How Long Does A Dryer Take to Dry Clothes?

Summer is the ideal time for doing laundry because you can dry wet clothes out in the sun. But in winter you will be doing laundry however there’s no sun outside.

Dryers are the solution to all your doubts about drying your clothes. A dryer can dry clothes in 10 minutes. Although it is possible it takes 2-3 hours. The drying time varies for the fabrics, dryer load, and the dampness of the clothes.

Approximately a regular dryer takes up to 80 minutes time for drying a regular load. If your dryer is taking more time than expected, there must be some problem with the load or the setting if your dryer is fit from the inside.

How Long Does A Dryer Take to Dry Clothes?

Here in this article, we will be going through the factors that affect drying time, ways of fastening the drying procedure, and the perfect ways of doing so.

What Factors Affect Drying Time?

There are a few reasons behind the slowness of your dryer. Here are the factors that can affect the drying time of your dryer machine:

1. Dryer type

What are you using? A gas dryer or an electric dryer? This is important as the electric dryer takes longer to dry clothes than a gas dryer. The electric dryers are sealed and locked. There is no option for the moisture to come out. But in the gas dryers, you can find great ventilation systems. If the moisture can be removed the clothes will dry faster.

Newer versions of dryers have automated functions. They can save energy by switching themselves off when it’s needed to be. The chance of ruining any garments by overheating reduces with the newer model of dryers.

2. Washer Dryers Combos

Many individuals, particularly the people who live in condos, have selected to have a mixed washer/dryer to save space. This works out very well for the vast majority, particularly assuming they have little heaps of clothing. Mix machines will generally take fundamentally longer to dry in light of the fact that the dampness from the wash cycle is kept up within the machine.

3. Load size

Load is also an important factor that affects the time of drying clothes in the dryer. If the load is light the clothes will tumble perfectly in the dryer.

Of course, it will make the process quick. But if you put on a very little amount of clothes it will cost you the same energy and money. That’s why it is always better to load the dryer perfectly. Give the clothes enough space but not too much.

4. Fabric Properties

Different clothing materials take different periods of time to dry in the dryer. You cannot expect your wool sweater to dry with your cotton shirt at the same time. Definitely wool will take a longer time because of its density of it.

That is why a perfect load is so important. Putting towels, socks, shirts, and pants together in the dryer will longer the dry cycle. But if you pile up the same type of fabrics and items together and put them in the dryer to tumble it will reduce the dry cycle for you.

5. Drainage

Moreover, one ought to likewise consider what soggy garments coming from a clothes washer might mean for complete drying time. Assuming you bring down the channel cycle speed, it will take more time for your garments to dry.

Moreover, in the event that you didn’t bring down the channel cycle speed, yet your garments come out splashing wet and dribbling, you might dislike the channel cycle on your washer. In the event that this occurs, let your garments air dry until they are done trickling prior to placing them in the dryer, and call your washer’s maker for help.

6. Settings

In the dryer, you will find 3 drying settings low, warm, and hot. The low heat setting takes more time than the other two settings. The high heat setting takes the quietest time to dry your clothes in the dryer.

But when you choose a high-heat setting you can harm your synthetic fiber dress. They are highly heated and sensitive and shrinking is in their nature. To avoid this type of risk, use a warm or medium about what setting if you are not sure about how much heat to imply.

4 Steps for The Speeding Drying Process

The drying process normally takes more than an hour. But sometimes it takes almost 3 hours to dry cloth. Following the manufacturer’s book, you can always have the best chance to speed up the process, and here are some more steps you can take for drying clothes faster in your dryer.

1. Lint screen effect

A clean lint trap ensures good airflow in the dryer which leads to a quicker drying time. Airflow will remove all the moisture from the machine. After you are done drying one load clean the lint trap.

If your dryer is clean and the lint screen is clean you can just use your finger to remove lint from it. But if it’s been a long you cleaned the screen you will have to clean it properly. Follow the procedure:

  1. Remove the trap screen from the dryer.
  2. Clean all the loose lint and throw some detergent all over it.
  3. Mix some liquid detergent with hot water and soak it in the solution or you can just spray it over the lint trap.
  4. Scrub the lint screen with a brush for a better experience.
  5. Dry it under the sun if possible because it will kill the bacteria.
  6. Now set the lint screen back in its position to do its job.

2. Ventilation maintenance

Yet again the ventilation system is becoming a major fact that can slow the drying process. The vents of your dryer should be clean. Both the interior and exterior vents should be cleaned.

The interior vents are on the back side of your dryer and the exterior ones are on the roof of your house. Switch off the power button and remove the chord. Then remove the interior vendor and clean with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

The exterior vent cover is also needed maintenance. Remove the lint cover and clean it with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Clean all the dust from the vents, put them back in their place, and run an empty cycle for better performance.

3. Right load

Don’t overload your dryer as it will slow the drying process. Your clothes need proper tumbling space for a quick dry.

So, give them space. But in this process, don’t just put too little load. Fill them with a medium load cause that’s the right load.

4. Dryer cycle period

Most of the clothing items have their care tag attached to them. You can find the right cycle info about the particular garments. The fact is you can distinguish the garments according to their dry cycle time and you will have 3-4 to pile them. You can dry the same cycle time items together and your dryer will perform most efficiently this way.

Final Words

Most of the updated version dryer takes around 60-70 minutes to dry a perfect load. But the time can vary depending on the loads and condition of the dryer. For better performance, proper maintenance is the only way. This also ensures a long lifetime for the dryer.

In this article, we have given a simple but effective maintenance guide for quick drying. Now the dryer and drying problems can be easily settled and you have a whole day for your other work.

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