Why is my heat press machine not heating up?

In heat press machines one of the common problems that users face is that the machine isn’t not heating well or stopping heating.

It may happen for some internal or external problem with the machine. Firstly, identification of the problem source is important. Once you identify the problems, you can fix them with a solution.

Different types of problems may come with your machine. Those may cause heat transforming drawbacks to your machine’s upper platen first.

Why is my heat press machine not heating up?

Again, for some external or metal problems, your machine may cause heat to generate problems.

This article will discuss some basic reasons for the heat press machine’s heat transferring problem and will try to give you the solutions.

Heat press setup fault may reason to not heating up

Heat press setup fault may reason to not heating up

After unboxing a new machine, if you see that your machine isn’t turning for heat, you can assume that as a technical fault first.

But before making a decision you have to check the setup properly first. The thermal platen of the vinyl machine gives heat to the top surface.

A wrong portion of machine setup or uneven power supply can make this happen.

The heat press needs a continuous electric supply with high voltage, most importantly for the first 10-15 minutes.

Lacking those power supplies is another reason for not heating the machine.


Check your machine’s plug wire, or electricity supply condition, you can use a tester to get the current. For more specification ammeter can help you.

If you see that problem just after unboxing, you can bring the machine to the shop to hand over to the technician.

Reading this guide article on ‘how do you fix a heat press that won’t turn on’ may help you as well.

Damages of heating elements of heat press machine

Damages of heating elements of heat press machine

Overload and overheating are another reason for the machine’s drawbacks. When doing sublimation printing, your temperature requirement is quite different from heat press vinyl printing.

Change of design and printing method on production purpose, heat also need to decrease on increase.

Sublimation printing heat press capacity is quite less than heat press machine. For using different types of printing, fixing heat and machine setup is important.

Upper platen heating plate cover with a wrap. Therefore, it protects the insulator and thermostat sensitive elements.

In overheat situation, the elements could be melted or broken down with their limitations.

That’s a very crucial reason for not heating your heat press machine.


You can open the part with a screwdriver from top part of the platen part.

Smell it, so that you can understand any element burns or not.

Changing those damaged elements can help you to reset machine again for print production.

Heat press circuit breaker problem

The circuit breaker problem is one of the fundamental problems that so many users face. For fuse down with the insufficient current, the circuit breaker may collapse.

After using a fuse for a long time, it won’t able to pass 25 to 30b amp electricity to supply through the machine.

If you also experience that your machine changes the command and gives the wrong signal on the thermostat display that means circuit breaker issues.

Heat press circuit breaker problem


Replace the fuse first. Open your circuit breaker with a screw and check if there are any other voltage ups and down issues.

Plug and unplug your machine to start up and give some time to generate heat. If 120 volts can’t pass through your circuit, it’s better to change the complete circuit board.

Note: When you open the machine, make sure you didn’t close the drain system to release heated gas from the platen surface. 

Those important three reasons and solutions are just described for the heating problem of the machine.


Some people have an objection that they can’t get good printing by heat press. This problem may occur because of pressure setting.

Adjust the pressure knob and set the timer. On the other hand, if the upper platen has any manufacturing defects with the cold spot that also may cause not heating of a specific area.

The heat press machine’s bottom platen is attached with a rubber pad therefore the heat won’t reverse.

If your rubber pad becomes uneven or poor stiff, heat press paper will not get sufficient heat and pressure from the upper platen.

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