How Long Does Laundry Take?

Washing clothes in our daily life is a casual matter. To complete the laundry process we need to thoroughly wash the clothes, dry them and then fold them neatly. Washing is the first step to starting laundry.

Depending on fabric situation, varieties, quality, water hardness, detergent, and requirements washing needs to be completed several times. 

In your daily life, you may relative with washing clothes are home textiles. So that this is known to everyone that not all the materials need the same treatment and time to wash.

Laundry of clothes starts with washing. There have some process of setting condition and cycle for smooth and even washing. Given particular time with step by step process, it would take 50-60 minutes of total laundry with ironing clothes.

But in general, if you get the attention, you will see that a basic time and common treatment is always required to wash and finish laundry of clothes.

If you are searching to know about washing cycles and laundry steps you are in right place. In today’s article, I will show you how long laundry takes time to wash and also about the wash cycle of clothes and drying at the end.

How Long Does Laundry Take?

First of all, we will discuss the total laundry process.

For that reason, you have to know about washing, laundry preparation time, dry folding of clothes, and then putting the time of dry clothes.

Washing Time: How Long Does Laundry Take?

Usually, the laundering process is charged from washing. Depending on your clothes your favorite style your garments or the materials are you going to wash the washing time and methods could get varied.

Again, water is the first and foremost important ingredient of the washing method. Water could be cold to the warm or mild hot whatever your garments required.

On the other hand, the detergent, fabric softener, liquid soap, and liquid equalizer those equipment’s are also needed to wash clothes or garments material.

Condition on the dirt of clothes, total amount and weight of clothes water detergent, or washing materials the washing time could be changed.

In general, advanced and smart washing machines have a standard time of washing clothes is 35 minutes. But if your fabrics GSM or dark is higher than it could be taking at upwards of an hour.

What does it mean by wash cycle?

You may know about the fabric washing process but for a washing machine, a specific and quick watched cycle is important.

Standard washing machines refer to garments on their quality and properties detergents are chemicals in liquid form and water temperature.

So, cycle wash can be defined as which is necessary for your laundry and then the temperature and spin setting for your washing machine to clean your clothes.

wash cycle

Know about common washing cycle

For the laundry process, the washing cycle is important to know. In most cases, we are using the washing machine cycle in modern life. Those are described below.

i. Cotton cycle

 which is rely on cotton garments. These fabrics are usually heavy and need high-speed washing. For cotton fabric, it’s better to avoid acidic detergent or chemicals for the wash.

Hot water can be used to wash cotton fabric.

ii. Delicate wash cycle

This section belongs to lingerie, wool fabric undergarments, needed fabrics, and many more lightweight garments items. You have to give lower speed in the washing machine to wash them.

iii. Synthetic garments cycle

Synthetic garments cycle refers to medium speed spinning of the washing machine. Basic detergent and fabric softener could be used over there.

The temperature should be considered normal to cold. This garments types could be synthetic or natural fiber blended garments, sportswear polyester t-shirts, etc. 

iv. Quick washing cycle

Whenever you are thinking to finish your washing within a half-hour this is called a quick wash in the washing machine.

Sorted Washington with a high-speed spin cycle. It’s also involved with drying.

Hand Wash Time

It only refers to if the fabric or garments care label indicates washing it by hand. Especially for delicate items, soft cotton fabrics, thin wool garments, etc.

Hand Wash Time

Hand wash refers to the medium or soft type of washing that could be finished in a specific time.

Garments are indicated for low speed was could be washed with a hand wash cycle. In some cases, hand washing is much more effective than washing machine wash.

Washing Temperature Impact On Wash-Time

Washing temperature is another important fact for washing fabrics. Almost every washing machine contains the temperature for washing.

From 15 degrees centigrade to 190 degrees centigrade temperature is available in on average washing machine. You have to choose the right temperature for your washing cycle. 

#1. Hot wash

From 50 degrees to above is the best temperature for hot washing. For best results, you can add oxidative washing powder.

Heavy fabrics with high stain and dirt ratios are washed with hot water in general. Laundry detergent at the end can be added.

Hot wash 50 degrees to above

For germs, bacterial elements, dark dirt, waxing substance, and oil mark you have to give a hot wash.

Time and cycle spin have to consider with the instruction from the care label.

This is recommended to avoid polyester acrylic or synthetic fiber materials garments to wash in hot water.

#2. Warm wash

It comes after a hot wash which means not too high like a hot wash but also above the temperature from 30 degrees to 50 degrees.

Warm wash 30 degrees to 50 degrees

In general 40 degrees, centigrade is the best temperature to wash garments. Ariel, blended polyester, and cotton fabrics are recommended for washing at warm wash cycle temperature.

#3. Cold wash

Generally, cold wash relies upon 10 to 30-degree centigrade temperature for washing. Cold wash is applied on lightweight fabrics or some fabrics which are sensitive to temperature for their color.

Cold wash 10 degree

Bright-colored fabrics can be used for cool wash through fear of color loss. Instead of using hard washing detergent, using gel wash of fabric softener would give you the best result in the cold washing experience.

Sometimes, wool, polyester jacket, and nylon scarf are the kind of fabric items that is important to give cold wash.

How To Create Your Washing Cycle?

This is important to know about creating your washing cycle. Depending on your fabrics and garments we select and choose the washing method and washing. 

Day-to-day use of the fabric also changes its cycling washing and you know the current situation of the fabric.

This is very normal. First of all, you have to know about your fabric and its condition. After that select the temperature with help of the adjustment wheel of the washing machine. 

Depending on the fabrics’ thickness and amount, you have to select a rotating spin of washing.

You have to set your washing cycle before loading the fabrics into the washing machine. It’s a customized procedure. Changing timer, drying setting washing temperature with amount of water (in the litter)

Laundry Preparation Time

From several assessments, the typical person spends around 240 minutes out of every week on clothing or about three and a half hours.

Assuming that appears as though from the soil, there are a couple of straightforward ways of eliminating washing time.

Energy proficient washers and dryers can go about their responsibilities quicker than expected, eliminating standby time.

For some’s purposes, the time-suck that is clothing can overpower. Expecting to stream and coordinate the cycle can make it less overwhelming, and, for those that don’t have four hours every week to commit to de-dirtying their garments.

Laundry Steps

  1. Sort your clothes
  2. Read the care label and pick the detergent
  3. Select washing cycle and water temperature
  4. Load your sorted clothes
  5. Put washing or laundry detergent in the specific place of the washing machine
  6. Start washing with dryer settings
  7. Unload your washing items
  8. Fold or hang your clothes and store them in a suitable place

1. Sort your clothes

Short your favorite first you know which kind of clothes are you going to wash this week. Normally people are using washing fabrics are clothes depending on the situation of necessity.

But in case of that, I would like to recommend you have given time to wash cotton fabrics, polyester or synthetic fabrics, jackets, or wool fabric wash on different days.

To save your time you can sort your dress with color or wait or fiber materials.

Sort your clothes

Navy blue, green, dark type, black, red, heavy yellow this color fab will go in a group of sorting clothes. 

On the other hand, light white grey pink soft color fabrics will go in another sort of fabric.

Wool fabric, polyester, jacket, or some heavy fabrics will have to keep in another sort you have to sort your clothes with that kind of criteria.

This process may take your time from 2 to 3 minutes

2. Read the care label and pick the detergent

No, it’s time to know about your favorite requirement and their sensitivity to water or detergent. Again, you have to select your detergent by knowing your fabric’s condition.

Read the care label and pick the detergent

If you have already washed your clothes before, you already know which laundry detergent or fabric softener you have to use for your washing process.

This process might take 2 to 3 minutes because it is a kind of selection process.

3. Select washing cycle and water temperature

Before starting washing you have to set up your washing machine. Washing cycle sprays are an important rule over there because it will give you the best result of washing after wash you always expect a self-find and clean clothes to wear for a long time.

Select washing cycle and water temperature

Depending on your fabrics dart or your clothes condition you have to select any of those washing cycles. For example hot cycle, warm cycle, or cold cycle, and then water temperature should be adjusted with this washing process.

This machine setup shouldn’t take time more than 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Load your sorted clothes

In this part, you have to load your sorted clothes into the machine. It’s better to put the garments into the machine won by one so that one clothes will not make steam or give bind attached with another cloth.

Load your sorted clothes

They have any button shirt or button clothes then opening those buttons from its attaching part of clothes is better. This way one by one you should load your washer clothes into the machine.

In general, 5 to 7 kg of total clothes needs to load in the washing machine within 2 two 3 minutes.

5. Put washing or laundry detergent in the specific place of the washing machine

Nowadays recent washing machines have a detergent putting dryer or bar. You can keep your washing detergent and fabric softener in that place.

Put washing or laundry detergent in the specific place of the washing machine

After loading the washing clothes into the machine you have to put a specific amount of detergent in the machine.

Yes, sometimes you can add extra detergent or fabric softener or laundry detergent but this is specific to putting those washing detergents before starting your machine. This process might take 1 to 2 minutes to finish.

6. Start washing with a dryer setting

Now is the time to start your washing machine and this is the most time considering part of laundry. The washing machine takes 30 to 40 minutes to wash your clothes.

Set your time setting because if you load less quantity of clothes then it will take less time if you load heavy and high quantity of fabric it will take more time.

And at the last extra 10 minutes to dry your clothes. During the washing time washing machine generally spend 5 to 10 liters of water.

If your washing cycle is selected with specific temperature water and profit spin of washing then your washing will finish within 30 minutes.

7. Unload your washing items

After washing and drawing your clothes when your washing machine when given you indicate that the machine is stopped and your washing has been done, time to unload your washing items.

You can only unload your washing items after a dry cycle.

Unload your washing items

Wet laundry usually gets heavy with water. So a dry cycle selection at the end it will make your clothes dry in a short time. For special cases, a heavy-duty cycle makes it. 

Open your washing machine’s door and unload your washing clothes one after one in a specific bucket. More or less this process will take 2 to 3 minutes

8. Fold or hang your clothes and store them in a suitable place

We all know that after giving a watch to the fabric it generally gets shrunk. And after washing and drawing its shrink is percentage is also higher than its normal condition.

It is because its dirt or oily lubricants are already gone and now your close is clean and its fibers with sharing itself from dry air naturally.

You have to fold your clothes one after one randomly. Some quotes cannot be folded for example heavy jackets or blazers. So, you have to hang them.

hang your clothes after wash

Giving iron is also necessary for some polyester or cotton fabrics. And then they have to store in a suitable place for use and stored several times.

In fact, if you include ironing it will take 10 to 15 minutes to fold and store in a suitable place. Another hand if you escape ironing, it will take 5 to 8 minutes to complete that folding and storing process.

Laundry process and the sum of the time at a glance

    Process  Sort of fabrics/ clothesRead Care label and detergent selection  Washing cycle determination  Load washer items  Detergent placement    Washing  Unload washing items  Fold and sort
Time (Minutes)3223230310
Total = 55 minutes

Note: Time is taken here as basic consumption.

Now all the things you know about the laundry process and its timing. So with that discussion, we can say that your laundry time from picking up your washing clothes to storing them after wash will take around 50 minutes to 60 minutes to complete all the laundry process.

Your fabrics item or quantity this time would be less or higher than this. This is a basic assumption that we just create. 


Washing items and laundry is a very easy and convenient process. We have been familiar with this processor for a long time. You might experience that sometimes to wash your clothes more detergent and water with extra time is required this is because of the hardness of your supplying water.

So, I would say environmental resources and washing conditions are also very important parameters for laundry. Knowing about the washing cycle selecting your methods and your fabrics requirements is very important for a safe and perfect laundry.

This article explains everything about how long the washing takes with the washing cycle and its importance. Also covered how you can create your washing cycle to control time. Hope now you can implement all those methods and take the proper step to laundry your clothes.

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