How to Make Heat Press Transfers for T-Shirts (Step by Step)

Heat press machine nowadays plays a significant role in customized business and own start-up business. This highly handled tool is used for vinyl transfers on t-shirts, fabric iron, screenprint, heat pressing design, and various uses.

In the process of t-shirt printing with a heat-press machine using the heat transfer method, high pressure with high heat generates the printing onto the t-shirt. Heat press papers glue and chemicals made a slight reaction on your fabric and it became visualize onto your t-shirt.

Heat press machines are moveable, particular change is possible for printing and also cost-effective. Electric support is essential for heat press machine printing. You can print t-shirts, mugs, caps, trousers, jerseys, bed-sheet, and wall mats with your own chosen design.

The heat press machine has the advantage that you don’t need to inject wet pigments or dyes. Heat press machines require heat press paper, sticker, and heat transferring printing material.

If you wish to be an entrepreneur, this heat press machine would be your choice.

Heat Press Machines Features

The heat press machine contains different features. It’s basically made for customized t-shirts with design.

The basic element for this is heat transfer paper which relies upon heat on the fabric surface. Some features are given below:

Weight (Kg)1.12 kg to 5.75 kg
Power (Watt)550w – 1250w
Pressure (PSI)25-42 PSI
Temperature (Celsius)170 – 240 degrees
Printing Area (Cm)14cm x 20 cm – 40 cm x 40 cm

In addition, heat press machines are manufactured by several brands all around the world. For cost-efficiency, it is one of the affordable machines to buy nowadays.

Manufacturing with personal choice plays a unique role in our personal, social, and media life.

What can you Customize with heat press machine?

What Can You Customize With A Heat Press Machine?

Several customized tasks would be done with this machine nowadays. You can use it as a functional way to press the design, ironing, label, print, remove shrinkage, inspection fabrication, dehydrate the fabric, customize t-shirts, remove stickers, and many more.

This article will give you s clear brief about using heat press machines for t-shirts. Most commonly the personal or industrial all kinds of purposes that would the same activities. But, for industrial production, you have to have a good production team of manufacturing.

How Can I Adjust The Temperature On My Heat Press?

The heat press machine is found for its uniform heat and pressing method. Temperature and pressure are changeable. This is what makes a difference between heat press machines to comparison with other screen printing.

  1. Pressure setting: About printing a t-shirt, you can set it to about 25-32 PSI
  2. Timer setting: For this, the basic time would be 20 seconds to 60 seconds (depending on fabric and heat)
  3. Temperature setting: This would be 170 – 220 degrees Celsius for a basic t-shirt.
How to Make Heat Press Transfers for T-Shirts

5 Steps to Make Heat Press Transfers for T-Shirts

Here are 5 easy steps to print your t-shirt by heat transferring press machine. Read on:

1. Machine Identification

First of all, you have to select your pressing machine on your purpose base. Machine for personal use and startup commercial is different in categories. Machines for their own purpose are different than industrial ones.

Machine Identification

In general, heavy machines are used for industrial purposes to print the full part of a t-shirt. On the other hand, small and short types of machines which can be suited at home are used for personal purposes.

Longevity also depends on the use of your machine for your purpose. For business purposes used machine needs to serve constant servicing after a period. Besides, for own used heat transferring machines are not that rigid to maintain normally

2. Choose A T-Shirt For Printing

Manufacturing a printed t-shirt depends on the t-shirt you need to print with your source of the material. Different quality t-shirts keep an impact on printing. Because of heat pressing, you need to know the property of the t-shirt whether it is heat transfer consumable or not.

Color, fiber quality, variation, and production dye are the main variable of t-shirts.

Choose a t-shirt For Printing

If you are thinking of the business purpose of production, then it would be beneficial to purchase a t-shirt with the same quality as a heat press machine. Again, if you want to custom your own wearable t-shirt, you just need to look at the care label instruction before giving it a customized look.

3. Select The Design And Use It

The actual advantage of a heat press machine is its design method. As we mentioned before, this is more efficient for customizing so that you can prepare your design before print. Also, you can change it on your own. In opposite, if business purposes, you just have to calculate the price of heat transferring paper and printing ink cost, which are very few.

A special benefit of design in a heat press is its computerized design before print. Onto your black, white or different color design, you can previously check the design with software. This is very popular nowadays.

4. Set Up Heat Press Machine Functions

Machine setup is the most essential part of starting the printing t-shirt. A heat press machine is not only used to print t-shirts but also use for erasing vinyl from t-shirts and doing heavy ironing.

Set-up Heat Press Machine Functions

A basic heat press machine contains several settings to set up. Those are described as follows:

4.1. Temperature

Machines temperature should change for t-shirt or heat paper’s requirement. It depends on the need to be adjusted for the best quality of printing. T-shirts fiber is responsible for the temperature requirements. Synthetic fibers fabric’s heat-consuming ability is higher than natural cotton.

Generally, for printing t-shirts, the temperature is 356 to 428°F (180 to 220°C).

From 0°C to the desired temperature, it will take 1 to 3 minutes. The atmosphere is also involved here.

4.2. Pressure

After setting your heat temperature for your t-shirt, you have to set the pressure for your t-shirt. You have to be cautious about the pigment you use for your heat transferring paper.

Good pressure is important to penetrate the ink into the fabric’s surface.

4.3. Set A Timer In Second Unit

Time is an important fact for printing your t-shirt. Heat and pressure is adjusted. But if you put an excessive amount of them, you will not be able to get a good quality experience of printing. A timer is very useful to determine perfection.

Depending on the different properties of the t-shirt, it would be 20 seconds to 60 seconds each. A time alarm will whistle to notice you, it’s time to remove a t-shirt from a machine.

5. Print On The T-shirt With Heat Press

Printing production on a t-shirt

Now, it’s time to print your t-shirt with your printed design. It would be a mirror position of the design on your t-shirt. By this time, you have to set one part (Front/Back) where you want to set your design for taking pressure and heat. Press the heated machine and then after timer alarm. Put away your t-shirt now.

Let the t-shirt not move. Congratulations! Your design is completely transferred onto the t-shirt surface.

design is completely transferred

Special Caution To Print T-Shirt With Heat Press: After done with all those 5 step processes, you need to wait until it’s chilling out. If the paper is removed before it gets calm, your design may get harmed. Again, dust can attach to a hot printed surface easily.

You shouldn’t wash your designed t-shirt for the next 24 hours. Let the pigment rest and attach properly to the t-shirt.


Modern days have arrived. There have no limitations to fulfilling your dream. If you are posh about your own standards, you can have your own happiness. A customized t-shirt with heat press machines is one of them.

Perhaps if you are thinking of business, you also can have it to manufacture an efficient and sustainable business for your company. The world is open and it’s creating a chance for entrepreneurs.

Those customized t-shirts you can sell will good price and can produce a sufficient amount in a day. All the required materials are near to your hand to collect, produce and use.

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