How To Get Breast Milk Stains Out Of Clothing

Breast milk stains on clothes are like a nightmare to new moms. Their less knowledge leads them to accidentally put milk in the kid’s and their own clothes.

Like other animal proteins, human proteins also cause stubborn stains in clothes. Mother’s breast milk contains higher amounts of protein and can cause stains. It is better to clean the stains as soon as possible for a better result.

Hydrogen peroxide, oxygen bleach, and lemon juice can be the best natural remedies for breast milk stains. There are also thousands of stain removers available in the supermarket. By applying the right procedures these rusty milk stains can be removed easily.

How To Get Breast Milk Stains Out Of Clothing

In this article, we will discuss how to avoid milk stains and clean them perfectly.

Remedies for Removing Breast Milk Stains

1. Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach is a very well-known stain remover. It is specialized in removing protein-based stains like breast milk stains. You can use it and have a perfect stain-free cloth.

But oxygen bleach contains harsh chemicals. These chemicals can cause irritation and skin burn to your baby. To reduce this risk, you have to clean the cloth with cold water over and over again and then air dry them.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

It is also a kind of bleach but we use another genre here because it is safer for you to use. It is a very popular natural remedy for cleaning rust stains.

Applying a bit of hydrogen peroxide can easily eat up breast milk stains and will cause no skin or nasal irritation to your baby.

3. Lemon Juice

In schools, they teach us about acetic acid. Lemon contains higher amounts of acetone and helps to remove stains. Lemon juice can be a great option to remove milk stains from white clothes.

4. Borax Powder

Borax powder is another remedy for this problem. You can find stain removers made from borax and coconut oil.

Thousands of people used borax for cleaning stains from their clothes for years. Now you can try it out by yourself.

The Procedure for Cleaning Breast Milk Stains from Clothing

Cleaning breast milk stains is a 5-step process. Here are the steps described:

1. Remove as Much Milk as Possible

The first thing you need to do after you accidentally spilled milk on clothes is to remove excess milk from the cloth surface. To do so you can place a towel over the affected area and continuously move it over for some time.

2. Cold Water Rinse

After completing the first step your garment is ready for a cold-water rinse. Soak your dress in a bucket of cold water for 15-20 minutes.

Now rinse it with cold water properly. This will help you get rid of any floating residue from the shirt’s surface.

3. Pre-treat With Stain Remover

We have given you names of natural stain removal in this article. You can choose one of them or buy something suitable for you from the shops.

Just remember to buy enzyme-based stain removers, which are best for protein stains. You have to soak your clothes in a water solution mixed with stain removal. Soak for at least 20-30 minutes before you load them in the washer.

4. Wash Properly

After treating with stain remover it’s time for your cloth to go into the washing machine. Use regular laundry detergents and cold water for washing.

It is better to avoid fabric softeners and harsh detergents as the clothes will continuously touch your baby’s soft skin. Set a regular cycle for your clothes and have stain-free clothes. You can also hand wash the stains and have better results.

5. Air Dry

Sometimes drying clothes in the dryer can cause the stain to set permanently. To avoid this issue it is better to dry clothes on the clothesline under direct sunlight. Sunlight drying gives clothes a freshener smell and look.

Does A Child’s Formula Milk Smudge Garments? 

Indeed, child recipes can cause similar stains as bosom milk since it is milk-based and contains similar milk proteins. You can utilize similar child clothing tips referenced here for bosom milk smudge expulsion for smudges brought about by the child recipe.

How to Avoid Breast Milk Stains?

  1. Breast milk can spill out, especially when your body is changing during those early nursing days. Material or expendable nursing cushions can ingest any bosom milk that streams out between feedings. If you utilize the fabric assortment, make certain to change them frequently so they are successful and agreeable.
  2. Not all milk will come to your child’s mouth, particularly assuming they pull away during taking care of it. A chin-wiper will keep spills off their garments and yours.
  3. Putting a hindrance between your chest and your child’s cheek is an effective method for keeping bosom milk off garments. A delicate cover or burp fabric will be agreeable for you and your child.

Final Words

A bit of carefulness can save you from having milk stains on your clothes. But if you already had it on your cloth you can remove them with ease.

In This article, we have named some remedies for you and the procedure for removing breast milk stains. By following the steps you can easily remove any kind of protein stains from your clothes.

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