleaners. Also, keep away from brushes and scouring sponges, since they can loosen the fibers and cause them to shed.

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