How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Clothes

Fabric can gather electrostatic charge when they have been rubbed against each other while in the dryer. This electrostatic charge gives your clothes the ability to stick to your skin or even shock your skin. Having to remove fabric clinging to your body can be a bit annoying and inconvenient; moreover, the sensation of wearing clothes that have static electricity in them is uncomfortable.

That is why I have put together a few possible, simple ways in which you can get rid of electrostatic charge in your clothes. The best part is, these hacks are really easy and quick and you do not even need to alter the settings in your dryer.

Ways to Remove Electrostatic Charge in Clothes

Read the rest of this article to learn about some very helpful laundry tricks.

1. Running a Wire Hanger

You probably already know about this and this one is so effective. All you have to do is run a wire or clothing hanger along the inside of your clothing. This helps reduce some of the static electricity in your clothes and this technique suits silk fabrics the best. For yielding the best results, run your wire hanger along your clothes immediately before and after you wear them.

2. Using Dryer Balls

Now why do these electrostatic charges occur in your fabric? It happens when all of your clothes that you’ve put in the dryer come into direct contact with each other and rubs off against one another. Therefore, it is best to minimize as much direct contact between clothes as possible by using dryer balls. Dryer balls are always found in convenience stores or supermarkets.

If you don’t have dryer balls at home or you are short on them; then you can always make some alternatives yourself. You can crumple up aluminum foils into dryer ball-sized balls and throw them in the dryer with your clothes.

3. Using Dryer Sheets

Just like dryer balls, dryer sheets are also pretty effective in minimizing the direct contact between clothes and preventing the build-up of static charges. In addition, they give your clothes a beautiful scent.  

4. Adding Extra Water

Dry air is also a cause of static electricity. So it is necessary to make sure that the air inside the dryer is moist and you can do this by adding a little bit of water inside the dryer. Wait before your clothes have five to ten minutes left in the dryer. At this point, toss in damp clothing with your clothes and let them

finish in the dryer.

5. Shake it up

When all of your clothes are done in the dryer and it’s time to take them out; just remember to shake each piece of clothing as you take it out of the dryer before folding them up. Shaking them fast two or three times will prevent the electric charge from setting in their fabric.

6. Using Fabric Softeners

Good fabric softeners will effectively reduce the static electricity that gathers in your clothes. First of all, add your fabric softener to the machine when you give your clothes for washing. You should follow the instructions given on the bottle to know how much fabric softener you need to add.

Afterward, when your clothes are all dried up and ready to be worn; spray a little of that fabric softener on your clothes. You can make this spray by adding one tablespoon of fabric softener to one spray bottle of water.

7. Try using Lotion

Any regular hand lotion should do the trick for this hack. Just dab and rub a bit of hand lotion on all of the spots which keep sticking to your skin. After your clothes dry; they should not have any more static electricity.

8. Choose a Hairspray

This one might seem a bit odd, but, spritzing on a little bit of hairspray on your clothes should decrease the level of static charge in them.

9. Hide a Safety Pin

Carefully tucking away a regular safety pin inside of your clothes will when you wear them will go a long way. You see, the metal will attract and store some of the charge; which in turn, will reduce the level of static accumulating in your fabric.

So the next you’re all ready to go out, stick a safety pin inside your clothes where it’s not visible and it won’t stick to your skin.

10. Sort through Natural and Synthetics

Throwing in your all kinds of fabric in the dryer together will cause a significant static charge to build up in your clothes. Especially fabrics such as natural ones like cotton and, synthetic ones. Therefore, the next time you put your clothes in the dryer make sure that all of the synthetic clothes have been separated from the clothes with natural fabrics.

You can also be extra sincere and choose not to wear outfits which have both kinds of fabrics in their mix of clothes; such as a pair of tights and a cotton dress.

11. Opt for Air-drying

Build up of static charge in your clothes is the result of drying them in the dryer; since that exposes them to dry air and heat for a long time and it also makes them rub against each other. So it’s not a surprise to learn that air-drying or line-drying your washed clothes is the best policy when it comes to preventing static charge from gathering in your clothes.

After you’re done washing your clothes, simply lay them out flat or hang them outside on clothing lines in the sunlight and allow them to dry up naturally.

Closing Thoughts

Static electricity in your clothes is not only uncomfortable to feel on your skin but, it also gives a feeling of irritation. We all look for ways to deal with this laundry problem; however, my article on this topic is just for you and, I hope it will help you with your clothes in the future.

Best of luck!

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