How To Get Sand Out Of A Washing Machine

Sand can easily get in our washing machines if we are not careful about the clothes we are putting in them. Sand can get on our clothes from anywhere; for instance, when we are on the beach.

Getting sand in our washing machines can cause a lot of problems, not only because they make the machines dirty, but especially because it will block the water flow inside the lint filter and this will lead to the machine getting overheated.

I have a few tips on how you can solve this problem by removing sand from the inside of your washing machine. So, read along to learn more.

Alright, so the first and the most obvious step to follow is- trying and prevent sand from getting inside your washing machine in the first place. I know, not such a helpful tip considering you already sand in there and are looking for ways to get it out. However, this is always smart to do and you can remember to take care of this in the future.

When you are putting clothes inside the machine for a wash, check to see if your clothes are entirely sand-free. If not, give them a few good shakes and then put them in. You can also try vacuuming the sand off your clothes.

How To Get Sand Out Of A Washing Machine

Now that you know how to prevent sand from getting inside your washing machine in the first place, here are the steps you need to follow when sand is already in there.

Getting Sand out of Washing Machine: Solutions

Step 1:

This method has helped me as well and all you need is some warm water and either vinegar or baking soda.

Pour warm water and fill your washing machine. Next, add some vinegar or baking soda (either one will do) and let the cycle start. Allow the cycle to run for a few minutes.

Afterward, drain the water.

You need to repeat this cycling process a few more times- say, three or four times more. This will get rid of all the sand in your machine.

When you see that your machine is entirely free of sand, take a clean, microfiber clothing and use that to wipe the washer drum.

Step 2:

You can try clearing the filter by removing it and vacuuming all the excess sand that has been collected in it. After you clean the filter, you will have to wash the rest of the sand from inside your washing machine. You can easily wash the rest of the sand stuck inside your washing machine by following the first technique.

Step 3:

If you have a wet or dry vacuum cleaner available then you can use that as well! The first step is to plug the hose into the vacuum. Then hold the vacuum hose over the drain hole of the washer and turn it on. Allow the hose to vacuum up all the sand that has been collected in your machine for a while.

Step 4:

The last but not least step you need to remember to do is, wipe the inside of your washing machine after you are done cleaning and vacuuming away the sand. This is to give an overall finish to the whole sand removal process and make sure that no sand has remained inside.

To do this, use a clean and wet paper towel and wipe away any sand that may be left inside.

Additional Tips to Prevent Sand from getting inside your machine

It is always better to know how you can make sure that sand doesn’t get inside your washing machine in the first place so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning it.

  1. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, remember to shake your clothes well before you pop them into the machine.
  2. Whenever you decide to visit the beach, take a sand-proof towel with you instead of a regular towel. A sand-proof towel should be available in any convenience store and they do wonders for your clothes when you are on the sand.
  3. This may sound more like a tip for good household maintenance, but it is helpful if you don’t bring your shoes inside the house and keep them outside. Shoes worn outside (especially in places where there is sand, like a construction site or the beach) can transport dirt inside the house and that sand will find a way to get on your clothes.

Also, take care to run water on our feet to clean them of any sand that may be on them.

Closing Thoughts

So you see, as easily as sand can get inside your washing machine, you can always clean it with as much ease too. Just remember to follow my tips and all will be well. Hope my article has helped you.

Best of luck!

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