How to Dry Clothes in Winter

You may find that drying clothes in the winter is a bit trickier than drying clothes in warmer months. However, if you just follow a few simple guidelines and take some precautionary steps, then you will discover that drying clothes in colder months is no big challenge at all really.

I have gathered some helpful tips on laundry management just for you, so just read this article to know the ways you can quickly dry your clothes in the winter.

10 Tips on How to Dry Clothes in the Winter

1. Wait for the Right Time

The most common tip for drying clothes in the winter is to wait till it is the appropriate time. See, because sunlight plays a crucial part in drying your garments, you need to be able to pick a perfect time when you can hang your clothes for drying.

I would suggest that you choose two parts of the day: one is when it is dawn or at least, really early in the morning. This way, you will be able to take the best advantage of the midday sunlight.

The second time is during the night. You can hang your clothes in the evening or at night and allow them to dry off overnight. This way, you will have dried clothes right at the beginning of your day.

2. Choose a Drying Rack

You can use a drying rack to dry your clothes indoors, or, if you don’t have one, you can purchase a drying rack. Buying a drying rack is always a wise investment since it doesn’t require any maintenance and you can keep using it for a very long time.

Drying racks are an efficient and neat choice if you want to dry your clothes indoors. Hanging your clothes onto a drying rack will ensure that air is getting on all around your clothes evenly. In addition, it helps more if you place your drying rack near a radiator or any other safe source of heat.

3. Wash Fewer Clothes at a Time

This is a great hack for drying your clothes in general. See, if you overfill your washing machine with clothes and wash them all together, then they are more likely to remain damp for a longer time, and thus, they will take more time to completely dry.

4. An Indoor Airer

Just like a drying rack, an indoor airer is another smart investment that you can make for drying clothes indoors.

5. Select the Washing Machine’s Fastest Spin Cycle

This is another tip on drying your clothes faster in general and, not just in winter. Selecting the fastest spin cycle that your washing machine has to offer, will make sure that your clothes can dry off in less amount of time.

You can put your wash in a second spin cycle for any excess water.

It is important that you remember to read the instructions and warnings provided on the product label of all of your garments.

6. Hang your Clothes Evenly

This is more common sense, but still, it helps to remember this tip. Whether you are hanging out your clothes on a clothing line or a drying rack, be slow and careful in making sure that all of your garments have been hung in such a way, that each of them has been spread out evenly and, has enough room around.

This will ensure that your clothes have proper access to air and they will dry off quickly.

7. Turn your Clothes Around

This tip also has to do with hanging your clothes for drying. After you have hung all of them and left them to dry off, it is better if you check on them from time to time to see which parts have properly dried and which parts are still very wet.

Then, you can rotate your clothes or turn them around to adjust them, so that heat and air have access to all parts of your clothes.

Flipping your clothes or turning them around from time to time, will help speed up the drying process.

8. Open up Everything

Before you leave your clothes to dry, first you need to remember to undo all of the zips, and all of the buttons and undo the sleeve cuffs. Moreover, pull out all of the pockets of your pants and trousers.

9. Use a Towel First

Using a towel first to drain out and remove all the excess water in your clothes, before you hang them to dry is an excellent way to dry clothes faster.

If there is less moisture and water in your clothes, then they will take a lot less time to dry. So to make sure they have been drained of all excess water, you need to:

  • Place a clean, dry towel. Then, place your washed and wet clothes on top of that towel.
  • Roll your towel
  • Wring out your towel to squeeze out all of the excess water that is in your clothes.
  • You can iron your clothes at this stage or hang them for drying.

10. Choosing the Room

If you are drying your clothes inside your house, then remember to pick a room that has sufficient ventilation. Keep the windows open and make sure that the air in that room is not damp or humid.

Closing Thoughts

These were some basic tips on drying your clothes in the winter. I hope my suggestions will help you in the future.

Best of luck!

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How to Dry Clothes in Winter

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