How to fix heat press not locking

If your heat press not locking and you are here to know how to fix it. Or if you are running a small t-shirt business or just for DIY print you are familiar with a heat press machine.

Using these types of machines is easy. But you can face some problems that might tease you. And one of the most common problems is sometimes the heat press doesn’t lock.

In this article, I will try to give you a clear idea about the heat press locking problem and its solution.

heat press not locking

Common heat press problems

  • Heat press not locking 
  • Temperature issues
  • Power switch problems
  • Fuse problems 
  • Mark on t-shirts after heat pressed

There are some minor problems there. Most of the heat press problems can be solved.

You can find related articles. But now let’s talk about the topic.

Heat press locking mechanism 

There is a handle on top of your heat press. By pushing that handle you can lock your heat press. You just have to pull that handle down until you hear the sound of locking.

If both the heat plates are touched but the machine yet not locked, there is something wrong with it.

Reason for not locking

As I said, it’s the most common problem faced by a new heat press user.

Pressure is the thing that creates this problem.

You have to put the right amount of pressure to print your design on a t-shirt from transfer paper.

If the pressure is set higher than required the heat press won’t lock.

How to get rid of locking problem in heat press

There is a knob in your heat press that determines the position of both heat platens. It is called a pressure knob.

If your heat press machine is not locking the pressure may be too high.

Rotation of the knob anti-clockwise will decrease the pressure and it will lock.

On the other hand, by rotating the knob clockwise you can increase the pressure.

The knob helps you to set the pressure you want for your material. Your heat press locking problem will be solved by rotating the knob and putting the right pressure.

Note: A little spin of the pressure knob can make a big difference. So, you have to rotate it very carefully and at the perfect pressure.


As we all know heat transfer vinyl printing is becoming more common these days. It is not limited to industries only, people customize their clothing at home. Many started the business of customizing shirts and growing strong.

So if you want to earn some money by printing t-shirts you should go for it.

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