Heat Press Pressure Knob Replacement (Detailed Discussion)

Pressure perfection is one of the essential tools for a heat press machine. Heat press machine pressure makes a strong kinship with heat press paper adhesive and the item.

Heat press machines use as many names such as mug press, t-shirt heat-press, fabric sheet heat-press, and many more.

Fancierstudio power heat press machine is one of the popular heat press machines to know everyone as a basic heat press machine. 

In this article, we will show you the heat press pressure knob and its replacement in detail. 

Heat Press Pressure Knob Replacement

Heat press pressure knob

The heat press pressure knob is the functional element that set the pressure tension and position of the upper plate.

Basically, it controls the heat platen part of the machine. Pressure knobs could be of various shapes and sizes which depends on the machine’s size and requirement. 

Again, for hard material printing, such as mug, plate, ceramic tiles, ceramic plates etc. pressure should be decreased than the cap or other soft materials.

In this article, we are going to discuss the detailed knob specifications and two for the easy replacement steps:

Pressure Knob Specification

Heat press pressure knob

The pressure knob is situated on top behind part of the heat press machine. 

Heat press vinyl and sublimation printing machines, both depend on a steady pressure on the product surface for maximum profit.

An 8×12-inch size heat press machine’s pressure and a 16×16 inches size machine’s pressure are different. 

Pressure knob made of Steel or aluminum heavy weighted wheel in shape.

The pressure knob plays another key role after the high-temperature heat of the machine. Pressure knob is heat and electricity non-conductive. You can adjust the pressure knob with freehand

Importance of Pressure knob

Though the pressure knob doesn’t have any relation with a lower platen of the machine, if the pressure isn’t perfect, the vinyl adhesive may deform and the silicon rubber pad from the bottom plate of the machine could distract from the position.

Heat press pressure knob replacement

Your Heat press machine is ready for printing after a certain heat temperature and time duration. Regarding pneumatic pressure on your machine, you can set pressure up to 2.7 bar or 40 Psi.

Here we are discussing those two east steps of replace the knob from knob shaft and rest again:

Unscrew the Knob shafts

For knob replacement, first, open the shaft from the top part of the machine knob.  Then take a screw and pull out all the screws.

A metal rod about 2-3 inches will come out. This rod is connected with a wheel shaft and spring of the pressing handle of the pressure machine. Now you can replace another new.

Set up and adjust knob

Spring and rod into the gap and hit it with a heavy hammer to adjust inside. After adjusting perfectly, you can check pressure tension by up and down the pressure knob.

If necessary, give a tight of the bottom part of the knob. In the end, cover the knob part with the wheel shaft and close it. 

Pressure checking

It’s time to check the knob performance. With the knob wheel, you can give light, medium, and high pressure onto the bottom plate of the heat press machine.

Keep a vinyl paper onto the silicon pad of the bottom plate and give a press. Make sure your machine is neutral in temperature.

In general, to adjust the vinyl machine’s pressure knob, you have to turn the knob wheel from left to right. And for loose the tight, from right to left.

Whenever you change or adjust your pressure knob, you should check it with the handle rod by giving a free press onto the lower platen. You can put a fabric sheet under it to get the result. 

By pulling out the paper, you can feel which level of pressure is given by your pressing knob.

If the top platen is covered with Teflon paper, you will get a handy pressure feeling while pulling out the paper. In this way, you can check and adjust the pressure of the machine. 

Note: You have to be cautious about your vinyl paper and printed material before printing. If your temperature isn’t high enough, it’s difficult to get the best printing only with pressure settings. Again, for the replacement of the knob, it’s always better to change the pressing spring with shaft and rod.


For the heat press machine, the adjustable pressure is 25Psi to 35Psi for garment printing. Bedside that, for a sheet of fabric or t-shirt 20Psi of pressure could be enough. For some heat transfer paper, the pressure might need to be changed. Heat press printing on a garment or a material product depends on the right temperature and correct pressure.

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