How To Get Tempera Paint Out Of Clothes

You’ve got the chance to get creative with tempera paint and now it’s time to deal with the laundry. Some paintings made with tempera can be traced all the way back to the first century.

Tempera paint stains are a combination of pigments and grease; while this makes them simpler to remove than oil-based paints, they are still difficult to get out. Don’t worry, though; this isn’t the same kind of tempera you’ll have to spend time and money removing off your kid’s favorite shirt or pricey jacket. Temporarily and easily removed, this poster paint is made of tempera.

Real tempera paint, which is typically made with egg yolks, would only require you to worry about washing it out if you happened to wander into the studio of an artist who uses it, and there aren’t that many of those. If you get tempera paint on your shirt, rinse it under cold water and then wash it with a detergent that includes surfactants and bleaching agents.

Get Tempera Paint Out Of Clothes

In this article, we will be discussing ways of removing rusty stains of tempera paint and how to remove these stains from your outfit.

Methods Of Cleaning Tempera Paint Off Clothing

1. Vinegar

Tempera paint stains on fabric can be easily removed with vinegar. The nicest part about this approach is you most likely already have vinegar laying around your house. Don’t skip out on getting some if you don’t already have some. Vinegar, despite its many household uses, should be avoided at all costs to preserve the integrity of the fabric’s original color.

Vinegar is highly acidic, therefore it’s best to dilute it before applying it. You can test the vinegar on the seam or other inconspicuous spots to observe how the cloth behaves.

2. Effortless Spot Cleaner

Stain removers are not only used to remove the spaghetti stain on your kid’s shirt. A stain remover can also be used to get rid of paint stains on fabrics and rugs. You can use Oxi Clean, Resolve, or any other brand of stain remover.

To avoid any mishaps, please exercise caution when selecting a stain remover. Some stain removers contain bleach which can destroy the color and fabric of the garment or carpet. It’s also worth noting that paint stains cannot be removed with a pet stain remover.

Odor neutralization is the primary goal of most pet stain removers. The odor-fighting enzymes are fantastic since they will keep your dog from going to the toilet in the same location. However, it won’t do anything to assist get paint out of the fabric.

3. Laundry Detergent

Some might think a conventional laundry detergent doesn’t work for paint stains. However, with tempera paint stains, practically any form of washing detergent will do the task. Remember that you cannot use water to dilute the washing detergent. Its stain-resisting properties will be diminished by the water.

4. Bleach

When used properly, bleach can erase practically any form of discoloration. You will have to take certain measures if you opt to use bleach. Seek color-safe bleach. Bleach that is acceptable for use on colors can prevent dyes from running when used on fabrics.

Now check to see if the fabric retains its color well. Colorfast fabrics are less likely to be harmed by bleach. A little amount of bleach should be applied to a seam of the garment to test the fabric’s colorfastness before using the bleach on the entire garment.

5. Alcohol 

Is there anything that rubbing alcohol cannot do? Rubbin’s alcohol is another fantastic product that helps get rid of tempera paint spots on the fabric. It’s important to ensure the clothes are made of a colorfast fabric before bleaching them. Keep in mind that rubbing alcohol might ruin some fabrics used in garments. The clothing’s colors or quality could be negatively affected.

You should test a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol in an inconspicuous spot. It will allow you to see if the rubbing alcohol affects the clothing.

6. Nail Polish Remover

There is a good chance you have nail polish remover if you are a woman or live with a woman. You may use it to erase just about any paint stain on garments. Due to the potential for harm to textiles, you should first try this procedure in an inconspicuous place.

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda is fantastic for many things, including stain removal. If you employ this procedure, do not rub the solution into the garment. Baking soda is not the simplest substance to remove from garments. Be cautious, as baking soda might bleach the cloth if used too liberally in this process.

8. Dish Soap

Did you know you can use dish soap to remove paint spots from clothing? Neither did I, but it turns out that you can use dish soap for so much more than washing dishes. Use any dish soap or dishwashing detergent on hand for this procedure.

How To Get Rid Of A Tempera Stain

Here is a procedure you must follow if you are washing your clothes in a washing machine or using hand wash:

Step 1:

To begin, use a spoon to remove as much of the dried paint as possible. If you brush tempera paint after it has dried, it will crumble into a powder. Wet paint should not be scraped because doing so will merely spread it even further into the fabric. For wet paint, dab it with a cloth or paper towel to absorb as much as possible.

Step 2:

Next, use a clean towel to blot the stain with white vinegar. White vinegar can be sprayed on the stained area and left to sit for a few minutes, which may also assist.

Step 3:

As you are blotting with the cloth, the dye should begin to transfer to the cloth. Use a clean section of the cloth each time to ensure you are not spreading the stain further. If the stain persists, repeat the process.

Step 4:

If the stain lingers, apply a general stain remover, such as Oxy-Clean or Resolve to the area and blot with a clean cloth.

Step 5:

Professional carpet cleaning should be used if the aforementioned solutions are unsuccessful. Carpet cleaners can be purchased at any local hardware or home improvement store. 

Step 6:

Scrubbers are usually attached to the top of the can. Foam is released when you scrub, and it may help lift stubborn stains. Apply as directed by the product’s label.

Step 7:

When the stain is gone, rinse the area completely by wiping it with clean water on a clean cloth.

Step 8:

Press a clean cloth against the area with plenty enough pressure to absorb most of the water. 

Step 9:

Please wait until the area is entirely dry before continuing. Vacuuming the area once it has dried will restore the fibers’ original texture.

Final Words

Now after reading this article you must have a clear idea about the remedies you have around you for removing tempera stains from your clothing. Most importantly you know how to proceed with your chosen methods without ruining your garment.

So enjoy cleaning them!

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