How Do Glue Buttons on a T-Shirt? 3 Easy Steps

Using buttons on the t-shirt garments is turns on a fashionable ware nowadays. The Crafts used are amazing. They can turn or motivate design to choose people.

To make your own customized design or business purpose you can choose a button set onto a t-shirt as a design tool.

If you have a very good sense of color combination, then you can create your design by using a separate button.

Buttons are usually made from high polymer plastic. Some have shiny and glossy properties. Choose your buttons for attaching to your fabric or t-shirts surface first to start the process.

This article will help you to make your customized t-shirt or any other garment with varieties type of colored buttons.

How to Glue Buttons on a T-Shirt

In 3 easy and simple steps, I’ll discus the hole process of gluing buttons and add it on a t-shirt successfully. So stay read on!

Step 1 – Button Sort Out

Selecting a button and sorting it out with size and color is the first task. Even sized buttons have to select for your design.

Different types of buttons you can use, that can be mentioned as flat, decorative, rivets, shank, stud buttons, and many more. Hard quality plastic buttons are suggested for crafts designing on t-shirts.

Step 2 – Glue Onto The Button

In this stage, set your button from the back part, which means from the flat part of the button. Adhesive hot glue or super glue is the best use for that.

They will give a strong attachment with the button and t-shirts fabric. Once you set a button with warm glue, you need to make it placed on the t-shirt where you want to locate it.

A paper or board need to be inserted into the t-shirt to divide the lower and back part of the fabrics.

Make sure your glue and button side will attach perfectly with the fabric. After attaching glue to the button, you have to replace the button on your t-shirt immediately.

N.B: If your button is not suitable for holding glue on its surface, you can use a drop of super glue or cold glue on your fabric surface and place the button on it. It’s only If requires.

How do glue buttons on a t-shirt

Step 3 – Rest the t-shirt till wearable

After placing the buttons with size and color on your t-shirt, it’s time to set the t-shirt for a rest to get adjusted with sticky glue and fabric. Around 30 to 45 minutes is enough for that rest.

Now your new customized t-shirt is ready to use with a button glue design.

Note: Using buttons with plastic polymer is absolutely fine than using metal snap buttons. Moreover, if your t-shirt is made of synthetic fiber, it is better not to use hot glue on button or fabric surface.

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