Can you heat press polyurethane jacket?

Yes of course you can heat press your polyurethane jacket. But first, you have to know the procedure. Without proper knowledge, heat pressing can melt your polyurethane jacket. You don’t want that, right?

In this article, I am sharing details about polyurethane jacket heat pressing.

What is a polyurethane jacket?

Polyurethane leather is shortly formed as PU leather, made from is also called faux leather.

polyurethane jacket

It is surely cheaper than real leather and you can’t differentiate them at first look. Eventually, after using the garment for some period you can tell the difference though.

Heat press details for polyurethane fabric

As I said earlier you can heat transfer design onto your polyurethane jacket or pants or any kind of plastic-coated garment.

Now let’s see what is the process and temperature settings for faux leather clothing or this kind of leather product.

Heat Transfer Vinyl which you may know as HTV. It is a type of sticker that adheres to wood, fabric, and even metal surfaces using intense heat and a touch of hard pressure.

Polyurethane is artificial leather. So the whole jacket is plastic coated. You have set a very low temperature so that it heat transfers your design and doesn’t ruin your whole garment.

Low temp settings will balance the look of your jacket.

Can you heat press polyurethane jacket?

How to heat press on polyurethane jacket: Steps


Polyurethane products need to be dry and cured. It will help your vinyl glue to attach to the garment.

You don’t want to heat press all over your jacket. Heat pressing the area you want will not melt your jacket totally. But it will affect the actual color of polyurethane leather fabric.

So, you have to isolate. It will balance the overall outlook of your garment.

Design & Coating

Isolate the designing area as much as you can. Only peel the coating in the part you will be customized to keep the clothing feasible. Isolating can be accomplished by elevating the area with a Print Perfect Pad or Heat Press Pillow, or by marking the area with a pencil.

Temperature Setting

Set a low heat setting. It will protect your jacket from melting or any kind of heat hazard.270-280 degrees Fahrenheit will be enough for heat transfer.

Low Temp Digital Print vinyl includes Hi-5 Print Matte at 250 , SuperTEK Opaque at 280

Time set and Temperature

To cover the low heat you must put a bit more pressure and also for a bit longer. approximately 1.5-2minutes.

Heat only when you are printing. Pre heat is applied to remove the moisture from the fabric.

As faux leather products or waterproof products don’t hold any moisture, you don’t need to apply any kind of preheat.

Note: Don’t burn your jacket by implementing overheating. Don’t press it for too long to transfer your design, as it will not help.

Okay, so I think by following these words you can heat transfer vinyl onto your polyurethane leather jacket.

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