How do you fix a heat press that won’t turn on

About starting the customized design journey, heat press machine plays an important role in our life. But sometimes without any direct reason heat press machines show trouble in turn on. And we think why does my heat press keep shutting off? So today in this article I’ll try to show you how do you fix a heat press that won’t turn on and how you can identify the root reason for the problems.

More than 30 years are people using heat press for personal use. Every year about 20,000 pieces of heat press going to be repaired in the USA on a personal basis.

After holding a good research, mechanics are committed to a platform where they found that heat press sometimes shuts down without any external symptoms.

How do you fix a heat press that won’t turn on

Why does your heat press keep shutting off? 7 core reasons for shutting down

We identify 7 core reasons for shutting down the machine frequently.

1. Insufficient electricity supply can be the reason to keep your heat press shutting off

Heat press machine which takes power from electricity about 10 – 15 ampere. If the current supply isn’t continuing then the flow may stop and shut down.

2. Power and Voltage measurement

Basically, 2-3kgs or heat press need 220 V, with 50 Hzs with 20-40 seconds of printing speed.

The socket or direct line has to provide that DC current for that much voltage, if not that would be another reason for shutting off your heat press.

3. Mechanical fault

When you buy a heat press you won’t check its internal mechanical parts because it’s all set up. But if the heat press thermal plate isn’t getting heat properly, your machine could stop working.

4. False reading

You check everything, but still can’t understand the reason behind shutting off machine, right?

Here is the answer!

Your score monitor giving a false reading. That reason either your machine turns too hot before use or can’t predict the timer to set.

That kind of imbalance is also an important reason of shut down your heat press.

5. Hot air leakage

One thing you will agree with us is that your heat press sometimes makes some flame. That’s kind of consuming that it’s from fabric moisture or top part of the machine.

The tricks are if you found any pungent smell from your machine, you can be sure that the wire or the upper surface of metal plates components are burning.

6. Manufacturing defects

After checking all those criteria, still you confront the problem which means your machine had a manufacturing problem.

Company mechanics can breakdown your machine part by part and it’s possible to fix it again.

Circuit and switch lose connection can be another reason

7. Circuit and switch lose connection

Sometimes over all these negative issues, the main problem comes from the power supply switch. From your plug, the current isn’t passed away to the electric board.

That may occur if the wire or switch gets lost connection between them.

Those 7 standard reasons that experienced customers complain year after year.

Heat press machine’s mechanism isn’t that much complex. Be glad about that!

It’s possible to solve the problem and you can again make your designed products by using the same machine.

How do you fix a heat press that won’t turn on? 4 Easy Steps

Now, this is the big question, how do you do that.

As usual heat press vinyl machines are got trouble for heat temperature issues.

As above we describe the reason behind turning off your heat press, so first of all, you have to identify the main reason behind it. 

You nail it!!!

Well, that’s amazing. You are done with 80% of fixing your heat press.

Step 1: Fix the Power or Voltage Issues to turn on heat-press machine

Power or voltage problem happens when you frequently not get the power supply. You can check by ammeter meter scale to measure the current supply.

If not a sufficient amount of current, you can change the cruciate area of power supply.

Your circuit breaker needs free from electric supply first, then reserving valve would plate the heat on top of the board.

Step 2: Should check and maintenance switchboard to fix a heat press that won’t turn on

You have to look over the switchboard connection. Sometimes wire got leakage and your current won’t supply properly.

False reading may also come from the display because an attachment of the cruciate also comes from the board.

Change the board or switch which is necessary. If you found circuit breaking issues, switching on or off will give you a short period of electric supply

maintenance switchboard & Plug changing can fix a heat press that won't turn on

Step 3: Plug changing can solve heat press shutting off

Plug changing is essential for your heat press machine to deliver current supply. If you found. Multiplug with ¾ color can be used as circuit easy press.

Try to use a functional single phase plug instead of multi plug

Adjust a thermostat to fix the shutting off problem

Step 4: Adjust a thermostat to fix the shutting off problem

Heat press in work about thermal conduction. The upper surface only consumes the heat. After using the machine, it’s also necessary to make it cool with room temperature.

Don’t force it to cool down so fast.

Now a days, a smart thermostat can be used to know the pitch temperature of a machine. A digital display helps to provide direction. You can get benefit from it easily.

Using WIFI, the thermostat will work as wireless isolation. You can determine the condition of your machine from mobile or computer software.


In general, the top part of the heating metal plate isn’t responsible for your shutting down of machine. Basic problem comes with the electricity generate, temperature, fuse breakdown or lose circuit.

But one this I can ensure you, that those problems are repairable. You can fix the problem with proper identification. An experienced technician will not face that much trouble to fix your heat press machine.

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