Heat press pressure measurement system

When you heat press a garment material, pressure setting is very important. Without the right pressure, your print will not transfer properly.

In industries, they use different machines or software to measure the pressure of a heat press. Upgraded heat presses include pressure sensors.

But in this article, I will focus on how you can measure the pressure of your heat press at home.

Pressure control 

There is a knob in your heat press that determines the position of both heat platens. It is called a pressure knob. light pressure for lightweight fabrics and heavy pressure for coarser fabrics.

pressure knob

Rotation of the pressure gauge or knob anti-clockwise will decrease the pressure and it will lock.

On the other hand by rotating the knob clockwise you can increase the pressure.

The knob helps you to set the pressure you want for your material

Atmospheric pressure does have any effects on heat press printing.

Heat press pressure measurement process

When you are heat transferring temperature and pressure of the heat press are the main two factors that affect your vinyl transfer.

Putting anonymous temp and pressure settings can ruin your garment or can give you a blur print transfer.

Heat press pressure measurement system

The pressure of heat press can be at 3 stages.

1. Low pressure

Place papers on the bottom plate and lock the heat press. Put the paper in a fashion so that after locking you can pull it.

If the paper holds a bit then comes off from the heat press machine that’s low pressure or light pressure.

2. Medium pressure

Now place paper again in your heat press and lock it.

Now try to pull the paper out of your heat press. If the paper isn’t moving or coming out you can say it is medium pressure.

3. High pressure

Okay then you don’t need any paper or kind of things for the measurement of high pressure. You just have to be fair and alert.

If the locking of heat pressure needs more force than usual like you have to put both your hands on the handle and try to lock the press like stuff or the heat press is not even locking it’s because of the high-pressure setting.

So by this easy following process, you can measure the pressure of your heat press.

And the funny part is you don’t have to be a mechanical engineering pass out for this measurement process.


As high blood pressure is not ideal for anybody, high pressure is not for all garments. Differential pressure and not putting very high temperatures will protect your garment while printing. But for a clean and quality heat transfer, you must put the right settings.

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