How to Get Henna Out of Clothing

Henna is a wonderful plant with medicinal qualities. In the Indian subcontinent henna is a crying need for marriage functions as women, girls and kids make beautiful designs with henna on their hands and part of their skins.

If you are using henna for coloring your hair or painting your hand it is obvious you will get henna stains on your clothing. Normally henna doesn’t paint hands for a lifetime but it can leave a stain on your shirt till you throw it.

These plant-based henna stains should be cleaned as soon as you notice any henna stain in your clothes. You have to pretreat a stain with stain remover. It can be vinegar, baking soda, or anything else regular detergent and soap wash might not enough for henna stains.

How to Get Henna Out of Clothing

The remedies for cleaning henna out of clothing and applying the right washing process can give you henna stain-free clothes after all. Stick with us for details of remedies and washing procedures to get henna out of clothing.

Remedies to Get Henna Out of Clothing

There are plenty of remedies for getting henna out of clothes. We will give you some names according to their availability and effectiveness.

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is an excellent cleaner for plant-based stains. To get henna out of clothing pretreat your garments with vinegar. Soak the shirt with vinegar for 1-2 hours and then wash it with cold water, liquid soap, and vinegar solution to get henna stains out of the clothing.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda can eat up the stains you got from the henna function attended by you or your Indian friends. Mix baking soda with water and pour it into a spray bottle. And then spray the solution perfectly all over the henna stain and let it do its job for at least 1-2 hours. Then throw it in your washing machine and have henna stain-free clothes.

3. Lemon Juice

To get henna stains out of clothing, lemon can be an effective solution. If you noticed the accident at the time of happening just cut a lemon in half. Then squeeze it on the stained area. After 15 minutes rinse it with cold water properly and add some more lemon on the spot. Then you can wash it on your regular washing cycle.

4. Nail Polish Remover

Soak a piece of clean and soft fabric with nail polish remover. Now rub the fabric over the stain till it comes off. To get the henna out of clothing 3-5 minutes of rubbing are needed. It is better if you don’t use nail polish remover on white clothes as they can leave their own stain.

5. Milk

Yes, milk can remove henna from clothes. Boil a cup of milk then put it in a bowl. Place the stained area over the bowl. The vapor of hot milk will ease the stain within 15-20 minutes. Then you can wash the henna out of the clothes with regular wash.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can likewise help in eliminating stains. Simply take out a limited quantity of this substance on the paint and rub it with a brush. You may not see a very remarkable distinction at first, however inevitably, the stain will start to vanish. Compound responses can likewise cause fast blurring, so be careful with cleaning arrangements, chlorine, and other normal family synthetics.

Washing Procedure to Get Henna Out of Clothing

The washing procedure to get henna out of clothing is a tricky one. Try to do the same as told here:

1. Soak the henna in cold water

Take the henna-contaminated cloth off and spray a good amount of cold water to get rid of most of the henna on your clothes.

2. Brush off

First, look if there is henna on your clothing that can be taken off. Brush the henna out of your clothes. You can also use your nails to take off the henna from the surface of your clothes. Using a soft brush will ensure the health of your delicate fabrics.

2. Pre-treat

Now use the stain remover you chose for this henna out-of-clothing operation. Spray it in the stained area and let it soak for 1-2 hours.

3. Rub

A small piece of clean cloth will do the job for you. Soak it with the stain remover and rub it over the henna stain area. You can see the stain vanish.

4. Wash

Though you get henna out of your clothes a perfect wash will set it up for you. It will clean if there is any henna left on your garments.

A. Make a solution of enzyme-based detergent or liquid soap with any remedies told above with cold water in the drum of your washing machine.

B. Now set the regular cycle on your washing machine to get henna out of clothing.

C. After the cycle is finished get it out and get a fresh henna stain-free shirt.

5. Dry

It will be wiser to not dry any stained clothes in the dryer. The dryer can make the henna stain permanent if there was any henna stain left on the garments. So try to dry them in the open air under sunlight. Sunlight gives clothes another level of freshness.

Tips for Removing Henna Out of Clothing

  1. Henna is a tannin smudge that is also found in tea plants. You can find plenty of tannin-based stain removers available at the local shops. But one caution for this is all chemical-based henna removers are not friendly for your garment’s fabrics. So, wisely choose the best one that doesn’t hurt your delicate fabric dress in the process of getting henna out the of clothing.
  2. If you are hand washing, you will need a pair of plastic gloves for your skin safety while getting henna out of clothing.

Final Words

Henna stains come off the clothes easily if they are treated quickly. Removing henna from clothing can be a hard job if you keep it long without taking proper action. No matter if you have already done this mistake because by using stain remover agents you can still get henna out of your clothes.

In this article, we have given remedies, washing procedures, and additional tips for removing henna clothing. Don’t panic and get on with it to enjoy fresh clothes again.

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