How long do heat press shirts last?

Custom heat press shirts are a common breed of customizing t-shirts. It is low at cost, simple process, and gives a great color complexity.

But is it durable? It is a very frequently asked question. 

In this article, I will talk about heat press shirt’s durability.

Heat transfer paper durability

Heat transfer paper has an expiry date on it. If a garment has been on the market for about a year or more, it is regarded as expired and must be replaced if it presents any issues with money transfers.

How long do heat press shirts last?

Causes of vinyl coming out from your tee

Heat transfer vinyl can’t be done with an inkjet printer or a laser printer. You will be needing a wide-format printer for vinyl printing.

Plenty of things can go wrong with a printable htv t-shirt that will cause a crack or peel off the design. Here are a few main issues are given:

  1. Bleaching the product will cause vinyl peeling.
  2. Using fabric softener can obstacle the vinyl and fabric bonding.
  3. Direct ironing the vinyl design.
  4. The adhesive vinyl may not have dry cleaning properties.
  5. Using a dryer will shrink your vinyl print.
  6. Hot water will break the adhesive vinyl. Eventually, it will come off.

How long do heat press shirts last?

When vinyl is applied correctly, it will endure longer than other printing methods, without fracturing, peeling, or fading.

The finish on a garment can be extremely soft or matte, whilst other materials are heavy and glossy.

Your heat-press t-shirt will last almost 45-50 washes which means approximately 2.5-3 years (based on how often you use and wash it). But you need to know how to handle your HTV printed garments. When laundering heat transfer paper, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s directions because it only lasts around 25-30 cycles.

At the 25-30 wash-point, fading and cracking occur.

It’s unusual for a garment to outlast the life of heat transfer sheets. It will help your t-shirt survive more. A few more handling tips are given below.

heat press shirts durability

Tips to increase heat press shirts durability

  1. Avoid direct ironing.
  2. Use cold water to wash the heat press t-shirt.
  3. Don’t use too stretchy products to print vinyl.
  4. Avoid bleaching 
  5. Don’t wash the product before pressing.
  6. Dry from inside out. Don’t face up your design when drying.
  7. Don’t put it in any kind of dry cleaning

Only one thing that can make your heat-press garment more durable is taking good care of the product.

Final Words

Heat press t-shirts are not as durable as screen printed transfers in garments decoration. But avoiding rough handling and taking good care will make it go long.

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